Griffon 1

Wild griffon, flying

Griffon wild-taming

Taming a wild griffon.

Griffon 5 knight

Griffon Knight


Weed first encountered Griffons when rescuing the Arnin from the enemy castle at Tubkal Peak during his Master QuestVolume 30 Chapter 4.


The griffon is a winged quadruped animal with the head of an eagle. A Griffon can have different forms of the body but one of the most common is from the wings to the hindquarters is that of a lion, where the front of the Griffon resembles an Eagle, including its front talons.

Monster InformationEdit

  • Combat Abilities
    • General
    • Agility Based
      • Piercing Spear, Flying skill, allows for extremely nimble movements
      • Speed of the Wind, Master skill, grants abnormally high speed
      • Shorter Distance, Master skill, allows for sudden directional changes in the air
      • Enforce, Master skill
    • Rider Based
      • The special abilities of weapons can be used while riding
      • Knight's Charge, Knight skill, increases damage when charging on a mount