Introduction : the guild gaming systemEdit

The Guild system is a useful and important part of the game-play of Royal Road.

The basic NPC guild is a place where users can learn new skills and even get quest and supports for skill improvment or new skill learning. A NPC guild is proof that a class or profession has achieved a strong maturity. It is also where you can request to start your master quest, if you meet the requirement.

But a guild can also be founded, taken over or developed by a player or a group of players.  

Default NPC GuildEdit

Unlike user guild, they exist without any hierarchy. Mainly, their purpose is to help and provide guidance for players according to their respective guild specialty through giving information, handing training and jobs, giving quests or helping during quest progress.

Usually, they are to be found in Cities and will not posses any territory. Permission is given to the lord of a City or a Region to develop this kind of guild which are needed to develop a City or a Region. In fact, players needs them to raise or acknowledge their skill.

It look like that some of them were taken over by players (check thieves and pirates guild in user guild).

User GuildEdit

They are formal association established by players with similar interest. The name, society, hierarchy and activity of the guild is according to the member. The guild can posses territory and establish order or kingdom.

The objective of every Guild with high-level rankers is to enthrone an Emperor in their midst—to found their own empire on the Versailles Continent, and rule over all creation.

With taxes collected monthly, feudal lords and monarchs can build essential facilities such as granaries and blacksmiths’ workshops in towns under their supervision, or throw in money to enlist recruits and train them well. Given a ruler who administers to the affairs of state, develops the economy and advance technology one can become very powerful.

Technological innovation leads to better weaponry produced by blacksmiths, and the size of a city depends on its public security and sanitation.  In laying down national and regional policies and setting up diplomatic ties with other countries, the king on the top of a pyramid-­like society exercises greater authority than anyone else. Kings encourage cities and fortresses to expand in their domain, drawing more immigrants who become subject to their rule. Besides internal affairs, there is war. If and when someone declares war, the armies called up by ambitious Kings engage in battle with each other under the command of generals. Layman users in the position of subjects demand that their user kings are wise and just. Therefore, the cities where they reside will grow more prosperous, and trade of goods will be more dynamic, which stimulates the users to aspire for success in the game.

Issues with the guild systemEdit

Every adventurer had to pay the lords substantial taxes.If there was hidden treasure in the land they ruled or a wonderful hunting ground then a fee needed to be paid. The adventurers that succeeded in their territory were threatened by the military unless they handed over a large amount of the profit. That’s why there was a small number of adventurers compared to other professions. v42c6

Therefore adventurers could not always act independently and some joined the prestigious guilds. The prestigious guilds reported in advance special treasures and quests in their territory. If the adventure was a success then they needed to pay half the excavation profit. They would find public information or intercept new quests. often, adventurers were helpless against the special forces of the guild. Therefore free adventurers struggled because of them and suffered countless hardships. v42c6

For example, many famous adventurers on the Versailles Continent affiliated with the Hermes Guild. But the Hermes Guild was just as bad as the other prestigious guilds. But it became worse after the Haven Empire was founded. The official policy of the Hermes Guild towards the adventurers changed. Lafaye and the leaders found that the activities of the adventurers benefited the Haven Empire. v42c6

Hermes, the strongest guild Edit

The most powerful guild. A notorious guild that is situated in the kingdom of Haven. They gained power over the residents of the kingdom after taking on the previous ruler of the kingdom, Lluina, and winning. They have publicly announced that they intend to be a military dictatorship. It was founded by former high level players of Continent of Magic. Led by Guild Master Rafael. Real leader: Bard Ray. They have a truly bad reputation amongs regular players. Then they took over the Kallamore kingdom, previously the strongest Kingdom of the Central Continent, after having killed both their Knight hero (or war lord) and their king (v27c2). In combat, they have a large structure, excellent momentum and daring tactics (v28c9).

Other largest guilds on the Central ContinentEdit

The 5 most powerful guilds over the Continent (v27c8), after Hermes guild, are:

Black Lion Edit

One of the 6 most powerful guild. In its prime, the Black Lion Guild was the 2nd best power. It had up to 100,000 members, but after they lost the battle for supremacy of the continent, all the users scattered like sand. v41c7 After the defeat, some of the former Black Lion Guild members hid like criminals on the continent while others joined the Hermes Guild. And some wealthy people just lived leisurely in resorts.

It was a guild situated in the Thor Kingdom. Their territory did encompass Nehalles Castle. They even attacked Hermes guild in the deep of Melbourne mine, in the Belkain's lair, with 750 high level users. But, after rushing in, they where defeated in a pincer attack.

They were planning to invade Tullen Kingdom, but after this painful defeat against Hermes on television, their power declined strongly and they had to focus on internal affairs (v28c9). Now, it's the Beden Guild, allied to Hermes which is taking over Tullen Kingdom (v29c10). In the end, they were utterly destroyed by Hermes.

Their leader is Carlile, a charismatic player. Some of his close friend are : Bindel, Hekel, Ject. v41c7    

Black Sword Mercenary Edit

A guild of mercenaries. One of the 6 most powerful guild of the continent. They boast membership of thousands of mercenaries and consider themselves to be the best mercenary guild. They invaded the Gradian Kingdom. v29c3 Their leader's name is Michel v4&c7

The Cloud Guild Edit

One of the 6 most powerful guilds. A guild founded in the United Kingdom of Briton. It is one of the ten largest guilds in the Continent of Versailles with over 6000 members. The Hermes Guild is preparing a war against this guild (v27c8). Invasion is about to start (v29c10), after the fall of the black Lion Guild. Their leader's name is Sherwood v41c7

Lion Star Edit

One of the 6 most powerful guilds. v27c8 Their leader's name is Gunter v41c7

The RoamersEdit

One of the 6 most powerful guilds. Also translatable as roam or vagabond guild v27c8. A mysterious guild. May be linked to the adventurers guild. Their leader's name is Roam v4&c7

Grass Porridge Cult, a bizarre newcomer Edit

It is based in Morata, and it first boasts 312 thousand members and over 8000 medium and high level users (v?c?). Later on, it raised over 3 millions followers (v27c2), which is 10 time more. It is not exactly a guild and it gather all of King Weed followers.

More about the Grass Porridge Guild .

Other Guild AlliancesEdit

User-Guild are involved into many power struggle. To rule over other guild or to survive the power struggle, a common strategy is to form a temporary alliance or a long term truce. This unfold into new alliance or even new "Uber"-guild, when guilds fuse together.

Allied Mercenary GuildEdit

An alliance of guilds. Formerly led by its founder Guild Master Smith. It was the largest guild alliance in the Versailles Continent, before the hegemony guild was born. 

Alliance for HegemonyEdit

The Hegemony alliance  was the dominant force on the Central Continent, after the downfall of the Allied Mercenary guild, until the Hermes guild left it. Later on, the other 5 larger guild where broken down one by one and disbanded by their former ally, the Haven Empire v42c4 The story of Carlile's Black Lion guild is the most extensive description we have of this active destruction.

Northern Alliance Edit

A coalition of guilds which attempted to take over Morata at an early stage of the development of the Northern Area. They failed and the alliance was disbanded (v18). A second northern alliance was started, but it avoided the same mistake, and did not declare war to Morata, but instead started interacting with it. v29c8. Later on, it was integrated into the Arpen kingdom.

Other users Guilds Edit

Here is a lists of user Guilds and Organizations from "Royal Road" that being stated so far.


Asirium GuildEdit

A guild in favor of building up a resistance against the Haven Empire v42c4. They got in touch with previous guild leader, and especially the 5 defeated leaders from the largest guilds: Roam, Gunter, Michel, Carlise and Sherwood. All of this happened, after the fall of the Haven Imperial palace and the lost of 1,7 millions soldiers in the second attempt to invade Arpen v42c4.

Abundance GuildEdit

An organisation which is suggested to worship the goddess Freya.

Balkan Guild Edit

A guild which is situated in the British Confederacy. During a civil war in the British Confederacy, the Balkan Guild lost control of their impregnable fort, Fort Ohdein, after 150(ish) guilds united and attacked them. They later allied with the Wings of May Guild to take back their fort.

Bankchester Guild Edit

A guild situated in the Northern Continent. They joined other guilds in fighting against Morata.

Black Serpent Guild Edit

A guild owned by Lord Crescendo. It is known to occupy Mubain Castle.

Beden Guild Edit

Made a deal with the Hermes Guild to distract the Black Lion Guild (BLG), during his mission within the Melbourne mine (v28c1). Used the defeat of Carlile and the BLG to push forward is own agenda (v29c10)

Cold / Frozen Roses Guild Edit

A guild which went to the Northern Continent to explore and find a way to dispel the heat caused by the Crimson Wing's failed quest. They are known as a mid level guild which ranks within the top 40 of the continent. Their leader is known as Oberon. First appearance: in the land of despair v6c7.

Crimson Wings Edit

A guild which was ranked in the top 10 on the Continent of Versailles v42c4. It held seven fortresses in the central continent and it's known forces consisted of 200 users over level 300. The core team is composed of 7 members: Teros the leader, and Bastien, Dein, Gale, Mako, Psyche and Pulain. While attempting to complete an A ranked quest relating to King Zet, the third king in Belsos La Deus dynasty, they assembled over 300 users, including numerous mercenaries, to conquer this dungeon, live on TV. But they failed and in return a heatwave struck the whole Continent.  Later, through treachery, they attempted to take over the Northern Expedition of the cold Rose. Again they failed. They lost their last credit in the process and had to disband. More information on v7c4.

Crimson Mercenaries Edit

A guild which is in the top 50 guilds of the continent. It is stated in vol 17 that they possess 5 castles and 28 villages. Guild leader is Maren. Many members of the Crimson Mercenaries are previous players of the game Continent of Magic.

Dark Gamer Guild Edit

A guild for Dark Gamers, means professional players who earns their living through selling their services online.

Dwarven Liberation Corps Edit

An organisation located in the kingdom of Thor. They own several small villages and 8 guilds.

Elemental Guild Edit

Not much known, mentioned as wanting to save the 'Elemental Spring'.


Faroe Guild Edit

A guild located in the Nothern Continent. They joined forces with other guilds to fight against Morata. After the war it is assumed that they continued to live in the North.

Hammer and Anvil Guild Edit

Another guild part of the hegemony alliance (v19c7),

Ica Guild Edit

One of the top 3 guilds in Rosenheim. The guild is notorious for its bad behaviour. Known members of the Ica Guild includes Parros and Darius who was the leader (v42c4), before his recruitment within the Hermes guild.

Iron Road Edit

A guild which is stated to be truly lead by he blacksmith Fabio.

Iron Templar Guild Edit

A guild which formed a coalition with the Lone Wizards Guild to fight the Hermes Guild. They failed

Jamaica Guild Edit

A guild situated within the Rosenheim Kingdom. The Jamaica Guild are the enemies of the Sword Dojo's practitioners after hunting them down and killing them. They later help Weed to build the Tomb of the King in Rosenheim. Ps: It is possible that the Jamaica Guild and Ica Guild are one and the same as Weed contacts his master to tell them about the Ica(Ika in translations) Guild's participation in the construction of the tomb, despite it being the Jamaica Guild which killed the geomchis.


Lancashire Guild Edit

A prestigious guild situated in he Kingdom of Haven.

League of Male Priests Edit

An organisation of male priests.

Legend of Hammer Guild Edit

A guild which is at war with the Silver Wings Guild.

Lone Wizards Guild Edit

A guild which formed a coalition with the Iron Templars Guild to fight the Hermes Guild.

Mavaros Guild Edit

A guild situated in or near the British Confederacy. They are known for having allied with the Prosperity Guild in the defence of Fort Odein. They control the Basra Dungeon[1].

Night Blade Assassin Guild Edit

It numbers at least 300 assassins, with at least 160 elite assassins. They were enough to completely dispatch a smaller guilds (v28c2).

Northern Association of MerchantsEdit

It was created and is still managed by Mapan, a japtem professional merchant and Weed business partner with a lot of influence in the North (v29c4)  


Pirate Guild A guild linked to the sea in the Versailles Continent. Their headquarter is hidden on an island at sea.

Pro-Am Mercenary Guild Union

Part of the Hegemony Allliance, v19c7

Oasis Guild Edit

A guild which contains many mercenary members. They allied with the Prosperity Guild and the Wings of May Guild to fight against the Balkan Guild and Capture Fort Ohdein. They were betrayed by the Prosperity Guild and lost control of the fort.

Predators of the Land Guild Edit

Led by the Champion of Blood, Deimond. It is one of the top 50 guilds in the central continent. It is an outlaw guild which is known for its terrible behavior. They were forced to become a wanderer guild after they were attacked by a coalition of guilds. They became involved in a rank S quest which allowed them to fight against the other users by using demons and became aligned with the Resurrection Church. During this quest they came into conflict with the Prosperity Guild and fought them for possession of Fort Odein.

Prosperity Guild Edit

They allied with the Wings of May Guild and the Oasis Guild to fight against the Balkan Guild and Capture Fort Ohdein. They betrayed the other Guilds and gained control of the fort. It is divided into four military corps with 3000 men forming a corp. They successfully managed to defend the fort from further attacks by other guilds.

Puren Guild Edit

A guild situated in the Northern Continent. They joined other guilds in fighting against Morata.

Red dragon Guild Edit

A member of the Hegemony Alliance. v19c7

Red Mercenary Guild Edit

A guild situated within the Rosenheim Kingdom. Possibly the same guild as the Crimson Mercenaries (simply a different translation between chapters).

Red Shield Mercenary Guild Edit

A mercenary guild based in Morata.

Scarlet Wolves Guild Edit

A guild situated in the Versailles Continent, between or in the kingdoms of Lootun and Thor.

Scholarship Guild Edit

Sought out by those that wish to increase their intelligence (and knowledge about history of the Versailles Continent ? quote)

Silver Wings Guild Edit

A guild which is at war with the Legends of Hammer Guild.

Styrene Guild Edit

A guild that has settled in the Northern Continent Village of Teuriban. They led other guilds into battle against Morata. They are known to have over 600 high level users in their guild.

"Thieves Guild" Edit

A guild which allied with the British Confederacy. Presumed to be a guild for those of the thief class taken over by players.

Trigger guild Edit

They made an order to Fabio for 120 swords of level 360 (v29c4).  

Tower of Light Guild Edit

A guild with 30,000 members. Its guild master is Hertz.

Travelers of the Wilderness Guild Edit

A guild which was founded at the beginning of Royal Road in the Armen Kingdom and which has no set location. It is small, consisting of only 25 members (26 post vol 14). The members are known to be incredibly high leveled and skilled. Known members include Herman, Sabrina, Pin, Edwin and Weed. It has no guild leader.

Wings of May Guild Edit

They allied with the Prosperity Guild and the Oasis Guild to fight against the Balkan Guild and Capture Fort Ohdein. They were betrayed by the Prosperity Guild and lost control of the fort but vowed to take revenge. They later allied with the Balkan Guild to re-take the fort and lay siege against the Prosperity Guild.

List of NPC's GuildsEdit

Here is a list of those guild. Not all the Non-users guild are listed.

Appraisers Guild Edit

A guild for Appraisers.

Archers Guild Edit

Guild for Archers.

Architects Guild Edit

A guild for Architects.

Arts Guild Edit

A guild which teaches sculptors and other handicraft skill users.

Assassins Guild Edit

A guild for Assassins.

Bards Guild Edit

A guild for people of the Bard class.

Blacksmiths Guild Edit

Known for housing blacksmiths and teaching the blacksmith skill. It also provides jobs for blacksmiths.

Calligraphies Guild Edit

A guild for Writers.

Chefs Guild Edit

A user may learn Cooking Skills at a Chef's guild if they pay for a membership fee.

Crafts Guild Edit

A guild for Crafters.

Dancers Guild Edit

A guild for Dancers.

Elemental Guild Edit

A guild for the Elemental Shaman class.

Engravers Guild Edit

A guild for Engravers.

Farmers Guild Edit

A guild for Farmers. Also called professional farmer guild v29c5

Fishing Guild Edit

Known for teaching the fishing skill. To enter the guild you must answer questions and buy a fishing rod with floats.

Fist Guild Edit

A guild for bare-handed fighters.

Kung-Fu Guild Edit

Guild for Kung-fu practitioners.

Hairdressers Guild Edit

A guild for Hairdressers.

Intelligence Guild Edit

The intelligence guild gives counsel to users on which class to choose to convert to, depending on their stats and skills. In the early stage, most users walk a similar path. The intelligence guild classifies new players into two groups; combat classes (melee and supportive) and craft classes, including merchants, blacksmiths and sculptors. On rare occasions, the guild is known to unveil hidden classes to players.

A possible synonym: informations guild, which gather and sells information.

Marine Guild Edit

A guild which teaches shipbuilding skills.

Maritime/Navigation Guild Edit

The guild is used by players who owned a ship, merchants, fishermen and those whose livelihood is in the sea. Like other guilds it has an instructor and a training hall to teach essential skills. The guild teaches skills such as how to drop an anchor, what to do in a storm, how to control the sail and other necessary skills.

Marine Guild may be a related or the same guild. 

Mercenaries Guild Edit

A guild which allocates jobs to mercenaries.

Merchants Guild Edit

A guild for Merchants.

Painters Guild Edit

A guild for Painters.

Sculptors Guild Edit

A guild for Sculptors.

Sword Master Guild Edit

A guild for those studying the path of the sword, also translated blade master guild.

Tailoring Guild Edit

Teaches the tailoring skill. It also sells fabrics which serve as crafting materials for tailors.

Warriors Guild Edit

A guild where warriors go to train their newly acquired skills. Could be related to the mercenaries or the swordmaster guild.

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