Purpose of this sculpture when Weed created this was to increase his skills

Background  Edit

Weed wanted to increases his skill, He was certain that he could make the sculpture. ‘If I carve Seeyoon, I would definitely get a masterpiece.’ But Weed decided he wouldn't sculpt Seoyoon here He had no intention of being apologetic if he coincidentally meets up with Seoyoon. He no longer wanted to be frightened of her. He wanted to created some other sculpture this time. His Family.

The fact that he never sculpted this always stayed on his mind. Although, he promised not to sculpt his family until he raised his sculpting level. He began to cut the rock and began sculpting.

Appearance  Edit

The appearance of this sculpture is base on Weed, his sister, and his grandma.

The statue of the family were holding hands firmly.

Gracious, fine elderly Grandmother and beautiful sister! And a statue of Weed, himself! Which Weed changed his appearance to be hotter.

Info Edit

Grand Masterpiece! You have completed the Harmonious Family!

The Horom Mountains can be called the world’s roof! At a colossal height, the glorious work of a sculptor was added. Because it was created regardless of all adversities, the delicate statue shows the creativity of the Sculptor, and it is valued even more.

Artistic value : 9,400

Special option :

Those who see the Harmonious Family will have health and mana regeneration increased by 30% for a day.

Taking a break near the sculpture will recover stamina and health very quickly.

Passing through rough terrain consumes less stamina.

Cold resistance increase by 50%

Resistance to ice magic.

All stats increase by 25

Three attributes increase by 24%

These attribute bonuses will last for a whole day.

It stacks with other blessings.

Does not stack with other sculptures.

Up till now, the number of Grand Masterpiece complete : 2

States Increased Edit

Sculpting skill has improved.

Sculpture understanding skill has increased by 1.

Advance handicraft skill reached level 3. Efficiency of using any handicraft skill is increased by 8%. It will have various effects.

Fame increased by 40.

Because the statue was made out of basic materials such as rocks and trees, although it is an advanced statue, the amount of fame awarded was not large.

Art stat increase by 34

Fortitue increased by 9

Endurance increased by 4

All rights to the sculpture is given to Master Weed. If this sculpture is given life, it will be loyal to him.

For creating a masterpiece, all stats increase by 3

Location Edit

the top of Horom Mountains, Plains of Despair

Ref Edit


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