Haven Kingdom



A powerful country in the Versailles Continent, a major trade center, surrounded of dungeons and hunting grounds[1]. Through a Coup d'Etat orchestrated by the Hermes Guild, the Black Knight Bard Ray obtained the crown[2].


List of PlacesEdit

  • Aren Castle (아렌 성)
  • Balkiseu Castle[3] (발키스 성)
  • Doria Region (도리아 지역) Area Near Kallamore Kingdom
  • Giden Castle[4] (기덴 성)
  • Illuin Castle[5] (일루인 성)
  • Jackson Plains[6] (작센 평야) An area mostly in the Haven Kingdom that borders into Bremen Kingdom. It was a part of the Bromba Kingdom 102 years ago.
  • Sistain Fortress[7] (시스타인 요새) A fort that Kallamore Kingdom took over from Haven Kingdom during the war.

List of DungeonsEdit


Aren CastleEdit

It is build in the capital of Haven Kingdom (v29c3).

It is like light and darkness, with the slums on one side and bright commercial buildings on the other. The Hermes Guild threw an astronomical amount of money towards the knights and soldiers to raise their loyalty and construct the Royal Palace. But the knights and soldiers were forced into labour like slaves (v29c3)

Tax revenueEdit

Economy and tax revenue are supervised by Lafaye [8]


  • In the early days of the Haven kingdom, the tax revenue for one month was around 1.3 billion gold.
  • In the most active time of the Haven Kingdom, the monthly tax revenue reached approximately 2.4 billion gold.
  • The tax revenue was approximately 8.8 billion gold shortly after unifying the Central Continent. That includes the admission fees into the cities and dungeons.
  • After the destruction of Haven royal palace the Haven Empire’s tax income has been reducing rapidly to 5.17 billion gold. The lost of 3.7 billion happened, despite the economic reconstruction.”

Main reasons for the tax reduction:

    1. damage competitors caused when they fell ( damage to the cities, death of the residents, reduced production, rebels emerging and worsening security).
    2. users don’t enjoy hunting in the Central Continent

In short, Haven Empire fell into recession.

Expenses To maintain the Haven Empire, require maintaining essential infrastructure and military expenses. However, the strength of our military is a double-edged sword. It requires a huge maintenance cost and is a hindrance to economic growth. Those costs alone exceeds 2 billion gold per month.