Haven's armies

Haven's army infantry units

The military is at the core of the power of the haven Empire. Haven military is made of 12 division. Each division include 300.000 soldiers. The full military strengh of the Empire is an army of over 3.6 millions soldiers. It remain almost undefeated. At their peak, they representend 2/3 of all military force of the Central Continent [1]


Each division is lead by an elite Black knight commander. Division rank are based on their commander individual strengh, which from they benefits. There is also a very clear and strict chain of command and every division is organized in various type of smaller units.

Imperial black knight commandersEdit

Mission and attributesEdit

An Imperial commander is an elite black knight general. Each commander is leading an entire army division [2]. His ranking in the army is based on his actual combat capabilities [3]. Each of them is also part of the Hermes guild and has to follow the Emperor command, who is ranked number 1.

Also, based on the commander attribute [4], each division will benefit from a different special skill. Those skill are acquired through war experiences and are passed from the commander to his units. This is an important asset during battles, and makes a commander a precious life to take out or to protect.

  • Example of a commander special attribute

Balbaro, 2nd division commander. Attribute: mobility. Special skill: ‘rapid pace’. The commander can increase the speed of the march by 17% and reduced fatigue by 62%. Rapid mobility and powerful penetration made this division on of the most dangerous on the battle field.

Names and ranking orderEdit

The Haven Empire entire head of command is composed of 12 elite commander[5]. Their names and ranking are:

  • Draka, 1st division commander.
  • Balbaro, 2nd division commander.
  • Porcal, 3rd division
  • Instrium, 4th division
  • Banrommel, 5th division
  • Drom, 6th division
  • Remid Mikord, 7th division
  • Holsun, 8th division
  • Mengcord, 9th division
  • Netu, 10th division
  • Halleker, 11th division
  • Gilled, 12th division

Commanders of the armies divisions 7 to 12 were not involved in the Arpen invasion [6]

Imperial army divisionsEdit

Twelve large army divisionsEdit

An army division is made of about 300.000 soldiers[7]. Haven military is made of 12 division. Therefore the full military strengh of the Haven Empire is a unique force of over 3.6 millions soldiers, not including Bard Ray own elite Imperial force or other special forces, like the thieves and assassin corps.

An army division is made out of smaller units Edit

An army division is organized into 15 to 30 units. Most of the army units are composed out of 10.000 to 30.000 soldiers[8]. Each unit is specialized in one class type (archer, cavalry, knight, infantry, magician, shaman). In some case, units can be much smaller and even more specialized. But every army division includes archery, infantries, knights and magician units[9].

Descriptive list of the 12 armiesEdit

  • 1st division

Mostly knights, cavalry and infantry. Attribute unknown. It's the flagship of Haven's armies. It includes only the best of the best. It includes at least one chariot unit with 10 meters large combat steel chariots with chimeras. A destructive military unit which perfectly match with Draka's horrible reputation.

  • 2nd division

Mostly infantry with the special ability of rapid mobility and powerful penetration. One of the largest, most impressive and powerful division on the battle field.

  • 3rd division

Mostly archers and magicians. This unit is is specialized in long distance fire (archers), and research in the magical art of chimeras. They are actively creating and raising magical beasts. This division has strong support capabilities.

  • 4th division

Mostly combat shamans. Another division with strong support capabilities.

  • 5th division

No description was given about this army division

  • 6th division,

Mostly cavalry, weaker in direct combat but who can move very fast on horse. It include a spear head unit made out of a small special magic knights unit (1000 magic knights) who can use magic. A second special unit with 1000 magicians.

  • division 7th to 12th

No description were given. Those 6 division armies are based within the Haven Empire. More to come

A clear, strong and efficient chain of commandEdit

The chain of command is based on 4 basic principles[10].

  • Hierarchy is based on own skill & combat achievements

Elite Black knights officers are also ranked based on their own individual combat achievements. The same rule apply for every officer. This principle is implemented since the early days, until Bard Ray definitively took over.

  • Same principle applies at every level of command [11].

Based on the number of units, each elite commander has a team of 10 to 15 elite officer under his command. A Black knight officer is leading his own unit. There is no indication of a elite officer attribute, nor any description of lower rank of command. Their rank, names and numbers are unknown.

  • Every level of command has his own chat channel

During a military expedition, a chat channel for commanders is available. We can assume that the same goes for every level of command. This makes Haven's units both very structured, flexible and efficient.

  • In case of a killed officer, leadership is transfered to the next strongest officer.

Leading the complete expedition is always given to the first officer in rank alive. Leadership goes always to the strongest officer available. Therefore, a major breach in the line of command is not possible. Still the remaining units will loose the attribute linked to the commanding officer. It also means if a leading officer falls, the command of the unit is given to a leading officer from another unit.

For example: If a commander 1 and 2 in rank are killed, then the commander 3 in rank takes over the lead of all other division. Same goes for the units officer. If the commander is killed, and the unit 1 to 4 officers are killed in mission. Then unit officer 4 in rank temporary takes the lead over the other unit.


Haven's armies almost clean recordEdit

Haven's armies where victorious against every major guild army. And even against their alliance. More to come.

Destruction of half of Haven's armies in one dayEdit

The 6 army division where destroyed in this order

  • Drom's 6th army division,

This division was the first to be fully wiped out by Hestiger , with the help of Weed and other high level users from Arpen[12]. Drom has been killed by Hestiger[13].

  • Draka's 1st army division

He took the decision of throwing away Lasalle defensive tactic and moved to an offensive war tactic. He take over the Earth palace, and his army was taken down through Weed's trap. It's entire division was wipped out during the downfall of the Earth Palace[14].

  • Porcal's 3rd army division.

It wanted to compete with the 1st division, and was wipped out at the same time by the downfall of the Earth Palace.

  • Instrium's 4th army division

It also wanted to compete with the 1st division, and was also wipped out at the same time.

  • Balbaro's 2nd army division

Was attacked by Hestiger, after the destruction of the 6th division[15]. His entire division was wiped out the same day, with the help of dark gamers and special avians airborne tactic[16].

  • Banrommel's 5th army division

It was not involved in the downfall of the Earth Palace. But it was also wiped out the same day with the same tactic.

Repeated failure in front of Weed's geniusEdit

Haven's history of military loss in front of Weed:

  • First failed attempt at Sea

The Naval fleet was almost destroyed and partly sinked in front of the forbidden land of Jigolath, with the support of the Undead navy.

  • Second failed attempt at Arpen's borders

The first expedition corp was defeated under Arpen's King leadership at the Arpen border, after the commander officer was killed in a fair duel by Weed himself.

  • Third failed attempt at the King's Earth palace

Six elite commanders were involved in the second Arpen invasion attempt[17]. Based on their ranking system, it ment that Haven sent half of his best forces, including an assassin unit, except for Bard Ray's own elite corp. But all 6 army divisions were annihilated.


  • Loosing a large number of high level NPC (late level 300) is a major loss for any military force. Because, NPC, if killed, will not revive (they can only be used as undead summoning), where users will respawn (with the according death penalty).
  • This impact of this lost battle was strongly increased by the destruction of the Imperial palace [18].
  • In the end, the Haven Empire armies got utterly defeated on such a large scale for the first time ever. They were crushed so bitterly and on such a large extend and by a much weaker kingdom. This gave hope to many.


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