Alliance for hegemony 


Also translated as Hegemony Alliance, hidden alliance for Hegemony, United Supremacy, United Supremacy Alliance (v28c6) or United Alliance for Supremacy. It include the 6 most powerful guilds over the Continent[1] (v27c8)


An alliance ruling over the Continent

Hermes, the strongest guild

The most powerful guild. A notorious guild that is situated in the kingdom of Haven. They gained power over the residents of the kingdom after taking on the previous ruler of the kingdom, Lluina, and winning. They have publicly announced that they intend to be a military dictatorship. It was founded by former high level players of Continent of Magic. Led by Guild Master Rafael, Bard Ray being the face of the guild(v4c7). They have a truly bad reputation amongs regular players. Then they took over the Kallamore kingdom, previously the strongest Kingdom of the Central Continent, after having killed both their Knight hero (or war lord) and their king (v27c2). In combat, they have a large structure, excellent momentum and daring tactics (v28c9).

Black Lion

One of the 6 most powerful guild. In its prime, the Black Lion Guild was the 2nd best power. It had up to 100,000 members, but after they lost the battle for supremacy of the continent, all the users scattered like sand. v41c7 After the defeat, some of the former Black Lion Guild members hid like criminals on the continent while others joined the Hermes Guild. And some wealthy people just lived leisurely in resorts.

It was a guild situated in the Thor Kingdom. Their territory did encompass Nehalles Castle. They even attacked Hermes guild in the deep of Melbourne mine, in the Belkain's lair, with 750 high level users. But, after rushing in, they where defeated in a pincer attack.

They were planning to invade Tullen Kingdom, but after this painful defeat against Hermes on television, their power declined strongly and they had to focus on internal affairs (v28c9). Now, it's the Beden Guild, allied to Hermes which is taking over Tullen Kingdom (v29c10). In the end, they were utterly destroyed by Hermes.

Their leader is Carlile, a charismatic player. Some of his close friend are : Bindel, Hekel, Ject. v41c7    

Black Sword Mercenary

A guild of mercenaries. One of the 6 most powerful guild of the continent. They boast membership of thousands of mercenaries and consider themselves to be the best mercenary guild. They invaded the Gradian Kingdom. v29c3 Their leader's name is Michel v4&c7

The Cloud Guild

Korean name: 클라우드 길드를

One of the 6 most powerful guilds. A guild founded in the United Kingdom of Briton. It is one of the ten largest guilds in the Continent of Versailles with over 6000 members. The Hermes Guild is preparing a war against this guild (v27c8). Invasion is about to start (v29c10), after the fall of the black Lion Guild. Their leader's name is Sherwood v41c7

Lion Star

One of the 6 most powerful guilds. v27c8 Their leader's name is Gunter v41c7

The Roamers

One of the 6 most powerful guilds. Also translatable as roam or vagabond guild v27c8. A mysterious guild. May be linked to the adventurers guild. Their leader's name is Roam v4&c7

Life & death


A coalition led by the Hermes Guild

It is lead by the powerfulHermes Guild(v19c7) with :

  • Black Lion Guild
  • Black Sword Mercenary Guild
  • Cloud Guild
  • Lion Star Guild
  • Roamers Guild, also called Roam guild (v30c4)

It also include 94 other major guilds.


A ruling coalition of all dominant guilds

It is a coalition made out of almost a hundred of guilds. All major guild is part of the United Alliance. Not being part of the alliance expose a user guild to be hunted down by the United coalition. This coalition is known as the strongest user force on the Continent ever, with may be the exception of the Embinyu Cult and the growing hidden Grass Porridge Cult in Morata. 

A philosophy of ruling through power

During their first meeting and establishment of the United Alliance (v19c7), they secretly agreed to join forces to conquer the continent, and eliminating other potential threats together. Other agreements at their first meeting were :

  • Hermes Guild will be the leader of Hegemony Alliance.
  • Bard Ray as the Chairman of the United Alliance for Hegemony.
  • The prestigious guilds were in a position to take care of the exclusive rights of hunting, item trading, and commercial taxes of their territory.
  • Hermes got exclusive right on Haven Kingdom.

They share the same philosophy of ruling over territories, dungeon and users through power. The implicit agreement is to put on hold the war between guilds, and also avoid and limit Hermes guild domination. 

First power to rule over the Continent

  • Launching a war over ressources

Most of other smaller users guilds didn't know about the alliance, and they weren't in perfect shape for war either.  So, after the united coalition was formed, members of the alliance could safely declare war and launch attack on castles of smaller guilds that were not associated with the Alliance (v21c8) Being safe about other larger guilds course of action, all bigger and larger guildes could devote all their ressources to fight over smaller outsider territories. They took over every ennemy dungeon, mine or ressource. 

  • Taking over smaller guilds
  • About 200 lords (users) were involved in this war, in the territory of Haven Kingdom, Tullen Kingdom, Masen Kingdom, Thor Kingdom, Aidern Kingdom, Britten Alliance and Kallamore Kingdom.

This agreement to take over all smaller players guild was a total success.  In the process, the United Alliance for supremacy became the first dominatant force to rule over the continent.  

Ruling over the Continent=

It was not yet an Empire, but it came a step closer by taking out all the smaller guilds and controlling over the central continent.


An alliance that Hermes took apart

Hermes plan for supremacy 

After taking over the Kallamore Kingdom, Hermes guild planed to take one kingdom after another (v30c7). But, they also have to get rid of their competitors, which are the 5 others largest and most powerful guilds. And above all, avoiding a coalition of all 5 guilds against them.</span>

Weed Master quest initiative

Weed publicly decided to run for his sculptor master quest. This took Hermes by surprise and pressured Bard Ray and the Guild to publicly announce Bard Ray Black Knight Master Quest.  Wanting to be first to finish Bard Ray master quest first, Hermes had to invade Black Lion territory (the hidden Belkain's lair attack v28). Their decision to overrun Weed on their master quest was their first decision toward officially breaking the alliance and the peace between the 6 major guilds (vol28). 

Hermes attack on other territories

  • Black Lion territory

The cloud guild was planned to fall first, but Weed master quest changed Hermes plans. And in the end, the Black Lion Guild, was the first major guild to loose against Hermes. Hermes played their part very well. First, through the sponsoring of a counter power, the Beden Guild. Second, through a serie of coordinate surprise attacks to take over strategic ressources in the Melbourne Mine and help Bard Ray finish his chain quest.

  • Hermes major decision to attack Lasalle kingdom

After the clash with the Black Lion guild, Hermes decided to leave the Alliance. In fact, the decision of Lafaye and Hermes council of advisor to leave the alliance was made before Bard Ray could finish his master quest (v30c7). Through spying and bribing, for a long time, Hermes actively : 1 - implemented disruptive strategy in advance to avoid the alliance of the 5 other guilds at this strategic moment.  2 - used the fact that the other 5 major guilds had not completely taken control over their own kingdom to take over Lasalle kingdom, at a time where the other kingdom were to busy to coordinate a common attack on Hermes.

Hermes successfully broke the alliance

In the end, Hermes avoided to turn the alliance against them and got away with - attacking the black Lion guild and taking over Kallamore and Lasalle kingdoms.

  • Civil war on the Central Continent ?

The broken treaty between the major guilds is a political opportunity for :

  • The Embinyu Cult, which is growing to the point where it could create its own kingdom, which would mean the start of a new dark age on the Versaille Continent (v28c9). Sergy City falls to the Cult (v29c9) because of the civil war.
  • A new flow of monsters over the Central Continent (v29c9), because of the civil war. Monsters are appearing on the previously safe plains and roads connecting cities.
  • Various stories of cities or castles collapsing are frequently appearing on the player's bulletin boards. 
  • The peaceful development of the new founded Arpen Kingdom (v29c8), with 8 new villages and new peace treaty with the neighbor lords.

Still, the Hermes Guild power grew to a new level. After winning over the black lion guild, their economical and military power grew to a new level, where their force is equivalent of the other guild combined (v30c4).



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