Helain’s Grail

  • Grail of Helain
  • The Grail


An unique item retrived by Weed to complete [Lost Treasure of Freya] quest. One of the three relics of Freya's Church.


  • In The Rise of Darkness arc, after defeating the Undead Legion lead by Shire, the Lich , Weed used Helain's Grail to produce a lot of holy water as wine.

Item Information

                                Helain’s Grail[1]
Durability: Infinite.
One of the three holy items bestowed by the Goddess Freya. A symbol of the goddess’
beauty and abundance. Gives infinite strength to those with strong belief. Turns
water into Holy Water after a day. Holy Water is lethal to the undead. If spread on
soil, will bring a plentiful harvest.


Class related to clergy, or those accepted by the Order of Freya.

900 Faith

+100 Faith.

+300 Fame.

Generates Holy Water.


  1. Volume 2 Chapter 8

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