Hunter of Plains

Bull hunter

Wandering monster with strong Hunting skill,

Magical beast, level around 320.

"A huge bull-like monster, (...) that didn’t live on some set territory. Hunters of Plains were roaming all over the Plains of Despair, hunting people or even occasional monsters."  v6c8 

Special Skills Edit

Strong vitality; ability to reduce vitality v6c8.

Strong hunting skill, "always charge their prey to the end". v6c8

Able to charge

Can use a weapon (speer, etc.)

Weaknesses Edit

Slow spell or Rock to mud (earth magic).

Possibility to unbind through strong dispel magic.

Can be attacked from behind, when fixed over another prey.

Boss Class Monster Edit

Nothing much is known so far of Boss class Hunter.

Should exist.

More features Edit

Humans turned into beast through Magic.

"Villagers said that they were warriors of about 320th level, who got cursed by a dark spell and turned into monsters with large health pool and an unpleasant ability to reduce player’s vitality a bit with every hit".  v6,c8

We don't know yet which type of monster are the spellcaster. But victims should be hunters from the village of Exile which have lost their mind during the transformation process.

Possible origin of the minotaur species, which also roam the plain of despair.

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