Hwaryeong, or Jeong Hyo-Lin, is a player in Royal Road and a friend of Weed. In the game she plays the Dancer class. In real life she is a successful and worldwide known singer who plays the game to relieve the stress of being famous and single.[1] As a player she is smart and knows how important is to increase skill's proficiency and not just level up[2]

Profile and DataEdit

Stats and SkillsEdit


  • High Charm (attractiveness) stat, this is a dancer's feature[8]
  • High Charisma stat, this is dancer's feature[9]


  • Seduction Dance (Bubi Bubi Dance): A confusion skill that puts monsters to sleep and increases mana consumption if the enemy is a higher level than the player[10].
  • Dance of Death: Perform an attack with two weapons while dancing[11].
  • Dance of Confusion: A crowd-control dance skill that lowers the enemy's fighting spirit and disrupts their balance.[12].
  • Flower Scattering: As the player dances, flowers and butterflies appear and a fragrance is emitted charming enemies making them lose their will to fight.[13].
  • Fan Dance: A dance skill that will make monsters of high intelligence fall with shame, dealing damage and enhances the combat capacity of companions by 15%. Only available when Celine’s Fan is equipped.[14]




  • She chose the Dancer class because she enjoys dancing so much she can't stop.[19]
  • To avoid being recognized in-game because of her attractiveness and celebrity status, she first made her character slightly plain-looking.[20]
  • She is both very "independent" and very "feminine"[21]
  • She has a lonely heart compensated by strong shopaholic tendencies[22].
  • She has a crush on Weed, fond of his "family man" side,but feels that is one-sided because of her celebrity status and shopping addiction being too much for Weed. She makes no attempt to hide her affection even to the point of taking him back from Seoyoon.[23][24][25][26][27]
  • She originally met Weed when she was helping Mapan transport goods as a merchant[28].
  • She met Zephyr in Basra Dungeon, which they completed together with Weed[29].
  • The Statue of Goddess Freya made by Weed in Morata is modeled after her[30].
  • She wanted to create a Royal Road themed album with the best musicians[31].
  • When the Hermes Guild tried to bribe Weed's friends to leave him, she was one of the friends to take up the offer and became a Lord in one of the Northern towns occupied by the Haven Kingdom.[32]
  • As Lord, she avoided her friends but later rejoined them and Weed to hunt the Giants.[33].

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