In real life Hwaryeong/Jeong Hyo-Lin is a successful and worldwide known singer but to relieve the stress of being so famous and single, she joined Royal Road and chose a Dancer class, because she enjoys dancing so much that she can't stop[1]. As a player she is smart and knows how important is to increase skill's proficiency and not just level up[2]

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Dancer is a class related to art, social gathering and crowd-Control, it also has some melee attack options. It is a class with weak defenses[8] and weak attack[9]. In combat, the class is usually using dancing as a mid range attack to either paralyze, charm, or cause the foe to fall asleep[10]. The dancer will let their party members do the tanking (or uses his/her own dagger/knife to inflict some damage, but this can break the "spell"). Some dancer may use magic or poison to achieve more damage[11]. It is considered as a support class. [12]. Dancing can increase the quality of the dancer's skills[13].


  • Enchanting Dance: also Known as Charming Dance, "the Bubi Bubi Dance" ("Jiggle it, Jiggle it"), A confusion skill that put monsters to sleep, mana consumption increases if the enemy is higher level than the dancer[14].
  • Dance of Death: It's an attack skill, performs an attack with two weapons while dancing[15].
  • Dance of Confusion: It's crowd-control skill,it lowers the enemy's fighting spirit and disrupt its balance while dancing[16].
  • Flower Scattering: It's crowd-control skill, butterflies and flowers appear leaving a fragance that increases the crowd-control and put enemies to sleep[17].
  • Fan Dance: this skill is enabled when the item Celine’s Fan is equipped[18].

Dance Skills can increase other party members stats.


  • High Charm (= attractiveness) stat, this is a dancer's feature[19]
  • High Charisma stat, this is dancer's feature[20]


Lms hwaryon by ananovik-d7d3mmj


  • A very beautiful woman (real life); who first made her user profile slightly plain looking[22], because of her celebrity status (a popular singer[23]). She did not want to be recognized in-game.
  • She is both very "independent" and very "feminine"[24]
  • She is a lonely heart and is developing strong shopaholic tendencies[25].
  • She has a crush on Weed[26]. "Even when it was time to leave, Lynn refused to leave Lee Hyun side. For a long time, she was on a quest to get closer to him so that they could be lovers." But it's an hopeless one-sided crush[27]. Her being a celebrity and almost being a shopping addict is the worst case scenario[28] for Weed.
  • Titles: Lich Dungeon Hunter[29]
  • She originally met Weed when she was helping Mapan transporting goods as a merchant[30].
  • Later, she met Zephyr in Basra Dungeon, which they completed together with Weed[31]. It was an intense & shocking experience for them.
  • The Statue of Goddess Freya made by Weed in Morata is made after Hwaryeong[32].
  • She is fond of the "family man" side of Weed[33].
  • As a singer she wanted to create a Royal Road themed album with the best musicians[34].
  • The Hermes guild tried to bribes Weed's friends to leave his side. All of them declined or ignored the request. Only Hwaryeong (and Bellot) took up the offer and became a lord in one of the Northern towns occupied by the Haven empire[35].

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