Hwaryeong is a friend of Weed in royal road.she was introduced to weed by Mapan


Hwaryeong was introduced to Weed by Mapan. Mapan explained that Hwaryeong is a Dancer, though she can only wield a single stiletto in one hand and also with low defense capability, she excels in buff and debuff abilities. During their travels Hwaryeong aid Mapan as his bodyguard, she would confuse the monster giving time for Mapan to drove their wagon as they escape.

A legend was passed down through Royal Road. It was about those with production classes and unusual classes. The classes that people shunned. By sticking together and combining their strong points, they were able to maximize their individual abilities. Thus the strongest party was born, and Hwaryeong was one them.


A beautiful woman (real life); who tried to make her user profile slightly plain looking, because of her social status ( a popular singer). She did not be recognized in game, however her character still turned out more and more attractive because of her dancer user class .


She is both very "feminine" and very "independent". 

Shopaholic tendency. 


She has a crush on Lee Hyun. "Even when it was time to leave, Lynn refused to leave Lee Hyun side. She was on a quest to get closer to him so that they could be lovers." But she is almost a shopping addict, which does not work at all with Weed personality. Therefore, it's an hopeless one-sided crush.  

Fighting Style (Game World)Edit

Due to her class, she usually dances to either paralyze, charm, or cause her foe to fall asleep then uses her dagger/knife to do some damage or lets her party members do the damage.


  • The Bubi Bubi Dance (Jiggle it, Jiggle it)
  • Enchanting Dance - A confusion skill that put monsters to sleep.


These are titles Jeong Hyo-Lynn/Hwaryeong earned in "Royal Road" that are known

Lich Dungeon HunterEdit

  • You have hunted all the monsters in the Rotten Lich Dungeon.
  • Title of Lich Dungeon Hunter has been given.

[v8c6] It took Weed and his party 7 (game) days to kill all the monsters in that dungeon.

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