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There are various type of items. Items include armors, books clothes, jewelries, tools, weapons and materials. In short, any kind of useful objet for gaming.


Items are categorized into common, uncommon, rare and unique. Their value is mostly related to availability.

Where to find themEdit

Depending on rarity and usefulness, you can find them ni store, or during quest. You can also dig, harvest or even produce them, if you have the skills and the related tools and materials. You can also find them in a special place.

Monster lootEdit

When available from monsters is considered loot, and i can be a drop when you kill it, or if you have a skill, when you harvest it from the dead body of the monster. But monster loot can also be bargained (Example : Weed doing business at Sea with mermaids).


Use of certain items are limited by specific requirements, related to class, level, skill proficiency, attribute or even stats.


Source of incomeEdit

Rare or special item can often be an important source of income, especially if sold on internet. For a gifted Dark gamer it even became a stable source of income.

Content of the sectionEdit


New section, dedicated to a special category of item (in test mode)


New section, dedicated to a section strategic for skill growth and item bonus


Section dedicated to a key item to collective and strategic development within the game

Rare itemsEdit

Only the very rare and special items

Unique ItemsEdit

Only special and unique items  

Other itemsEdit

All other items

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