This is the fifth arc of Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. It starts from Volume 4 Chapter 1 to Volume 4 Chapter 9.

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A figure was jumping up and down like a crazy person. This figure was avoided and feared by the people of Somren Liberty City. That was because he looked like the sort of person who would cause you trouble if you got close to him. He was actually Weed. Weed was jumping up and down in fury. He even let out a scream. At his mad behavior, everyone distanced themselves from his suffering. Hence, it was lucky that this was near the temple of the Church of Freya. If he acted like this in the middle of the street, someone would have taken a video and it would have ended up, inevitably, on a website. At the end, Weed even burst into tears. He had left the Morata region through the teleport gate and arrived at Somren Liberty City. Right at the moment he emerged from the gate, a thought flashed through his head. He not use the effect of Bingryong or the Ice Beauty statue any longer. They were sculptures that had taken him over a month to make. The Bingryong statue’s incredible size, its overwhelming majesty, and its various options as well, were really amazing. Thanks to the options attached to the sculpture, his hunting had truly sped up by more than half as much.

The Bingryong statue was too large to bring. However, he should have somehow brought the Ice Beauty statue with him. If he tried to sell the Ice Beauty statue that increased the recovery speed of both health and mana, people would have lined up to buy it. As the material was ice, it would melt with the passage of time, but if magic with ice preservation properties were used, the appearance of the sculpture could be maintained. As the options attached to the sculpture could be stacked with the effects from bracelets or rings, even the effects from other items could be stacked. Nobody would be able to guess how much money he could have received if that Ice Beauty statue had been sold. Though he continued to regret it while jumping up and down in fury, it was already too late.

He had returned to the church of Freya together with Alveron and all the priests, who up until now had been watching Weed’s crazy behavior. Some were frowning and others had frightened expressions. Like this, weren’t they even slowly edging away? So, even the NPCs were avoiding Weed. Weed straightened his clothes and returned to his usual appearance of an adventurer out to punish evil and on a righteous mission. Right afterwards, Weed headed to the High Priest along with the other priests. The High Priest had been waiting for his visit. This time he didn’t need to make an offering like he had last time, and he was able to meet the High Priest directly. Weed was pleased by this slight effect.

Though the money he had been earning increased, if he didn’t manage the money that he spent, he would never become a wealthy person. Weed carried in his arms a crown embedded with white jewels. Weed return the Fargo Crown to the High Priest and complete the recovery of the Fargo’s Crown.  As compensation for resolving a B-class difficulty quest, his level rose 9 times. At Weed’s current level, to raise his levels all in one go like this by defeating a monster would be difficult. However, to find Fargo’s Crown he had to go through months of hardship, so this result hadn’t been easy to obtain. The High Priest then gave him 30 potions filled with white and red liquids. They were gifts for the church. They contained holy water and the finest health regeneration potions. Weed tucked away the potions. As the price of potions was too expensive, up until now Weed had never purchased them.

If you weren’t someone working as a pirate or a bandit like the Dwichigi quartet, it was fairly difficult to make use of potions. It was because if your level rose and your health and vitality increased, you would need to purchase a more expensive potion of greater performance to match the increase. So, there were only a few people who hunted while using potions. But if you did have potions with you, they could truly become a great help during emergency situations. For that reason, everyone packed a few potions on them. They also gifted him with some equipment. Including Agatha’s sword, Weed received once more the same set of the items that he had been given for rescuing Helian’s goblet.

They also gave him an item, a belt, which was in the church’s treasure vault. As there was no one who could use it, it had only been gathering dust. When you acquire an unknown item, the first task that had to be done was item identification. Regardless of whether the item is cursed or already owned by someone, if the performance is poor, the item wouldn’t be useful in any way. It was a Deykram’s red Wyvern leather belt. Weed was silent for a moment. He had expected to receive a special item from resolving a B-grade difficulty quest but he had received Deykram’s belt.

Obviously, the item’s performance wasn’t that good. For an item of this type that raised defense and stats, it wasn’t as if you couldn’t find any others. However, it was none other than Deykram’s belt. One of the 5 sculpting masters who had ever lived on the continent, Deykram! His belt had now fallen into Weed’s hands. Deykram’s equipment set. His helmet and sculpting tools had once appeared on an auction site. Their options that improved sculpting skills were useless to regular people. As the sculpting profession was already becoming extinct, it normally wouldn’t have been traded, but the helmet had sold for 800,000 Won, and the sculpting tools had sold for 1,100,000 Won. They had been bought by people who collected rare items. The items he had found and returned to the High Priest, first Helian’s goblet and even Fargo’s crown, were truly rare beyond imagination.

The high Preist then told Weed that the church want to show him gratitude so all his treatments in the church was free for now on and he could use the teleportation gates freely The High Priest let out a great sigh. His demeanor seemed as if he was seriously troubled. The High Priest then told Weed that the The Immortal Legion led by Barkhan Demoph is crouching down in the barren northern plains and increasing their forces. The Immortal Legion led by Barkhan Demoph was frightening because each one of them was a named undead. Those who died in battle and weren’t buried by the enemy were revived as followers. There were paladins who displayed dark magical powers, and priests who used the blessings of demons. Whenever the Immortal Legion fought, their forces increased. Weed then recived a quest called The exiles living in the Plains of Despair. Weed felt as if he would let out a sigh. It was B-grade difficulty this time as well. But since there was no time limit Weed accepted the Quest.

The Plains of Despair was an area a long way to the northeast of Rosenheim kingdom. Located on the border between Bertran Kingdom and Rosenheim Kingdom, it was an area where dangerous monsters spawned like crazy. However, this was only the start of the Plains of Despair. On a map that had been found at somewhere and at some time that had been called ‘Map of the Versailles Continent’, the Plains of Despair was drawn much larger than even Aidern Kingdom, the continent’s greatest power.

The high priest’s face was filled with a great happiness. Once the story had finished, the High Priest would no longer respond to Weed. Weed slowly exited the church. After training in the nearby villages, Mapan was in the middle of returning to Somren Liberty City. In his ear, he heard the voice of someone he hadn’t been able to reach for a long time. Weed was calling him and told him to head to the church of Freya. Mapan really ran like the wind. So quickly that it didn’t even take him 10 minutes. It was the return of Weed who had left after receiving a B-grade difficulty quest! He arrived at the place after leaving straight from the market without even packing his goods. Mapan was also accompanied by a beautiful woman. Of course, Mapan wanted to ask about Weed’s activities, but thinking that it wouldn’t be polite, he first introduced his colleagues.

Hwaryeong was the woman accompanied by Mapan. During the time that Mapan had met her and they had traveled together, her class had been a great help. Mapan told Weed that Hwaryeong was a dancer. It was a class along the same lines as a bard. With dancing instead of music, dancer could buff the abilities of their allies and take on their enemies. Hwaryeong’s specialty was in confusing enemies. When she began to dance, monsters lost their fighting spirit and fell into a daze. You could even look at it as one of the hidden classes. She could even confuse monsters much stronger that her own level of 175, but in such cases the mana consumption increased. It was the same when she attempted to confuse a large amount of monsters in one go. Also, if she attacked them while dancing, the monsters would snap out of it. She could only wield a single stiletto in one hand, and her attack and defense were on the meager side, so it was impossible for her to hunt alone. It had its strong points, but on the other hand, the class also had serious disadvantages.

In any case, until now, whenever monsters had been encountered, Hwaryeong had confused them while Mapan drove their wagon as they quickly made their escape. Mapan suddenly took a deep breath. He then crept closer to Weed and whispered to him. Mapan told him after his Lion Roar, he was glad to find other way of escaping monsters.There was something that Mapan really wanted to ask. Did Weed succeed in his quest and where he was for three months.  It first started in Somren Liberty City. News of adventurer named Weed spread and his great deed for the Church of Freya by returning the Fargo’s crown. In concert, all the NPCs in markets, coach-houses, and those staying in inns or mercenary guilds, began to tell stories about Weed. After some time, the NPCs in the United Kingdom of Briton began telling stories as well. It was not uncommon for even the NPCs from the Thor, Harpan, and Pallmore kingdoms to tell stories about Weed. {Vol 4 Ch 1}

Liberty City was one of the centers of trade in the Versailles continent. A huge amount of goods passed through its gates, and there were many transactions within the city walls. Virtually all artisans and guilds considered it an honor to open an office here. Weed with Mapan sold all of their unnecessary items obtained from wolves and other monsters. 5600 gold Weed said while rubbing his hands happily. Compared to how much he had before, he made 2000 gold, and that was not small. But it could have been much more. Weed saved a ton of money on medical herbs, by digging and collecting them, but almost all the armor and weapons he had were sold on the auction site for real money. If he sold them in the game, he would’ve had much more gold.

Selling all these loot from monsters, Weed carelessly went to a guild. Guilds were always crowded with a lot of people, especially if they were in combat occupations, but today in the blacksmithing guild sat 30 people compared to the scale of the large city it looked strange. Upon entering, Weed looked with interest at the people sitting at the tables. Players sat and whined because of their profession. Pathetic. In fact, the profession of a blacksmith was not so bad. It all depended on how you looked at it. Weed heard enough empty laments and quietly climbed the stairs to the second floor of the guild. People were usually located at the bottom of the guild shop, and serious matters were decided on the floor above. Weed waited until his turn came, and came to a moustachioed, muscular representative of the guild. The NPC passed Weed a battered shield and told him to fix it.

Weed did not even get a sledgehammer; he just raised his hand and said: “Repair!” The board lit up with a bright light and glittered as if it were new. Weed passed the test. Weed immediately bought iron tools for the manufacture of weapons, a good hammer, whetstone and some items. He also bought a portable smelter and the standard molds for weapons. Typically a player could only work in a blacksmith shop, but with these items Weed could create weapons anywhere.

The process of forging items is very simple! Thanks to the portable stove, by using mana, metal can be melted and then poured into a mold. From there a work piece is made which after being hammered makes an item. Hearing all this, Weed felt cheated. Yes, the blacksmith profession required hard physical labor, but it eventually lost to the profession of a sculptor. During the creation of sculptures, he had to be constantly on his toes in order to keep the image in his head, he had to carefully cut parts only to finally get a simple sculpture. Therefore, the blacksmith profession seemed simple and crude in comparison with his profession. Weed went to the nearest anvil and opened his bag. Somewhere in the back were the pieces of ore that he picked up during hunting. He melted the ore and made a lot of iron. Then he gently poured it into the mold and, after waiting a bit, he got the first piece. Now, while the metal is not cured, he only had to give it a shape. He smacked the sword, and dipped it into cold water, and finally added a little touch up. With that Weed produced his first sword.

Weed forged his first sword and now he truly enjoyed it. Playing alone, sooner or later you start to talk to yourself.  Of course, the blade in his current situation was useless. But it can be sold in the armory shop for at least 70 silver! It had no attack option, but it was strong and provided an additional 5 strength.  For the first time he managed to create a Sword! Fox figures, rabbits and other animals had no value, just souvenirs. But Weed sold them for silver coins and even for a time lived on the money. And now, he forged a sword that people would gladly use.

Weed decided to use all the ore he stockpiled during the game to make weapons. And he had a lot: some of it he gathered even though he was still a novice, some he gathered in the last 3 months in the province of Mora. He accumulated a lot of ore deposits and now he took them all out to smelt. Melt in the oven, give it form and then smack! Weed took the job seriously, putting all of his energy and soul into the new business. In parallel, he was trying to watch the other blacksmiths and repeat their actions, to quickly improve the skill of a blacksmith.

Weed stayed inside the smithy, day and night, for 10 days, creating blades. He forged more and more until he used up all of his ore. But still it was a surprise: that in ten days, he greatly increased his skill of a blacksmith.  That’s right, after spending 10 days smelting ore, he managed to improve his skills up to level 6. Weed left the guild and went to the fishing guild. Perhaps joining the fishing guild was the easiest in the game. You just had to honestly answer a few questions, and then buy a fishing rod with floats. For many players in the game they became a professional fisherman for pleasure. While traveling to Versailles continent, you had to use a boat or ship, and there you could fish to pass time. Weed went to the second floor of the Tailoring Guild. All he need to do was sew a button to learn tailoring. Weed was able to sew on buttons as well as he used a spoon. He sewed a few buttons, and received a new message. Saying goodbye to the representative, Weed left the guild. 

Unfortunately, in contrast to the Blacksmith Guild, tailors didn’t get jobs at the guild, so he sat in the corner of a street, and set to work. In Liberty City people disappeared in the streets for days, leading a conversation or sunbathing, or doing anything else, so nobody paid attention to him. He cut a few pieces of fabric, then sewed them, and made his first clothes. With his high Art level, and intermediate level handicraft skill he was able to immediately reach level 2. He sewed a few fabrics he bought from the guild, and his skill level increased again. Weed did not suffer from stitching together pieces of fabric: the work was so familiar that he often didn’t even bother to look at what he was doing. In real life, Lee Hyun often sewed buttons for his family or put patches on clothing.

Weed hands smoothly and gracefully fluttered over the clothes, as though his hands were a musician playing his instrument! More and more people started to pay attention to Weed as he pulled the fabric. Indeed, many players wandered the streets and just watched others, oh how easy it was! The people who were standing near Weed, lips were full of admiration, because he was very fast, and with just a few stiches he made clothes. Weed vaguely heard the whispers of players did not pay attention to them. Why did they expect something outstanding from a level 2 tailor, although it was impossible to say that the clothes were bad? After a while, sitting in the street under the eyes of many onlookers, Weed raised his tailoring skills up to beginner 4. Now, when the bag was stuffed to the brim with weapons and clothing, Weed decided to take a risk. Weed pulled from the bottom of his buckskin bags. He got it as a gift from the people of Mora High quality deer skin

Weed probably should not have used the material until he reached the intermediate level. But Weed had firmly decided something. Time was money. It was important to quickly increase the skill level, and if he had to use good materials, well then this would be his fate. Weed very slowly and carefully sewed clothes. Making a Monk Tunic. To sew a tunic Weed spent four pieces of skin. Spectators were amazed that in less than a couple of hours, an unknown player was able to make such good clothes. Weed was still sitting and he ignored the people’ talking. He took out a few pieces of deer skin and began to sew gloves and boots.

After the quest, he received 200 pieces of deer skin, so he was not short on supplies So, slowly working, Weed raised tailoring skill to beginner 9. In theory, by using a special material, it would not take a long time to get to the intermediate level of a profession. But the level simply would not grow. This was because there was a restriction. The creators of the game decided that, over time, high level players could start to learn trade skills. Because they would have access to better materials they would have a great advantage over players that started off with craft skills. Therefore, there was a time limit imposed on created things, after which the player would no longer receive experience. {Vol 4 Ch 2}

Daring people like Weed, in search of adventure, often chose to start off in the capital of small kingdoms, like Rosenheim. Usually these players would then head to large populated cities where it was easier to get a good weapon, join a good party, and roam without straying far from the city gates. At the main gate of Liberty City, there was a flock of people surrounding one person. He wore a strange helmet, a necklace, a cloak, and conspicuous white gloves. He made promised to fix equipment for free, sew to make cloths, bring him ore and he will make weapons and he would cook them food as well for free. Nevertheless, such cries did not attract many players. The main reason was because the man offering his services was poorly dressed and badly armed.

However, the crowd shot down the few hopefuls, and shook their heads disapprovingly. The man at the gate was called Weed. Standing calmly, he quietly listened to the torrent of insults. Yes, it was unpleasant but that was life. If you think about it, they were not wrong to suspect him. It would pretty much be impossible to find someone that knew how to sew, cook, and forging. During his empiricism, Weed sold hundreds of figurines, gained experience, and learnt how to measure the situation. He knew how, and what to do in order to squeeze out the maximum profit even when selling something simple. Weed was a professional in these matters. It was necessary to eliminate the distrust, and then the situation would change dramatically. He needed summoned the Dark Knight.

Weed with a disgruntled look on his face took out a red necklace and whispered something. Black smoke appeared, and out came the death knight. The Death Knight stood menacingly near Weed. He wished to discipline the players that insulted him but money came first. The results didn't take long to achieve. Now the unrest slowly turned into interest. People began to slowly gather around Weed. Those who shouted the loudest and accused him of scamming were the first to come. One of these people uncertainly handed Weed the cheapest meat he had. Weed made a fire in the hearth and began to cook the meat. Adding a bit of spice, he flipped it a couple of times. From the fried meat spread an attractive aroma. Everyone looked at the guy that got the meat. He hesitantly and cautiously bit off a little piece. And ate it all instantly. Then he quickly opened his bag, pulled out all the meat he had and handed it to Weed. His vitality increased by 160 points. The situation changed dramatically. Many players sought him as soon as possible to cook their meat. An additional 160 points in vitality greatly added health and allowed them hunt more powerful monsters.

Weed ordered them to Stand in line and the players quickly moved to formed a line. The line became huge. Roasting meat did not require special attention, and Weed quickly served people. He threw the meat on the grill and fried it expertly. Many players asked his name. He just smiled and said his name was Weed. In Royal Road nicknames were not unique. So many people played Royal Road that if you didn't allow people to have the same name; the game would have many strange and meaningless names ones with numbers attached. Therefore, developers took care of this by introducing a system where a unique number is assigned to each person.

They asked is he was the Weed who helped the Church of Freya. All the talk about Weed’s success started in Liberty City, so it is not surprising that in the crowd there was not one person who had not heard of Weed. Yes, and in the whole game, as an NPC reached lv 30 it would start talking about someone in the continent. Before Weed could say anything, the players themselves all discussed together. Thinking it might be Weed form the Continent of Magic but since Weed rise of fame after selling his account, many people were now called Weed.  That is why the Pale, Surka, Romune and Irene did not even imagine that they were playing with the very same Weed.

Many player came to the conclusion theat no player from the craft professions will be able to complete such a difficult task as beating the Ture Vampires. Weed is silent and isn’t saying anything. So, after much discussion the players persuaded themselves that this was not The Weed. In any case, now no one called him a fraud. Everybody thought that he was such a great cook, that the death knight decided to serve him. Weed then again offered his services to fix items, sew cloths, make weapons and cook food for free to people. Now people with pieces of skin gave it to him. Weed quickly examined the skin. As he expected, most of them were the skins of wolves or rabbits, and very rarely an ordinary deerskin. Weed took from his pocket a needle, thread and scissors. Cut the skin and made pants. Of course, he didn’t just pick up the pieces and stitch leather. Weed first estimated the size of the guy. He cut off the skin and then stitched excellent pants. He made the hips loose, with wide pockets ... On the bottom edge, reaching up to the heel, he visually lengthen the leg. Weed thought of everything and made stylish pants out of simple skin. Quality leather pants was the outcome.

Weed even surprised himself. But he showed nothing besides a confident smile, as he handed over the pants. For Weed, comparing the pants with his current clothes was pointless. As for the newbie, the pants would provide good protection for a long time. And it was all thanks to his intermediate handcrafting skill. Weed handed back the pants to the newbie. He was speechless, rabbit skins, one of the most worthless materials in the game were turned into pants that could be worn without problems until level 30. As Weed received commissions he continued to sew clothes for a long line of players. Hats, shirts, and gloves, with just a few strokes of his arms. Weed didn’t even have to concentrate. When beginners received their new armor they would dance with joy. With their new high-quality hunting clothes they would be able to hunt faster, and more securely. Rumors of an unprecedented master spread already to the point where many players lined up in advance. Most immediately ordered food, clothing, and equipment repair. Only somewhere in the evening was there a player who nervously, handed Weed just three pieces of ore. Weed melted the ore in the furnace, poured it into the selected forms and received the boots. Unclean Iron boots was the result.

Usually boots made of iron and bronze have more protection than boots made of leather. But there was not enough metal. And then, in a burst of inspiration! Weed cut on the boots a fox with nine tails. A kind of signature. The properties of the object have changed. Artistic Unclean Iron Boots: Intermediate level sculpting was designed to improve the performance of objects. Maybe not much, but still two features were added. Other skills could be applied to sculpting and only now it occurred to him that sculpting could be applied to other skills also. The more Weed played the better he understood that all craft professions require secondary skills. Just like in life. Prominent figures who have left their mark in history, have been diversely gifted in art, mathematics and other sciences. And they were all well-known sculptors! Weed finally realized that being a sculptor was not as much to the artisan craft as an art. It was a peaceful occupation that did not help battle. While this was not entirely true, the effects of beautiful sculptures had often rescued Weed; but to create such a work was so hard that it did not matter. The usual sculptures were just useless trinkets.

The player who bought the boots in a burst of gratitude gave a 1 gold. If he were to buy it from a shop it would cost at least 10 gold. In addition, the boots met with the requirements, so the player paid more than the original price with no regrets. The things he made selled like hot cakes. Weed worked with full dedication, but the line never decreased, in contrast it grew. Metal, leather, or fabric, even things that were usually thrown away, in the hands of weed it turned into treasure. Weed never refused a job and the players adored him. Weed was trembling with excitement. In the past, when selling his figurines he had to carefully assess his customers and make great efforts to convince players to buy them. But now, thanks to the skill of a blacksmith, everything he did resulted in a cheer. He was doing really useful things, and people were grateful for it.

Weed without rest did one thing at a time. He took any material with some small commission and worked tirelessly at it. He had one main goal – to do more jobs, and quickly boost his skill level. The higher the level of the blacksmith, the better the tools they tried to use. So people were amazed at what Weed was making without the use of high quality tools. At the gates of Liberty City were two richly dressed men. Behind one of the men hung a huge blade; it was a two handed sword that struck with a lot of force, and the other man was one of the few Druid Heliolaters in the game. To become a follower of the sun, you had to be at least of level 250. To reach this level at this point in the game meant you were one of the highest level players. They looked at Weed and talked about Weed. Of course, they never found out about all the agony Weed faced as a sculptor. In their eyes, he had a very clever and thoughtful game plan. Everything he made scattered in no time. Due to his high 'art' all the items he made had excellent design. The stats of his items were much superior to their counterparts in the shops of traders. In general, it was not surprising that his things sold so well. Weed's name instantly spread throughout all adjacent lands. Some players, receiving messages from friends, even began to come from other settlements. It was hard to find a good craftsman. Most players had to go with the standard weapon from monsters or buy from NPCs. In addition, many players had saved up skin, ore and other materials from their hunts.

Weed did not refuse anyone and with any material created useful goods. When the line built up to a considerable number of players he began selling his previously created deerskin clothes. Full of hope Weed arranged for an auction selling suitable for priests and monks. Suddenly, Priests and monks in the crowd eyes lit up. In the continent of Versailles there were not as many monsters with good cleric gear. Clothes sold out within a few moments. Weed did not scam them, the quality was excellent, and were meant for players over level 100. For the tunics people offered 200 to 300 gold, and a hat and boots sold for 50 or more gold. Thanks to the auction he earned more than 1000 gold.

And long after the end of the auction people came up and whispered trying to find out, whether there was at least one thing from the hide of a deer. A couple of days after the auction, Weed had served more than one hundred people, and then finally achieved the desired result. His blacksmithing skill had reached the intermediate stage and he obtained some New skills Sword Grind, and Armor Polish. After some time his sewing skills reached the intermediate. His tailoring skill had reached the intermediate stage and he obtained new skills Ironing, and Hand washing.

On that day, when his skills passed the intermediate stage, Weed served his last two clients and made an announcement. He climbed up on the table and, after looking around the crowd of players, many of whom came from neighbouring kingdoms, shouted as loudly as possible to be heard by all. He was closing down shop for 4 days, and he finally expose a single product. He was going to make clothes out of Prismatic cloth! After those words, Weed wrapped his things and fled. People came up with many theories, but eventually curiosity won out, and players, disconnected from the game to look for information on sites devoted to Royal Road. Sovereign Prismatic Cloth

Suddenly an unknown player shouted out that it was used to create high quality clothes. Rumors spread on the internet faster than the speed of light. On the appointed day at the gates of the city, so many people had gathered that it was packed. Some people ran day and night from other kingdoms in hope to buy the clothes. Yes, there were a lot of players, and various guilds were present. In the vast continent of Versailles there was a full on war between guilds, so in the auction, there were not friends, but implacable enemies. All because of the hope to buy some unique items. Weed's auction was conducted by Mapan. Of course, during the time he was crafting his face was seen by many, but now the crowd was ten, or twenty times larger, and he was sure someone would post a movie of the online auction. Weed didn’t want to attract attention to himself and be identified as the Princess Knight, so he asked Mapan to hold his auction.

Weed had prepared 13 items. For reference, one of them is unique, 5 are rare, and the rest are usual. The people fought to the last, so that at least one object fell into their hands. Of course, things put up for auction are important, but so is the auction site and each participant - all heavily influencing the price of the object. If you advertise and then sell in a remote village, where only a few players were, no one would buy. To make a good auction, you must first gather those interested, and then carefully maintain and create heated competition for the goods between the players and their greed. Here is the secret to an auction! Thanks to a great-planned auction, Weed sold all his rainbow tunics. The next day, people continued to come to the old place, but Weed, as promised, was gone. {Vol 4 Ch 3}

Bensa River It was the lifeline of the British Confederation. Strolling across the expanses of the continent, it was said that along the river were nine spectacular sceneries. When Royal Road was just released, players were enchanted by the river. With dazzling beauty and tranquility, it was a place that pleased all travelers. For this reason, many players choose to start off in the British Confederation: sometimes just to picnic by the river! Couples would be littered about the river. Even the strong torrential rain did not scare them off because the river was so beautiful.  The heavy rain fell on the earth overshadowed by a dark sky. With the rising mist, and thick white fog, an impression that the river and sky touching was created. As a result, a beautiful yet terrifying scene was portrayed. Couples sitting lovingly together under a tree would watch the scene as they made promises of eternal love to each other. Conversation made at that time would remain in their memories for a long time. But the world can be quite cruel to love!

The river was constantly changing. Many small streams ran into the river and nourished it. As the streams filled it, the rain gave it momentum. Eventually it would go so fast that the water would explode flooding its banks. Huge waves swallowed careless couples. In the thick fog, it was a battle for life and death. People were screaming, running, trying to escape, but to no avail: the river showed no mercy to them. Spectators watched from afar, those that couldn’t stand the sight of lovers chose a place far away from the river, and watched happily as they were swept away. The fearsome waves as they carried the couples away. After the horrendous downpour, the river returned to its natural state, a majestic river flowing smoothly and slowly. People living near the place at the time would find themselves becoming calm, and soothed.

However there were others, one person had cold and prickly eyes as he looked down at the people below. The man was Weed. It had been a week since he began to fish in the river. While fishing he honed his sculpting skills but that was the only thing he made progress on. His blacksmithing and tailoring levels rose quickly because of his high handcrafting skill but fishing was different. It all depended on what kind of fish you caught. And if you used the best bait, no one could predict what kind of fish you would get and what the fish would do. Maybe you would catch something, or maybe the fish would just eat the bait. Weed had been sitting on the bank of the river for a whole week and he only reached beginner level 3 for fishing. "

He closely followed the float with his eyes, without losing focus for even a second. Spinning in the crystal water the fish would try to steal the bait on the hook. If it wasn’t for the salary he received from the CST Media, money from the awards he gained from the Order of Freya, the revenue he made from repairing items, and the auction, Weed would not have had the opportunity to waste time. However, with money, he could now relax and develop his fishing skills. Every day while fishing, Weed could not stop thinking about sculptural design. As a moonlight sculptor, he was influenced heavily by the local ice sculptures in Morata. Making a fine piece or even a grand piece was not so easy. He needed an original idea and he had to implement it perfectly. Weed then got an idea to make a sculptor that attaches fish. Weed jumped so that he almost dropped his bait. He immediately contacted Mapan. He need a large stone. It would take 2 days to get it. Weed anxiously waited for Mapan as he fished. However, when he pulleded his line up, often there was no fish. Weed had spent so much good bait, and had nothing to show for it. Out of anger he threw the rod on the ground. Faced with a crisis he became fully immersed searching for his mistake. On the river, there were a lot of players who loved to fish. Even more, in real life they were related to fishing in one way or another. And in Royal Road, these players did not play because they liked to game, but because they liked fishing.

For them, Royal Road became a place of promise. They fished in amazing places not found on Earth. Ate delicious, exotic fish and chatted with interesting people. Their characters were developed only through fishing. Luckily, in Royal Road, players are not forced to do one thing. Weed studied cooking by looking for new recipes in real life and in game. But he was too impatient to fish. As he reflected on his crisis he found one problem. You can’t rely on good bait and your fishing skill. Like engraving, you have to rely on your own skill, while the system assists you. Weed decided to approach the problem from another angle. He joined the fishing club and began to learn the basics of fishing. He learned how to select and string bait, how to choose a place for fishing, and much, much more. Weed learned that he was not fishing in the right place. There are deep places, and there are shallow waters. Stony places with seaweed, with pure water, mixed with food, without food, with cold water or with warm water. By the way, the latter is particularly important: When there is a convergenve of cold and warm water, one can find there the most delicious fish. He would choose a secluded spot because he thought there would be no more fish in crowded areas. He then chose to sit among a group of fishermen but found it too noisy and crowded. However, now he knew that location mattered so Weed, without hesitating, fished near a skilled fisherman. After changing his location and selecting his bait, the quality of fish he caught improved. In addition, he caught much more fish than before. Mapan arrived with a cart with a big gray boulder inside.

Mapan had seen Weed create amazing sculptures many times. He loved to observe him work, and sat watching on the ground, waiting for him to work. Weed fiddled with his knife and tried to figure out something. Perhaps the sculpture would show the peak of his current skills. Weed believed that he would succeed even though he was making a rock sculpture for the first time. He didn’t want to rush and mess up the sculpture. Novices would often immediately rush to work, and then mess up, resulting in penalties. He need to make a sculpture associated with the sea, something good which attracts fish, A Mermaid! Weed worked hard carving with his knife. Recently he made sculptures of women by hand and so without further ado he again embodied the image of Seoyoon. Weed stopped and appreciated the work done. The face appeared quite similar to Seoyoon. He was ashamed a little of making her naked. Internally, he opposed it; besides if she saw it, then he would be in trouble. Weed began to recall well-known actresses and made changes to the sculpture. The face changed a lot, and the body became more curved. Interested fishermen gathered around Weed.

Fishing on the river was slow and boring, so strange events attracted many players. Weed, scrolling through images in his head, quickly cut out details in the sculpture. In the end, it turned out as a beautiful but sad girl with a baby face. Weed made sure to make the sculpture young because, as in the legend the little mermaid was not a grown woman. He created the Sea Nymph Sculpture. Weed lowered his hands. The statue was supposed to help catch fish, and not give any extra effects. The fishermen condemned weed as they looked at the statue. For them, as solitary men they liked to watch the river as it carried couples away. And now there was a sculpture that would prevent floods for the next 10 years. Weed had become the enemy of most anglers.

In his situation, he had to act quickly. Weed turned toward the sculpture and shouted: "Sculpture destruction!" From the base of the sculpture, up-to-head, appeared a huge crack, and when it reached the top of the sculpture, it shattered into many small fragments. Even with the destruction of a sculpture it was one of the skills of a sculptor, so it gave experience points. Even more points than creating sculptures. But it could not be used more than once a day and decreased performance. 1800 points from his art stat was added to his dexterity. Now he fished so quickly that his hands were a blur. However, his fishing rate was not affected, but it still looked impressive.

Weed rose his fishing seriously. He swallowed the fish whole, and with each new dish his determination grew stronger. Sometimes not wanting to waste time he ate the fish raw. Weed kept on fishing only on the strength of his will and obstinacy. He always liked to fight, collect items and get stronger. Now however, what he was doing was nothing like that. Only a peaceful, leisurely fishing which didn’t even make money, like his blacksmithing or tailoring skill. After all, if you catch a big and wonderful fish, it would be sold cheaply as food. As the days passed his level rose to beginner level 9. While he was fishing, he was surprised to learn of the existence of the fish market. And next to Weed was always the same person. Slender and tall, a young man named Zephyr. Weed later found out that the guy started fishing here since the opening of Royal Road. He was sitting on the rocks and gazed longingly at the Bensa River. It was said that some of the girls fell in love with this mysterious silent figure. It would have probably went on as usual, but then came Weed. When he arrived, the strongest fisherman on the river was just Zephyr. His fishing level was well above average. Therefore, Weed decided, and sat down with the best fisherman on the river.

At first Zephyr paid hardly any attention to him, but gradually he began to respond to Weed. And at some point began to compare fish. The two men grimly watched the river. Zephyr's float first went under water and he pulled his rod back. But the only thing that hung on his hook was just an old boot. Frustrated Zephyr sat on a rock and had started to stick on new bait, when Weed’s float went under water. Weed carefully, but with great control, was pulling his prey out of the river. As if playing a game, Weed and the fish pulled on the line. Using a lot of force was bad. Sometimes you have to let go a little, sometimes on the contrary, spin. Fish were strong, and if you thoughtlessly pulled at the line, then it was possible to break the line. With a little trouble, Weed pulled out of the river a large carp. It was a humongous fish, more than 45 centimetres. In the history of fishing in the Bensa River, that fish ranked among the top 10 largest fish ever caught. His fishing level had reached the intermediate stage.

After so much of suffering, Weed, finally increased his fishing level. Having achieved his goal, he began to slowly collect his things. Weed set out to learn all the craft professions to master level. It was huge and demanding mission, which would take him more than one year. But now with his stats increased Weed was pleased. "Are you going?" Zephyr cautiously asked when he saw that Weed had begun to collect his belongings. His voice was full of regret. Weed nodded and hope to meet up someday. Weed left the Bensa River, and headed to the capital of the kingdom, Kroin, to sell his figurines, which he made while fishing.

He rang the bell on the door of the souvenir shop. The owner was at the counter alone.  Weed put his products on the counter: figurines of vampires, wolves, the crown of Fargo and many others. The shopkeeper could not hide his delight. He and the shop owner started talking and after a while Weed brought a simple dish, and his relationship with the owner of the shop greatly improved. So, while the shopkeeper priced figurines, they traded with each other phrases and their friendship strengthened. After exchanging pleasantries and evaluating the figurines, they moved on to the main point: money. Weed obtained 3 gold per sculpture. Recently, he stopped selling figurines to ordinary players. Even if you put in extra time and effort into you work, people would only pay something around 1 gold. But when you sell to a shop, it’s possible to get 2 or 3 gold. Weed got 245 gold in total. Throwing the money into his backpack, he was about to leave. The shop owner then told him about the master-sculptor Darone and that he lives in the town of Rega. {Vol 4 Ch 4}  

Weed went to the slums of the city. Built on a hill with terraced buildings, the house he was looking for was located somewhere on the outskirts of the fort. Here there were no shops or useful buildings. The only reason Weed came here was because of Darone. As a sculptor, it was very important that he uncover all of the secrets of sculptural design. Therefore, he was damn lucky to find one of the masters so quickly. He really anticipated meeting a master engraver. Weed finally found Darone’s house. The house was surrounded by a fence, but he couldn’t really call it one because of how shabby it was. Inside, there stood a middle-aged man.  As he went inside, he quietly watched Darone sculpt. Weed only saw him work for a brief time but he immediately recognized that he was a master. He didn’t want to interfere but the fact that he was making a sculpture resulted in many questions. Darone was carving a middle-aged woman in a wide skirt. While working, he would periodically stop and spit blood on the ground. Only after he finished did he look at Weed.

Darone wanted to test Weed before revealing his secret.  Weed understood what he meant but he couldn’t even count the number of times when the engraving knife technique helped him. With the benefits of his other skills such as the sculptural life giving skill, he became excited. Weed was told go and try to understand the souls of five living beings. Weed was confused. Sculpting secrets went against common sense, ‘the engraving knife technique’, ‘giving to sculptures’ and now he had to copy the movements of five living things in order to penetrate their souls. He could not figure out what to do.

Weed accepted the quest and Weed left the fortress. With that description, the criteria fitted any living creature. He looked around the castle. Running around the grounds were rabbits, squirrels, deer, and other animals of the beginning levels. The kinds of monsters beginners killed. He made up his mind. His first objective was to imitate a rabbit. Small rodents and deer were too fast, so his choice fell on a rabbit.  Crouching on the ground, he snuck up on a rabbit which was peacefully munching grass. Although he did not want to, because of his indomitable will power, he began to imitate the bunny. Weed was on his knees chewing grass. Because of his knowledge of herbs, he did not have to worry about eating poisonous plants. But to everyone else he looked very silly. The bunny apparently felt his eyes and hopped toward another location. Weed could do nothing but to squat jump after. The rabbit moved in zigzags, and without warning changed speeds. Periodically he would stop, drink water, chew grass and watch him. Fortunately, he repeated the movements correctly, but it was still unclear what this had to do with sculptural skills. In any case, Weed hopped after the rabbit, and his progress reached 35%.

However this was only the beginning, after the rabbit there were four other creatures. Running after the rabbit, Weed learned a lot about the bizarre behavior of rabbits. First, the behavior of rabbits was very different than what Weed thought before. The rabbit washed his ears, marked his territory, and sometimes would jump to express its cheerful mood. The more progress he made the slower it rose. However in just 5 days he reached 80% and now was able to give them simple commands."Sit down. Stand up. Turn around. Side kick!"The rabbit rolled on the ground following Weed’s commands. When his progress reached 99.8%, the bunny sat and looked toward the sky at the moon. Then Weed did the same. He have fully mastered the movement of the rabbit.

After the rabbit's turn was the deer’s. The deer calmly plucked leaves from the branches of trees, and suddenly as if frightened of something ran off. Weed could do nothing but go after him. Due to his high dexterity he would not be shaken off. He repeated the movement of a deer After hopping around like a rabbit, chasing a deer was much more invigorating. Also the deer was a lot more elegant. However, even here there were pitfalls. It suddenly dawned on Weed: Deer run on four legs. Weed got onto all fours and tried hard to keep up with the deer.{ Vol 4 Ch 5}

Rabbits, deer, goblins, and now foxes. Weed mastered their behaviors. Now he looked for his last creature. Because rabbits, goblins, deer and foxes were beginner monsters, they were often killed. As a result, he had to spend a lot of time searching and redoing everything. Therefore, Weed decided that the fifth animal would be something that no one would attack. He chose a horse. They were easy to find, and not far from town were pastures for horses. There, he ran hard on all fours and began imitating them. A horse is an animal that is born to run, so even with his high dexterity Weed had a hard time trying to keep up. If not for the fence enclosing the pasture, he could not do it. After a day he was only at 12%. Having developed a plan, Weed had a meal prepared with vegetables and special grass to make even more progress.

The more time passed, the more progress he made. And finally: He have fully mastered the movement of the horse. Weed was filled with euphoria. Then he realized something while imitating a deer, his movements were constrained and a little clumsy. Now he ran familiarly and comfortably. Weed flew like the wind! And somehow he had the feeling that on the four legs he ran faster than two. He obtained a new Skill: Quadruped Run.

His imitation of the animals turned into a skill that ran on 4 legs! However, he didn’t want to attract attention, and its use was a serious burden. The fact that he followed the movements of the animals wasn’t a secret to his friends. After completing the task, Weed went back to the castle. Again Darone was working on a sculpture of a middle-aged woman. While he worked, Weed waited quietly and observed that the sculpture was very similar to the old one. If you become a master sculptor, then you have the power to create a princess so beautiful even the gods would turn green with envy. However, the woman had a common face. Darone finally finished and turned to Weed. He then told Weed to sculptors the five animal he picked. Weed was experienced in making sculptures, from large to small, wolves to dragons. Weed confidently began cutting away with his carving knife. However, for the first few minutes he felt something was wrong.

All of his confidence evaporated. Weed stopped and began to seriously ponder what had gone wrong. The figure in his hands was very different from his previous statues. In general, it was not surprising, since over time his sculptural skill increased. But there was something new. When he imitated the animals, he began to know them better. Why rabbits have long ears and a short tail, and how a rabbit moves was now subconsciously taken into account in his work. His figurine became more expressive, detailed and lively. Before, he simply used to copy an image he had in his head, but now he could make a sad figure of a rabbit, and a joyful one.

Now working on the figure, Weed began thinking, trying to understand its soul. Weed was surprised at how comfortable and interesting his work became. It felt like he was spending time with friends. When Weed finished 5th figure. He had created five figurines of animals. Several times he made ‘fine pieces’ and even created a ‘master piece’ when he made the ice dragon. However this was the first time he created a 'grand piece' out of a small sculpture. Up to this point, he only thought that large sculptures were valuable. But now he saw that even small sculptures could give the same or even better effects. The possibilities for an engraver were huge. Darone looked at the figurines and nodded. He had completed the quest Understanding a Sculpture. Darone coughed and spat out a new batch of blood. Darone told Weed he needed to make 300 sculptures and his time is running out. To left this world in peace he wanted to fulfil that order. Weed obtained Darone’s Order. 

After working for a week with Darone, Weed could significantly increase his sculptural skill. Besides, because he was working on an order he didn’t have to worry about what to create. He decided to make 30 sculptures a day resulting in 210 by the end of the week. Morning, afternoon, and evening. His orders didn’t vary much. He only needed to do a little work, and on success, he received compensation in the form of experience. True, there were some difficulties. A sculpture had to meet the requirements of the customer. For Weed, who was used to working as he liked, at first had difficulties. But over the time, he got used to it and easily understood what the customer wanted. On the first day he only made 15 sculptures, the second 24, and then the third day 35. Taking orders, chatting, and listening to stories, Weed became friends with Darone.

Thus, while working, there were leisurely conversations. A week flew by. And Weed just barely managed to complete the entire order and reached intermediate level 7. He had completed the task Darone’s Orders.  Weed obtained two new skills Sculpture Shapeshifting and Sculptural Comprehension. And so, Weed learned another secret of sculpting. Darone crouched again and coughed up more blood. He gave it his all and was about to depart from the world. He had a personal request for Weed, to help him finish his sculpture.  Weed nodded.

Weed stayed for one more day, to take care of Darone. Master put his whole soul into the last sculpture. Towards the end of the day his cough did not leave him even for a minute and the earth was red with his blood. Finally he finished his last sculpture. It was a middle-aged woman. The one he loved. "Sarah ...?" said Darone. Staring upwards, he drew his last breath and disappeared in a flash of light. At the spot where he died, he left a small wooden sculpture. Only now, after the past few weeks of training did Weed begin to realize what kind of profession he chose and which direction he had to go. Just being a sculptor is not enough, you need to invest your heart into it. Even the smallest fox has its own soul. And it can only be captured by a true master. Weed took out a wooden block, and began to work on a new sculpture. After all, he was the one that saw the final hours of the Engraving Master Darone. And who, if not his very student would have his image in his memory. {Vol 4 Ch 5}

Weed left Rega in full excitement. "It has been a long time since I’ve fought." He felt that he lost his sense of combat. Usually, he fought against difficult and dangerous monsters, but for the last few months he had been developing his craft skills. Combat was like walking on a tightrope. Against difficult and dangerous monsters, with only one slip you would fall. "Maybe I’ll die alone and forgotten…" He felt weak. Perhaps his source of fear was the fact that while he developed his crafting skills, everyone else was out hunting. It had been several months since he returned to the Order of Freya, and the last time he gained a level was the 9 levels he gained then. Sometimes he would get whispers from Pale, saying he passed level 190. With Surka, Irene and Romuna having about the same levels. Even Mapan reached level 160, and Hwaryeong reached level 210. Everyone moved forward, but Weed stood still. Though he cannot say he did nothing. During these past months, Weed had come a long way. His level didn’t increase, but his stats did, and he was able to learn a secret skill. {vol 4 Ch 6}

Fort Ohdein Edit

An alliance of guilds was assembled at Fort Ohdein. Originally, the Oasis Guild, Prosperity Guild, and the Wings of May Guild were allies and they captured the fort together. However, because the fort was of immense value, the Prosperity Guild betrayed its allies. The other two guilds tried to negotiate but nothing happened. The Oasis Guild consisted mainly of mercenaries who bickered about their loss, and scattered. But The Wings of May Guild, vowed for revenge as they left the alliance. In the Balkans Guild, the guild master was sharpening a knife. They had already assembled several times and tried to take down the fort, but only suffered defeat after defeat. Now everything had changed. Overcome with anger The Wings of May joined an alliance with the Balkans. So now their forces outnumbered their enemy.

The fort was located on the border between Ledern Kingdom and the British Confederation. Many traders passed through its gates each day and left money in the pockets of the owner of the fortress. Both sides had gathered a lot of people, but no one could predict what would be the result. All attention was fixated on the fort. There was still two hours before the siege. The Balkans Guild slowly gathered around the fortress. Inside, the defenders were also busy. The Prosperity Guild was divided into four corps each with 3000 men. The main force defended the walls and was dedicated to fight. The second force guarded the gate in the event of its compromise. The third force consisted of archers and mages. They supported the rear and were located on the towers. The last corps was responsible for supplies and consisted mainly of fresh recruits.

Also at the fort were many defending NPCs. They weren’t happy about the war, but in general, no one cared about their opinions. The guild master of the Prosperity Guild thought of only one thing, victory. If they lost the fortress, they would lose everything. Therefore, they were desperate and recruited a lot of mercenaries with compensations three times what the Balkans Guild offered. Many of the mercenaries were gathered in the back of the fort. Mercenaries checked their weapons and slowly gazed at the walls.

As they waited, the soldiers talked. The Prosperity guild promised each of them 10 gold for participating, 5 more gold per kill! And 20 gold if they stayed alive! True, the last two only applied if they won. But many soldiers actually gathered not just for money but for the lull of battle. There somewhere behind the walls of the fortress, drums and horns sounded. Wizards and archers took position, while below them stood the mercenaries. The ground started to shake as a large number of people marched. Mercenaries jumped from their seats and gave a shout. The mercenaries, hearing the sounds of drums and horns shouted loudly and happily shook arms. They were all excited but there was one man who continued to sit. Theodore went up and approached him.

Theodore was an experienced soldier who had faced many battles. So he tried to calm newcomers to demonstrate his superiority. Theodore leaned over and looked closer at what he was making. It appeared he was making a butterfly from a branch cut from a tree in the fort. The Iron Cross Knights. They were a source of terror to their invaders. Now the situation changed, and they were fighting to retake the fort; nevertheless, there was none equal to the knights. The knights stood on a hill at a distance and followed the general course of the battle. Everything would be decided in the second wave and that would be when the knights would enter.

The guild master of the Balkan Guild shouted out: We will retake our fort! With his words, hundreds of warriors moved in to attack. It was an incredible and menacing sight; everyone in the castle could feel the tremors they made. The mages and archers on the walls fired at the invaders. However, the attacking army was so large it looked like pebbles being thrown into an ocean. In retaliation, spirits and golems were sent. Assassins having infiltrated the fort, cut the throats of magicians. Ladders and ropes filled the wall. Ballistae and trebuchets rained boulders and iron shells upon friends and foes. So far, all attempts on the fort were unsuccessful because of its strong defence. But now, with the support of new allies and enormous amounts of money, some spent on siege weapons, they finally gained enough strength to become a threat. All throughout the fort, fights broke out; it was a magnificent battle. The mercenary troops under Brine joined the battle 4 hours later. The walls of the castle had already fallen to the Balkans. However, the cost of their success was paid by the scores of soldiers’ blood. Almost a third of their archers and NPCs were killed in combat. The Prosperity Guild had no regrets about spending money to protect Ohdein. But now, after much fighting their forces seemed equal.

The invading troops headed to the Training Hall, which was located next to the mercenary forces under Brine. Even without words, everyone knew that there was nowhere to run. The mercenaries were at a stalemate. Their enemy was just ahead; therefore the soldiers menacingly brandished weapons, mostly swords, axes and spears, and waited for the enemy's attack. Weed was among them. He had already seen several battles for the fort on TV, but now he was personally involved. And it was great. Terrifying sounds came from all sides: the buzzing of deadly spells, and the screams of dying people. It was all real. A cold sweat trickled down his back. Even when he played Continent of Magic, he never took part in a siege. This would be his first real experience. Only because of his desire to return to his sense of combat did Weed decide to plunge into the bloodiest battle available. Even with his eyes closed he could feel killing intent.

When the mercenaries began to attack, he immediately covered his face with a wooden mask in the shape of a butterfly about to take off. The warrior swung his wide blade… Bam! Weed easily repelled the sword. All worry gone, he only saw the enemy. Just by looking at his shoulders was enough to predict his attacks, and then counter. A fatal blow has been struck! Weed aimed at a critical point and his enemy fell lifeless to the ground. The three of them, activating their skills, simultaneously attacked Weed. Apparently, the victim was their friend. However, after examining their ability, you could see that they weren’t even level 200. With great hesitation, Weed lowered his sword and took all of the blows. Each strike flashed light, and finally disappeared into white mist. Graham leather armor! He polished it until it shown, and now enemy attacks were reflected into the air.

Poor guys, they thought Weed had died, and their faces were all shining. However their feeling of security vanished as Weed appeared completely unharmed. Their smiles left their faces. At this point their enemy seemed like a devil. Weed smiled, his health exceeding 9000. When skills reached the intermediate stage, there were added bonuses! In addition, with his armor polished, and health gained from his fishing skill, he was practically invincible. The damage he received didn’t even reach 300 points. Weed gave his opponents a disappointed look. Weed attacked without hesitation. With each passing moment his opponents lost more and more health. There wasn’t a big difference in level, but Weed’s stats were far inflated for his level. In addition, with his armour polished and sword sharpened, he had a significant advantage over his opponents. The three players could not withstand his attacks. A few moments later they fell dead to the ground. Weed went to the bodies of his enemies and found 1 item. As quickly as he massacred his enemies, he picked up their loot.

Weed jumped from one opponent to another. Enemies swung swords at him and shot spells at him, but still they continued to die! Weed was not high leveled, but the average level of his enemies did not exceed 170, so they could not withstand him. Top players on Royal Road didn’t participate in sieges. After all, if they were mobbed and then killed, their penalty would be huge. So basically, only mercenaries, NPC soldiers, and guilds fought in large battles. On the other hand, among the mercenaries he faced some level 250 and higher. Those that did not care about the penalties. They were the real machines of death on the battlefield! Weed was not afraid of soldiers at level 250. After all, he fought against stronger enemies, for example vampires. However, he had long understood that it was better to fight as a party. So when he approached a strong opponent, Weed hid behind a strong ally until they engaged into battle. Then he quietly went off to kill other enemies. Dishonest, and clever tricks! However, Weed did not feel any remorse. Like a hot knife on butter he cut one opponent down after another, reaching a total of 42 kills.

Many players simultaneously attacked the masked soldier, but like everyone else, they could not oppose him. And they dropped more and more things for Weed to pick up. With the mercenaries on defense, they had an overwhelming advantage. The battle lasted all day. Again, blood was spilled at Fort Ohdein. This time the Prosperity Guild, defended the fort, whereas the Balkans Guild attacked. Everybody discussed the fight, and most of the conversation revolved around one player. However, they didn’t know that. Instead they thought there were 42 masked mercenaries. People that did not hesitate to use their comrades. Whirlwinds of death that left nothing, not even a single copper.{Vol 4 Ch 6}

Lee Hyun logged into Royal Road. He was still inside the walls of Odhein fortress. Once the siege was over, he immediately left the game, and therefore, went back to the same place, the entrance. A lot of people were wandering around the area. During the siege, ordinary players could not get inside the walls of the fortress, so now everyone was trying to catch up. Many players discussed with interest, the latest news of Royal Road. For them, the game has become a world where they really lived. Bad Ray has also become a symbol of success for such people. He was revered as a king, or even world-wide celebrity! If there are clips from his battles, they are immediately downloaded to millions of gamers.

Just like in all other online games. The whole process of the game was based on a bunch of features and the fighting techniques of a player. It was important for people to be able to demonstrate their skill in combining abilities in order to fight against your opponent. Of course, the higher your skill, the less consistent with the natural laws of battle in the real word. But the game was fun to go into battles, because the further you go, the more powerful your enemies become and more difficult will be the monsters. Therefore, high-level players garner great interest among ordinary players. The players who were discussing Bad Ray said their farewells and went about their own businesses as Weed went to one of the retail stores. The area was noisy again. After the battle, a lot of players returned to the normal lifestyles, gathering in groups, chatting and trading. Weed now had a level of 230. Thanks to killing many players in the battle, he was able to get two new levels. But not everyone was as lucky; many players died and in contrast, lost experience and were hurrying themselves to catch up. Weed threw the ten points he received from the levels to dexterity as he entered the shop.

In the last few months, Weed became far too enthused with the development of his artisan skills, and therefore, he did not pay attention to the items that could be useful in battle. The shopkeeper was a strong type of NPC, with an ugly scar on his face that might have been the result of the last battle of the fortress. He happily greeted the visitor. Weed was looking for seasonings, herbs, and bandages. Unlike other cities or castles, there was no separate food store. Therefore, food, herbs and other products were sold at the same place. However, there were a lot of shops that sold weapons and armor. This bloody battle for Odhein was not in vain, there were a lot of herbs in this shop, and some were even of very rare species. Weed bought 200 pieces of each herb, a whetstone, thread for sewing, bandages and food. It also didn't turn out that expensive. In fact, the prices at the fort used to be high, but in honor of the victory, the players who fought on the winning side will not get taxes in the shops or on goods for a week. A bonus for the winners of the bloodiest battle. When Weed was finished, he left the walls of Odhein. His direction lay to the nearest cave, the cave of Basra!

A group of wizards were led by Sollon; in their flowing blue robes, he awaited the approach of the enemy. The thief Batu was being pursued by a detachment of enemy, and was approaching the position. The archers who saw the farthest provided the information on the force. By Sollon's orders, the magicians lined up and prepared spells. They then began to call out consistently. A properly planned ambush had borne its first fruits. Under fire from many spells, the Basra monsters quickly weakened. But that was only the beginning; Sollon had the group begin a second series of attacks. The few archers let out a volume of fire that prevented the enemy from closing in on them. The monsters were slowly pushed back. Some of the players used stun arrows, which further slowed the enemy's movement. During this time, the magicians prepared new spells and again did battle. The cave floor became slippery and the Basra soldiers began to fall as the wall of fire rolled onto them! But the battle was not yet over. Besides wizards, this battle involved close-combat. After two magical attacks and volleys, the monsters' health had decreased by more than 70%.

Amongst the fighting warriors, a girl flashed by with two daggers. Like a butterfly she flit between opponents and attacked the men of Basra. Vividly, she attracted the attention of males with her looks and graceful dance moves! It was Hwaryeong! Where Hwaryeong flashed through with her dance, enemies got terrible wounds. When Hwaryeong began her dance, Sollon and the wizards immediately forgot about the battle and admired her movements. The dance transformed Hwaryeong from a beautiful girl into a beautiful goddess. Sollon's squad had become a fan of this amazing beauty in no time at all. 

Magicians threw off their mantles and went to blows with each other. Squad Leader Sollon had to separate them and bring back discipline, but the beauty of the girl had captivated his heart. While all stood and stared in awe at Hwaryeong, another newcomer to the squad, Zephyr did battle with the monsters. He used the iron line to wound and confound the enemy, only to leave them captive with a sweep of his Hades throw. Zephyr, the militant fisherman. When he approached a few enemies, he attacked with lightning movement as the lure was hooked on them and he threw them to Hades. Under the effect of his ability the monsters retreated from Basra, as Zephyr threw the fishing line to lure more captives. After all of the attacks of the squad, the Basra monsters had almost no health. So after a while, Zephyr and Hwaryeong put all the opponents to rest. 

After Mapan established links to all the major cities of the kingdom, thus raising levels, he could travel safer and no longer needed Hwaryeong's protection. As a result, he kept applying gentle hints and she finally decided to travel independently. And so it happened, a few days of exploring the United Kingdoms of Briton, she went to the Basra instance. The location was great, the monsters gave a lot of experience, and she was left to fight for herself. Gradually, her dancing started to attract the attention of other players and sometime later they invited her to their group. So a few days later, she happened to be in Sollon's squad. In general, she was satisfied. Only now did it become difficult. Sollon did not want to let her go! Hwaryeong loved to chat with new and interesting people, but because her dancing was very beautiful, she always found people like Sollon. If Hwaryeong joined with a different group, he would try his best to stop the hunt.

In general, he behaved like a little shit, but because the Mavros guild had a big impact on them, no one complained. She had to hunt in Sollon's squad. The only consolation was that she managed to find common ground with the other newcomer in the squad, Zephyr. They often talked, and she liked the guy, though he was much younger than her, and he even listened to her when she spoke. Sollon's squad fought the monsters of Basra. The cave was full of monsters, the squad didn't even have to move, they just waited till their thief, Batu would lure a new group of enemies into an ambush. A squad of archers and wizards! First to enter battle were the mages, who use spells to greatly reduce the opponents' health. As they regain mana and begin to produce new spells, the archers join the fray. They shell the monsters and slow down the movements as they wait for the mages' next attack. Then towards the end of the battle, comes the melee, Hwaryeong and Zephyr. In general, everything was planned out and kept the magicians attacking. Usually, other teams would take only two or three mages in the cave, as they had to work in a seriously confined space. However, in Sollon's group, the number of magicians were 8! Battle, rest, battle, rest. After each fight with the monsters, Sollon had them take a break. This was not because they were tired of getting experience points; no, they waited until the magicians could recover mana and restart all over. 

In Basra cave, it was difficult to find another party like this where they can receive such a lot of experience. Like everyone else, Hwaryeong received her experience points, but since most of the work was carried out by the mages, she came out very discontent at the end. Hwaryeong just recently remembered how she traveled with Mapan, and defended the cart loaded with goods, by dancing. Sometimes she had to dance for several hours and significantly improve technique. Everyone tried to increase their level as quickly as possible without paying a single bit of attention on their techniques. Since wizards are trained for attack power, then for the remainder, they only gain experience. But for magicians, all was not as rosy. In a battle, they do not receive damage and therefore their growth in levels, without increasing defense and stamina, make them glass cannons. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the party only fights against weak enemies, even if many, it was of no use to the squad. It was all quiet and very haste-less fights. {Vol 4 Ch 7}

Dungeon of Basra Edit

Weed, who just approached the cave of Basra, was watching players form parties. Some were joining the already existing parties, some were creating new ones. And all of them were hanging around the dungeon entrance. In cave of Basra, monsters not only granted plentiful experience but dropped decent loot. Therefore its entrance was always crowded with players. Though no one dared to enter it alone which was way too dangerous. Quietly standing Weed was approached by a few people accompanying a warrior with white plumage on his hat, who was the one to ask the question.

Weed headed into the cave. In the cave of Basra players were hunting from level 120 and up to 300. The dungeon had four floors, every next one having stronger monsters than the previous. But it was not monster's strength that was driving off lone players, but their extremely annoying ability to steal items. In short, if you die - they rob you. Sometimes they would even go so far as to take your equipped armour. As a result, after dying, player would not only lose experience but 3-4 times more items than usual. Therefore it took a certain amount of resolve to hunt in this dungeon. However, thieves of Basra were dropping good items, so it was never empty. Weed carefully slipped through 1st and 2nd floors, trying not to interfere with hunting parties too much. Once Weed decided to hunt, first thing he did was contacting Mapan. But he had to refuse due to being too busy. As far as Weed knew, after selling items in the auction the merchant raised his level quite a bit and earned a lot of money, which he used to purchase a title and form a trading group under his name. Instead, Mapan told where he could find Hwaryeong. It was then that Weed decided to come to caves of Basra to visit his friend. Weed easily found Hwaryeong on the 3rd floor of the dungeon. She was hunting with a large party in the very centre of the dungeon. Gracefully dancing and striking monsters down, that girl was hard to miss.

Weed waited for the fight to finish and approached her.  Hwaryeong warmly welcomed Weed as she was just starting to get bored. But then a player in a blue robe approached them from the depth of the cave. Sollon inspecting Weed from head to toe. Barely holding her anger, Hwaryeong told he that Weed was a friend and he was a sculptor. Not quite satisfied with that explanation, Sollon continued throwing suspicious glances: Hwaryeong explained that they were introduced by a common friend and haven't hunted together yet. Hwaryeong's story somewhat calmed Sollon. Sollon offer Weed to join their party. Hwaryeong got excitedly and told Weed to join.  Actually, Weed wasn't going to join any parties. He just came to say hello and invite Hwaryeong to go hunting with him. However he could not just leave after seeing the eager expression on her face. After joining the party and finishing one battle, he realized that he just had nothing to do. Knowing that Weed was a sculptor, Sollon wasn't giving him a chance to join the fight.

Instead Weed got plenty of time to talk to Hwaryeong on various topics. Certainly under constant supervision of lingering nearby Sollon. After 12 hours of hunting Sollon party called it a day. Party members started to log out one by one. Weed tightened his grip on the sword in anxiety. Finally! He was waiting for this moment. To begin with he took out a whetstone and sharpened his sword. His sword sharpening skill was at intermediate 4th level. He wasn't able to use it as often as, say, repair skill. Besides, if it was raining or he wasn't hunting sharpening effect would vanishing quickly. Therefore, the only times he got to use it was immediately before battles, when sharpening weapons for himself and his party mates.

Weed pulled out a soft cloth and thoroughly polished his armor, until it started to shine. Armor polishing was very similar to polishing. There weren't many opportunities to use it for prolonged periods, but its effect was good. These two skills, greatly benefiting party's strength, usually were used by blacksmiths after being accepted into a party. If you were a blacksmith, but didn't raise these skills for some reason, you wouldn't be accepted in a party in most cases. Weed opted for a dish made of shrimps. Usually seafood in the game was quite expensive, but much to his surprise in Odein stronghold he managed to buy it cheaper than in Rosenheim Kingdom. And not just because of absence of taxes, but because of it being conveniently located right on one of the major trade routes. Nothing beats seafood when it comes to increasing Vitality and Life. And shrimps proved to be best among seafood! To enhance dish's effect even further Weed prepared sweet maple syrup sauce and a salad out of potato, lettuce and béchamel. Weed opened his mouth wide in anticipation. He slowly peeled the shell off; after cooking, it acquired a golden tint and was easy to remove. There was only soft white shrimp meat left on the stick and it was all ready to be swallowed by Weed.

His will struggled with his urges. His mouth wanted to take a bite, but hands didn't want to let go. Especially because it wasn't just a simple shrimp. Weed applied his sculpturing mastery to emphasize its beauty. After slowly dipping shrimp in syrup sauce, under the influence of its aroma, Weed saw the glow of divine wings around the shrimp. The aroma was driving him crazy. Strong and delicious. No one would be able to endure its call. In anticipation, Weed slowly stuck his tongue out and slowly mowed the shrimp towards his mouth. When all the party members started logging out Hwaryeong immediately followed them. But that was just to get rid of Sollon. After waiting enough time for mage to leave, she logged back in. As for Zephyr - once he recognized Weed, he didn't logged out at all. He just stepped aside and watched his former fishing rival.

Hwaryeong and Zephyr were closely watching as Weed was about to eat the lone shrimp. However Hwaryeong didn't have the strength to hold back, so she loudly swallowed. Deafening gulp broke Weed's concentration at the crucial point. Hwaryeong wasn't asking to share. But here wide open eyes were staring at shrimp with such fascination that there was no need for words. She looked like it was the first time she saw food in many days. Burning desire! Hunger! Craving! With a quiet sigh Weed handed over the shrimp. He didn't have a choice. Hwaryeong bit the shrimp without the second thought. She didn't even get upset over last words of Weed, trying to minimize the loss in any possible way. Shrimp immediately disappeared in her mouth.

Actually, Hwaryeong wasn't so obsessed with food. Even in real life she was watching her waist and often was on a diet.  But the shrimp's aroma drove away her voice of reason. She had a feeling that if she won't eat it right now, she'll regret it for the rest of her life. It could be said she was behaving like an addict at that time. All thanks to the ever increasing cooking skill of Weed. After gleefully finishing the shrimp, Hwaryeong finally settled down. She wasn't regretting it one bit. Every piece of the shrimp was giving her heavenly pleasure.

Finally, she threw a regretful glance at the remaining head and tail of the shrimp that usually no one would eat. But if not for standing nearby Weed and Zephyr, she'd eat those with delight. Weed with regret took out another shrimp and started cooking it from the start. Shrimps were expensive so they couldn't be eaten as snacks. For Weed they were representing investments. Were Weed to be a cook, there'd be increase in vitality and cooking, or better taste. Weed started to gather his belongings. And of course he didn't forget to take his 1 gold from Hwaryeong.

Weed asked Hwaryeong to join him hunting which she accepted. To be honest, Weed never considered any other answer. Her abilities as a dancer would come in handy as a trump card. Even though damage from her attacks wasn't that high, her movements were swift and monsters couldn't even scratch her. Besides, if you were in one party with Hwaryeong, your attributes would get a certain boost, contrary to monsters'. Weed brought up the control menu and invited Hwaryeong. Then she waved to Zephyr. Join the party she said Fishermen nodded happily. Weed just nodded and sent an invitation to Zephyr. He didn't have anything in particular against it, there were plenty of monsters and therefore, experience, and some extra help would come in handy. Though he didn't quite understand why Zephyr didn't logout as everyone else.

It was a great opportunity to improve, though by a small margin, his blacksmithing, cooking and tailoring skills. Hwaryeong and Zephyr gave Weed a surprised look. They didn't expect a single man to be a master of so many trades. And it was just a small step that separated an unskilled egghead from an omnipotent player. Hwaryeong wanted to join a larger hunting group but told them there was barely enough monsters for three. Both Hwaryeong and Zephyr were shocked. To hunt in dungeon of Basra with just the three of them was crazy. Weed told them that the three of them will do fine. There were four of them and he summoned Death Knight.  Smoke started pouring from necklace on Weed's neck, and a moment later the death knight Van Hawk emerged from it.

Just one glance on his minion filled Weed with grief. Death knight was leeching off 20% of his experience. A lot of time had passed since Weed defeated and subjugated Van Hawk. They fought through numerous battles and Van Hawk managed to greatly raise his level. Especially in the province of Morata, where Weed decided that the more vampires die - the better it is for the party, so he wasn't holding the monster back. And Van Hawk used it to the fullest; at that time he was getting not just 20% of Weed's experience but all 100% for those he killed by himself. Because of that he managed to greatly surpass Weed and reach a level of 290.

History of dungeon of Basra wasn't a common knowledge for players. In the past a family of nobles used to live in the lands of Basra. It was strongly objecting to integration into British Confederacy, so they made a deal with the thieves guild and started to prepare an uprising. And the headquarter of that uprising was located here, in the dungeon of Basra. After sending death knight to the front, Weed and his party descended to fourth level. Monsters inhabiting the 4th floor were too strong, with levels from 240 and higher. Trembling in fear and barely moving his feet Zephyr didn't have a choice but to slowly follow Weed in hope that things will somehow work out. Weed's behavior was confusing them. Even when 3rd floor hunting was hard enough, he dragged them to the 4th! Therefore they followed behind the confidently pacing Weed and dark knight. A group of thief-monsters jumped out from behind the corner. They were equipped in iron armor and were carrying swords. Not sparing any more words thieves of Basra started their attack.Death Knights were quite adept with dark magic and he cast a spell. The spell he just used significantly increased weapon damage and defence of armour.

Van Hawk accumulated dark energy in his blade and directed it towards the oncoming thieves. His weapon greatly darkened and a few moments later it let out thousands of finest threads, which struck attacking enemies in the chest. Thieves collapsed to the floor. Zephyr and Hwaryeong were astounded. At that moment they realized that Weed wasn’t just another ordinary player, and that it is really possible to hunt in dungeon of Basra with just 4 people. Weed's words weren't just feeling bragging any more. Meanwhile Weed himself was surprised not less than his friends. Weed could only remember him beating the knight and improving his own skills. And he was extremely surprised to see his minion in a different light. Death knight managed to beat four enemies with a single strike. Even though it was partially due to his dark nature, which increased damage to non-undead enemies.

Suddenly Weed forgot about everything, jumped forward and dropped the hilt of his sword on the head of Van Hawk, who lifted his sword to finish defeated enemies. Weed command he not to kill any more monster or to disable them. Because of significant increase in level death knight could feel his growing power and wasn't so content with receiving orders from 'lowbie' Weed. Weed noted to self to teach a lesson to Van Hawk later, but for now he headed into battle. His opponents' swords were passing dangerously close to Weed. Because of dodging and parrying he managed not to get any wounds. Though from aside, he looked like he has given up on his life. The thrill of being completely surrounded by enemies. Your heartbeat quickens, you start to perceive you opponents' breath and movements. Intoxicating sensation of your own might fills you with overflowing happiness and you feel like you can conquer the world. A game like this will never become boring!

"Sculpting blade!" After killing three monsters he dove right in the middle of enemy group. With a trust in his skill and polished armor he was eagerly spilling enemies' blood. Though a bit later, but Hwaryeong and Zephyr also joined the battle.  Enemies who watched erotic and tempting moves of the girl, froze in confusion and embarrassment. Their cheeks reddened and eyes filled with desire. Weed and Van were holding back main forces of enemy. Hwaryeong tamed enemies to the right and Zephyr was fighting the ones on the left! Compared to previous fights, their situation was complicated, so they had to give their all to stay alive. Hwaryeong incapacitated 12 more opponents and fell on the floor exhausted. She spent all of her mana, and was sitting on the floor completely drained. Up to this time Hwaryeong always tried to pick the weaker monsters while not exerting too much in a fight. But this time she had to give it her all and she realized, that her dance techniques and attributes weren't developed enough. She wasn't strong enough.

But then there appeared Zephyr, who came to cover her from advancing enemies. Thanks to fishing, his attributes, especially fortitude and stamina, were highly developed, so he handled this fight better. Zephyr was fighting the surrounding monsters at his limit. He wasn't hitting opponents one by one, but all of them at the same time! Fisherman's skills allowed him to damage whole bunch of enemies at the same time. When their health was dropping to about a third they were dying, as they were immediately finished by a series of critical strikes from suddenly appearing Weed. It seemed like the situation was straightening out, when enemies, incapacitated earlier by Hwaryeong started to come to their senses. The intense battle continued without a single moment of rest. "Sculpting blade!" Weed was trying to move as fast as possible, but still the moment he was finishing one opponent another was already attacking him. He had to hurry: if he were to stop even for a moment monsters would come closer and completely surround him, which would be a sure death.

Hwaryeong regained some strength and hurried to back up Zephyr. She was dancing like a butterfly, stabbing exposed sides of enemies with her daggers. It seemed that the battle will never end. However a few moments later deeply surprised Hwaryeong realized that there was no one else to fight. She didn't remember how she was fighting and who dealt the last blow. In her chaotic memories fight looked like a fragment of hell. It was hard, long and extremely dangerous. She couldn't believe they won! That was the only fight on her memory where she had to exert herself by 110%. Her mood was great. Well, if not for death knight's help, they'd all be finished by now. But that didn't upset her at all, their victory was well-deserved.

Weed already started to repair damaged armor. If armor or weapons were losing even a bit of durability, first thing after a fight Weed was repairing them. Zephyr was watching death knight with fear. He got to fish with Weed for quite a long time, so he had an idea on what was about to happen. Did you think after fishing Weed was sitting in a shade to relax? Not at all! Having finished fixing armor, Weed applied a number of bandages and got up on his feet.  Weed then told them that in the upcoming fights they should try to lose as much health because they endurance attribute will go up Zephyr and Hwaryeong were speechless from surprise.

But his next words shook them even more. "Well, now that the scouting and warm-up is over, it is time we fight for real." Scouting? For Zephyr and Hwaryeong previous fight was living hell! Having seen their twisted in horror faces, he asked in doubt: "So. Do you accept me as a party leader? If so, then the hunt goes on." They hurriedly nodded. Having accepted Weed's invitation, they automatically assigned him as a party leader. And also he was the strongest of the three. Even though Zephyr's fishing and Hwaryeong's dances allowed them to raise their attributes quite a lot, they still were as far from Weed as from the moon.

He was odd, of that Hwaryeong and Zephyr could agree. Let alone his crafting profession having battle techniques, his attributes were ridiculously high as well! Looking at Weed they could feel their inferiority, even though compared to other players they were pretty normal. Usually the party leader's position was taken by a warrior or a knight, due to them having high Charisma and Leadership attributes. Because if leader had high level of those two attributes, party members were less likely to be affected by panic and were getting increased experience. And monsters confronting such players were not able to use their skills to the fullest.

The hunt has started. Endless fight to the death against thieves of Basra. As soon as one group of monsters got finished, they were switching to the next. They only had time for quick repairs and light healing. In the past Zephyr wouldn't believe if someone was to tell him he won't be looting defeated enemies. But it was happening now, because of the constantly attacking waves of enemies they just didn't have time for that. They were fighting in such manner for almost 16 hours, when finally Zephyr got wounded. A thief has stabbed him in the stomach with a sword. A deadly injury. Hwaryeong threw a hateful glance at Weed. Then Hwaryeong looked at Zephyr with a bit of envy. That was the first time she was envious of a dying player. He laughed to tears from joy. However Weed's expression didn't falter one bit.  Zephyr got frightened for a moment, happily watching blood pouring out of his stomach. His health was quickly dropping and already reached 23%. Situation wasn't critical, but without immediate priest's help an injury like this would end killing him. But then Weed rummaged through his bag and started taking out bandages one by one. Weed rapidly applying multiple bandages.

Zephyr's eyes were round from astonishment. He gave Weed a frightened look. What's your level of First Aid?" "Intermediate 9th level."  Just a little bit away from the high level! During his long hunt in the province of Morata, Weed had to apply loads of bandages and so his skill level got surprisingly high. Usually parties had at least one priest, so players weren't using First Aid skill at all, so most of them had a skill level of beginner even on high levels. Zephyr was hitting his fist on the ground in sorrow. Damn Weed, a real sadist and devil! Now he'll have to hunt monsters forever!

The battle continued. Weed was slaying one monster after another and was thinking that it wasn't actually that hard. Compared to what he experienced in the province of Morata, dungeon of Basra looked like kindergarten. Even in Lavias death knights were a lot more dangerous for him! At least they were using long swords and dark magic. Thieves of Basra on the contrary used short swords, and though they attacked in great numbers they were a lot less dangerous opponents. This time he didn't have Alveron with his healing magic, but since then his health has raised a lot because of improved attributes and fishing. To almost twice the amount, 1400. Also, thanks to his blacksmith skill, Weed was able to sharpen and polish equipment, increasing his survivability even further. The profession of Legendary Moonlight Sculptor! Only because of it Weed was forced to significantly improve his handicraft skill, which allowed him to raise many other skills to intermediate level during last few months. And those made him even stronger than if he was still hunting up to now and achieved a level of 280.

To become stronger and fight harder battles. Weed enjoyed fighting strong opponents; that's why he went to the 4th floor of dungeon of Basra. And even before, he was fighting death knights while only having level 110. That sure was hard, and he died a lot, but having gained some power and experience, he was winning battle after another and that was making him happy. Having defeated another group of monsters, Weed suddenly realized that his bag was full. Hwaryeong and Zephyr weren't sad at all! They were sure, that thieves of Basra will be coming to them in nightmares for the rest of their lives. But then Weed's words shocked them yet again. "Can't help it, we'll have to make a quick trip to the village to sell the stuff, and then we'll come back again. Thieves of Basra wait for us. Let's do it quickly. {Vol 4 Ch 8}

On the 4th level of dungeon of Basra Weed, Hwaryeong and Zephyr were concentrating on hunting. They risked their lives in every fight, and with every fight their skill and experience points were rising. Whatever the methods they tried to persuade Weed to slow down the pace of the hunt, it was all in vain. So they finally resigned themselves to his will. Meanwhile, Weed was thinking that dungeon of Basra almost expended its value as a hunting ground. In the past two days Weed gained 17 levels, reaching level 247. But he doubted they will be able to hunt here for much longer. I've got to get at least 5 more levels in the remaining time. And it's best to begin from some strong monster; I won't be able to get experience fast enough from small ones... Weed called his friends and headed to the place they hadn't yet visited once - to the den of the dungeon's boss, a place called 'Main Revolt Headquarters'. When Weed first mentioned his idea, Hwaryeong and Zephyr answered with a strong resent:,"I can't believe it!" "Weed, have you finally gone nuts?!"

Dungeon of Basra's boss had a level of 290, and he was accompanied by subordinate knights of level 275. No wonder Weed's partners had such a reaction. But this time there's absolutely no way we can beat the boss and his knights. Suddenly Zephyr and Hwaryeong exchanged glances and a complete unanimity could be read on their faces. They brightened up and smiled. At that moment that was their only wish. Those are some funny friends I've got myself here. Weed wasn't getting bored with them around. He couldn't stop being surprised how simple they were. However Weed didn't realize that he was not much different; one just has to remember how agitated he becomes if even one coin is at stake. In the deepest part of the dungeon, sitting on a magnificent throne and dressed in gorgeous clothes, there was the dungeon's boss, accompanied by 2 knights and 12 thieves. Upon seeing this Hvaryung and Zephyr bid farewell to their lives. They weren't too nervous, at least their smiles indicated otherwise. But they did feel a little thrilled; after all they weren't encountering bosses all too often.

So when Basra's boss started talking to Weed, Hwaryeong and Zephyr started to get nervous. Because if the fight won't start they won't get a chance to die. But much to their relief Weed tightened his grip on the sword and answered: "We came to kill you." So you're just another pack of British dogs! Well, if you came here to die I won't disappoint you. I'll hang your heads at the entrance as a warning for other puppets of Confederacy. Knights! Kill them!" While the boss was babbling, Weed waved his sword and yelled: "Holy blessing!" The effect of Agatha's holy sword triggered and holy spirit infused Weed. " High Priest’s Blessing!" The ring on Weed's hand faintly flared and covered Weed's body with soft glow. Even though these items' effects had duration of only 20 minutes, they were blessed by the High Priest of church of Freya himself! In a single moment Weed became stronger. "Van, hold off the thieves!" "Understood, master." Even death knight forgot his defiance in presence of such blessings. It wasn't wise to meddle with Weed when he was so strong. "Zephyr, help Van to deal with thieves." "But..." If he was to fight, he'd prefer fighting knights, that'd be a faster way to die. "Hwaryeong will stall the knights. I'll take on the Archduke." "What if they come to their senses?" - exclaimed Hwaryeong in a worried voice."Then deal with it. If Van and Zephyr finish the knights by then, they'll help you. I'll be busy with the boss."

Zephyr and Hwaryeong didn't have any choice but to follow Weed's orders. Two knights were slowly approaching Weed, skilfully swinging their swords. Zephyr immediately headed towards the group of thieves, and Weed easily slipped past two knights and rushed ahead. Hwaryeong was left alone, facing two knights. To charm enemies, stronger than her, she'll have to spend a lot of mana and dance much longer than usually. And knights were quickly approaching! Dancing girl closed her eyes in despair. That'll probably hurt a little... The pain would bring death! It was a lot more welcome than all those strenuous everyday fights that were leaving her completely exhausted. However a second passed, than another, but nothing was happening to her! Moreover, she heard that knights had stopped and started to argue. "Kill her, Jason." "I don't want. You go, Tobon." "I can't! As knights we gave an oath to always protect the ladies. It is our duty! If I kill her, I'll no longer be a knight." "Well, I think the same way! But the boss ordered..."

The last words dismissed their doubts. Hwaryeong heard one of the knights approach her and say apologetically: "Forgive us, lady!" Even while expecting to die any moment, Hwaryeong never stopped her dance, she was still elegantly moving her hands and bending her body. It wasn't difficult at all for her to dance with eyes closed. Over the last few days she had to dance in front of thieves of Basra many times, sometimes while fighting with extreme sleepiness. So she eventually learned to dance with closed eyes. Hwaryeong managed to disable the knights. She collapsed on the ground in frustration, when Zephyr and Van, who just finished off the thieves, approached her.  Zephyr was admiring Weed's fight against the boss of Basra, who was throwing multiple dark spells at him. Numerous arrows made of pure darkness shot from behind Archduke aiming at Weed. The spell was cast almost instantly, but Weed still managed to dodge all the arrows.

He was able to do that because he had already accounted for a possibility that something like this would happen. So the moment boss began to cast his spell Weed had determined its type and area of effect and started to evade it. Zephyr was completely astonished by that feat. "Sculpting Blade!" Weed swung his sword to deflect a few arrows he couldn't dodge and dashed towards Basra's boss. "Blink!" Basra's Archduke instantly teleported a few steps back, however on his chest a bleeding long cut was clearly visible. Weed's Sculpting Blade technique was completely ignoring any armor! For necromancers, who didn't have any armor and had low health, strikes like that were especially dangerous! If only the boss was a leech, he'd have almost infinite vitality like Lord Tori. But there were few monsters like that in the game, and usually players were trying to avoid them.

After gaining some distance from Weed, the boss got a few moments to observe the situation and came to a conclusion that it wasn't favorable for him. “The Immortal Power! Arise my soldiers!" The ground under their feet started to tremble and skeletons started to appear from it! Multiple black, red and white skeletons! Archduke of Basra, as a true necromancer, used his main trump card, and summoned mage, warrior and archer skeletons to his aid. His voice got filled with triumph: "Most of the Basra's warriors were buried here! This place was a burial ground for many generations, and since I was a child I used to come here to practice necromancy. Now this will become your burial ground as well!

"Sculpting Blade!" Weed's movements were significantly slowed now that he had to fight through hordes of summoned skeletons. Those monsters weren't that dangerous by themselves, but they'll make avoiding boss's attacks much harder, and that was what worried Weed the most. Every magic attack of the Archduke could lower Weed's health by third, if not by half. "Die, human!" One of the skeletons hit Weed from behind with his rusty sword. The hit was accurate, but there was almost no damage because Weed had carefully polished his armor before the fight started. But attacks continued. About level 220... Weed started to think. Thanks to his vast experience of fighting monsters he was able to precisely determine the level of the enemy by one received hit. Level 220 monsters won't be that dangerous... But the problem was that the boss was able to summon skeletons indefinitely, and they were greatly hindering Weed's movements, while blessings would hold for just 20 minutes. And once their duration is over, the fight will become a whole lot harder. In other words, he didn't have any time to spare.

"I've got to get rid of the undead... Yeah, I know the way! Fight fire with fire!" All this time Weed was wearing the helmet of the Death knight that he got in Lavias. "Summon skeletons!" The helmet allowed Weed to summon undead of level 50. The exact amount and degree of obedience depended on the Leadership attribute of the summoner. Even more skeletons rose from the ground. More than 200 of them, and all of them kneeled, expecting their master's order. "Fight! Against those who threaten me!" Two skeleton crowds started to fight each other. In this fight it was hardly possible to distinguish friend from foe. "Servants of the god of death, I order you with power, given to me: submit to my will!" - shouted the Archduke. "You're not the one who summoned us." - came the answer from the direction of the battle. "You, idiots..." Skeletons, summoned by Weed were a lot weaker than those of the necromancer. They were dying quickly and did no damage to the enemy, but they still managed to divert enemies' attention to let Weed escape the skeletons' ranks.

Weed started to assault the boss sparing no mana. Archduke was able to use blinks to evade Weed's attacks, but his advantage was already lost. Hwaryeong, Zephyr and Van finished the knights who had finally woken up and hurried to help Weed. Now the entire party was chasing the fleeing boss, and a couple minutes later he succumbed to the furious onslaught of his opponents and died. Weed had already fought monsters of level over 290, so he only got one level for this victory. Of course this boss was stronger than the vampire lords, but he was still far weaker than Lord Tori. Zephyr and Hwaryeong celebrated their victory and walked towards Weed. But the focused expression on his face made them stop. "Well, then let's continue the hunt." {Vol 4 Ch 9}

Side Story Edit

Weed Gang Edit

When the parents of Surka, Pale, Irene, and Romuna learned that their children were playing Royal Road in secret during their absence, they received an endless amount of nagging. However, their children didn’t just sit around all day. They thought of a cunning plan and eventually their parents were lured into Royal Road. In hunting and fighting monsters, their parents were inexperienced. However, they were still able to do well. They were owners of a small family shop in game, and they opened one store after another. Their shops sold things ranging from weapons and clothing to skill books. They even opened a restaurant. As their parents supported their kids with skill books, a good bow, or even the divine knowledge of the priest, they in turn hunted loot for them. As a result, they got closer and closer to the coveted 200th level

And then in the Kingdom of Rosenheim the NPCs began to talking about Weed. Even in real life, gun shops, pharmacies and even flower girls from the market - everyone was talking about Weed. When word reached Pale and his party, they realized that Weed completed a difficult and dangerous task, and immediately sent their congratulations.

Geomchis Edit

The Geomchis rushed forward, and a brave headless soldier quickly began backing away. No matter how brave he may be in the game, at the sight of so many opponents even monsters would get nervous and tremble. Opponents, not showing fear, boldly attacked the enemy and easily too!

An avalanche of players struck the headless soldier. They jumped on the monster as if someone was going to steal it. None of Geomchis knew how to game. Therefore, they went after high level monsters first, but they did not consider them worthy opponents. They were all looking for new places to hunt and they finally got to Lavias. All this time they only sought to battle and fight strong monsters, so their levels grew at an astonishing rate. Always together, a crowd of 505 people, they roamed the expanse of Royal Road. One large cohesive group.  Students and instructors lived together within the school, so they could gather quickly and play in Royal Road. Also, fighting monsters was seen as part of their training, so they spent a lot of time in game and hunted the most powerful monsters they could find. They started as Weed did with scarecrows, and then consistently overcame many dungeons. When there was an enemy, the students threw all their energy into fighting and eventually won. The only thing that interested them besides their swords was battle. They did not take any quests, because they were too lazy to bother. In addition, their appearance was very shabby.  They were very poor and often hungry players.

The teacher put his hands behind his back and, while laughing, they spent so much energy on this monster and got nothing to show of it.  Understandably their fear of starvation was greater than their fear of monsters. They even shared the last crumbs of bread, and this further strengthened the friendship between them. The Geomchis were not afraid of monsters. You either die fighting, or you die fighting hunger. So they traveled across the expanse of Royal Road and raised their level to 130. In Lavias they heard that they could change their profession. People on the street said that the soldiers gave many jobs, and if you killed a famous monster then you would also gain glory and money. Also with a new profession you would gain a significant increase in strength and agility, and a bit of armor durability. A job for true connoisseurs of battles!

But in any case, we should not think that their job change was based on the increase of stats. No, the Geomchis felt that they were heirs to Korean martial arts, and with their pride they lived and died. Martial arts - it's their nature, their lives, and that is why all 505 people at the same time changed their profession. Well, their first job was a warrior, so the change to martial artist seemed like the next logical step. NPC were talking about Weed. When the Geomchis heard the news they were all happy.

Geomchidulchi first called Pale. He had long understood the torment of information searching, and figured it would be better to whisper Pale. At this time Pale, Irene, Surka, and Romuna were hunting. He was a little scared that they would have some wild request. But this time, nothing happened. Generally, the Geomchis lived with dignity and pride, they did not forget about the food aid, and in the future always thanked their rescuers. On the other hand, Pale and his party had long gotten accustomed to their strange requests. Pale was shaken a bit, because he knew what they were going to do. The Green Dragon Biakis loved the peace and quiet. He liked to think of himself as the guardian of the forest. With that thought, he lived peacefully for centuries. Biakis was fast asleep in a hollow on the top of one of the mountains, but when he heard the noise of people, his eyes became wide open.

Sometimes a group of adventurers trespassed on his domain. Sometimes even the strongest players in the continent of Versailles strayed from groups and went to hunt the dragon. Each time, Biakis ruthlessly punished them. The Green eyes of Biakis were filled with anger. From wherever he looked, people fearlessly approached. Even if a few fought at a time they would still be too much. Although in general the dragon did not care.  Biakis was furious. He opened his mouth wide, as if to yawn, and then took a deep breath. {Vol 4 Ch 2}

The Geomchis gripped their blades. After a quick death, the Geomchis were full of determination again. Revived, they appeared somewhere in the forest and Geomohochi, standing on a tree, calmly surveyed the surrounding area. A little boy! Does that mean there’s a town nearby? As the master jumped up so did all 500 of his students. Frankly, they did not want to admit it, but they were lost. After fearlessly attacking the dragon, many of them died and were reborn somewhere to the south of Rosenheim. With their supplies long gone, the Geomchis resorted to forest barriers and rare game from hunting. Rare because the group of 500 could not move quietly enough to catch animals off guard. And because none of them knew how to cook, they ate under cooked or burnt meat, making everyone sick.

Geomsamchi quickly ran forward and brought the boy. The Geomchis, looking at the child could not help but cry. Is there is a village nearby the master asked the little boy. The child looked nervous and told them there was and called them uncles. The crowd quickly became rowdy. There was a pained cry from the crowd. They were young and not old enough to be an uncle.  The Geomchis responded very strongly to the boy’s words, though, they should have been happy that they were not mistaken for robbers. With the boy’s words the Geomchis began to reflect on themselves. Then the boy fell on his knees and begged them to save his parents who taken away by the evil giant.

The instructors and students looked expectantly at their master. For them, doing quests was like being an errand boy, so they always refused to accept quests. But this time, the master smiled gently and said: "We will save your parents." It was a dream of all real warriors to help those in need and drive out monsters! The Geomchis headed toward the giant. It was not difficult, since along the way were traces of the giant on the ground. When doing quests, regular players would first gather information and prepare in advance. However, the Geomchis stupidly went on ahead. Following the tracks they came across a huge cave as big as the dragon’s cave they came across before. At the sound of the Geomchis, a huge, but not very intelligent monster appeared. As the giant walked out of his cave it grew angry at the sight of uninvited guests.

The giant man ran toward the Geomchis, and the ground shook as if there was an earthquake. They scattered harmoniously left and right. The huge foot of the giant left a deep mark on the spot where the Geomchis were standing. With his weight and feet as weapons, he was bound to kill some of the Geomchis. The Giant, shouting, was jumping, trying to crush the Geomchis. However, they avoided the jumps and struck at his feet.

The first and second Geomchis smartly climbed onto the giant. The monster didn’t like it, and started to wave his arms around to get rid of the pesky soldiers on the back of his head. The first three Geomchis, clutching the giant’s hair and clothes avoided his attacks. Meanwhile, down below, many blows were dealt on his foot. Like a huge elephant being taken down by a swarm of ants, the giant lost its strength, staggered, and fell onto the ground. While the Geomchis celebrated, a small boy appeared in the distance. He ran exhausted – looking at the men that were appearing from the cave. Embracing them, and telling them something while pointing to the Geomchis. Eventually he came up to the Geomchis and thanked them. The boy bringing a sword much too heavy for him handed it to the master as a reward for saving his parents. The master quickly examined the sword, and found that it was much better than what they had at present. They helped people in distress, increased their fame, while still training. Royal road gradually opened to the Geomchis. {Vol 4 Ch 4}

At the sight of a monster they rushed into battle. Even against stronger monsters the Geomchis didn’t hesitate. Their goal was to get stronger. Striking quickly, they confused the wolf. Then, by maintaining pressure and attacking from different angles, they took it down. The more they played the more they became recognized as ‘A group of Crazy Men’. Five hundred players led by the first five Geomchis. The Geomchis didn’t often whisper to Weed, because they felt uncomfortable distracting the affairs of a man who did so much for them. However, Geomdulchi and Geomsetchi continued to interact with Weed. For one reason: Information was power!

After all, if you knew more than others you could stand in front of the master; find tasty food, know which monsters dropped good loot, and much more. The two of them even learned cooking, all in order to be useful to their idol, their master, who even now surprised them. The master swung his sword as if it was the most natural thing to do in the world. It was aimed perfectly, and the wolf could do nothing to avoid the sword! The disciples became spellbound when watching their master fight. So everyone went out of their way just to please their master. Geomdulchi carefully continued. The master told them that they must separate oneself from the blade. To achieve their goal they must not rely on drugs, or guns in their case. Learn to set aside the sword, and in your mind, continue to practice. That is one of the main methods of training. {Vol 4 Ch 6}

The Geomchis finally passed level 170. They laid waste to everything! Thanks to their crazy pace, they leveled quickly. What was amazing was the fact that they started when Weed was level 180. Here were the results of real men! They walked through the valleys and mountains in the southern kingdom of Rosenheim; sometimes they went to places that were never explored before. They gradually became famous, and naturally, there would be people who were jealous.

Halman and Margaux talked to each other, while Levi and Grand quietly sipped beer. The Dwichigi Quartet! They had tried to use Weed and Mapan, but instead killed themselves. With the Cloud Guild hunting them, they had no choice but to hide in Rosenheim. Since then, several months passed but their levels still haven’t increased, because they hunted people instead of monsters. As always their shady business would be suggested by Gran lets kill the geomchis.

Although they were "friends", there was always the risk of getting betrayed. After all, they already experienced it several times! But still they would get back together. Respect and friendship were not words to describe the relationship the Quartet had. They gathered only because they wanted to have fun! The Quartet blocked the road. It would be a burden for them to take on all 500 Geomchis so they targeted a group of 5 that was separated from the party. It turned out it was the first 5 Geomchis. The five of them had puzzled looks in their eyes. Gran smiled wickedly and drew his sword.

Gran attacked without warning, and rushed forward. The Second and third Geomchi’s mouth opened in surprise. Their master leisurely stepped back, and drew his sword. Like flowing water he blocked the attack. Gran’s eyes were full of triumph. He was using a dangerous attack that exploded on impact. However, the master just simply overcame the attack by deflecting it. As their blades crashed, his blade was deflected and the attack cut down a tree. Up to this point Gran didn’t know what to do. He had no idea it was possible to block the attack.

Compared to Gran, the other 4 Geomchis’ eyes were even wider. When leveling up they learned a few techniques, however the technique their master just used was thought to be useless. It was a technique that consists of first pinpointing the direction of the enemy attack and the amount of power behind it. Then diverting the force, and changing the flow of the attack causing it to miss. In addition, it used up 50 mana, and was hard to use. It didn’t just require technique, you needed to advance quickly and calculate your position. Something only masters could do! The master deflected the attack another 5 times. All the confidence Gran had disappeared. Gran could not say a word. Somewhere he had made a serious mistake. Of course, he didn’t stop, and tried swinging, but that was when the master easily countered him and began to attack.

Gran due to his high health and good armor stayed alive. His teammates didn’t idle, they were moving to surprise attack the rest of the Geomchis. Perhaps other players when realizing that they were facing the Dwichigi Quartet would run away because they didn’t want to get a player kill status, but the Geomchis didn’t even know about this concept. In a sense they were more brutal than the Quartet. After a variety of wounds, the killers quickly died. A few hours later the Quartet met again. The Quartet fell in a serious predicament. And as always Gran came up with an idea.

After yesterday’s events he didn’t want to face them ever again. For the Quartet, Rosenheim was like a haven. There hadn’t been a large guild formed to police there, so crime flourished. The Dwichigi Quartet had joined the Jamaica Guild. Because the guild very badly needed strong players, they accepted the Quartet. The killers immediately contacted their friends in the guild. With lies, the Quartet managed to rally up 300 men. The Dwichigi Quartet with the support of 300 soldiers attacked the Geomchis. They were warned in advance about their opponents’ strengths so they had assassins sniping with crossbows. Many of the Geomchis were killed in the first minutes of the surprise attack. Assassins attacked from behind and slit the throats of many. The survivors, standing back to back, began to block one attack after another.

Many deadly spells flew toward the brave warriors. So far they had never encountered magic, so they were caught off guard. The massive attack dropped their health substantially. The Geomchis, not holding back their anger, cursed. If their enemy approached them, they wouldn’t hesitate to rush in for an attack. But the enemy stood back, attacking from afar with a barrage of spells and arrows. And because the Geomchis didn’t use shields their health began to decline rapidly. Some of the students broke away from the group and rushed at the enemy, but the spells became concentrated and they quickly died. For the first time since they started, their faces were lodged with anger and despair. Sometimes they were dying of hunger, but now they were being killed by unknown players.

Everyone fall back into the forest. They needed more cover there. The first and second swords went on to create an opening. In a wedge type formation, they fended off most arrows, but could not oppose the magic. After suffering heavy losses, they managed to escape into the forest. The Geomchis sighed; all they could do now was rest and bandage their wounds. However, they were poor and didn’t have many. While they rested their pursuers got closer. Apparently they have some thieves or hunters. They can track the Geomchis. The Geomchis were gripped with frustration. As martial artists they could not cover their tracks. They had to run deeper into the forest. But now they were tired, and they were still constantly receiving ranged attacks. Now the Geomchis drastically changed their strategy. They didn’t run, using the forest, they hid and used surprise attacks. However, their wounds were very heavy. Their enemies were using magic and even their priests were treated. Gradually, starting with the weakest, the students began to die, until only the instructors were left. When their health reached 0, in their final moments of life, they would look at the master. In the end, only their master survived.

In the dojo, there was dead silence. The students and instructors were focused on one capsule. The one where their master lay. And now after some time Ahn Hyun-Do, their master came out. Jeong Il-Hoon, Choi Jeong-Beom, Ma San Bohm, Lee Ying-Up and all the pupils were so tensed that their breath trembled. Usually it was in the nature of Ahn Hyun-Do to stay silent but then he slowly said, "He killed me…." "…. "He called himself Gran, and then slit my throat." Everyone finally exhaled. The students and instructors were furious! To them Ahn Hyun-Do was their role model. Yes ,he had some eccentricities, but in swordsmanship he had no equal! Once upon a time, before coming to the school, they doubted his skill when they heard about it. But as they watched him fight, their doubts dissipated. Their idol, to die and be humiliated caused them to rage. But Hyun-Do looking at their angry faces laughed.

It’s has been over 30 years since he had lost a fight. The number of enemies and their level cannot serve as an excuse. Royal Road has become more interesting.  Ahn Hyun-Do clenched his fist. "Let’s repay their offence, a hundredfold." However they froze as their master went up to do something. He walked up to the blackboard and began to write in chalk the names. Gran, Halman, Margaux, Levi and the Jamaica guild

And in front of each name he wrote – enemies! Gran and the other members of the Quartet celebrated their victory. With lies, they got the Jamaica Guild to help and destroy the Geomchis. Now they went over dead bodies to divide the loot. They loved the taste of killing, but with no less pleasure they enjoyed splitting the loot. After all, with just a few days you could get valuable weapons and armor that took months to obtain. With greedy looks Halman and Margaux were to first to search. But soon their faces contorted in surprise. Gran and Levi carefully searched for items. However, they only found several swords in urgent need of repair and barley bread, lots of barley bread.{ Vol 4 Ch 6}

Mapan and Hwaryeong Edit

Mapan and Hwaryeong, after some transactions, headed to the town of Rega.  Mapan and Hwaryeong, sitting on a cart, were engaged in a friendly conversation. Trading consisted of buying and selling, between which took a long and boring journey. As a result, merchants made sure to make friends with the NPCs when they visited a town. So, if you weren’t devoted, trading would be very boring. As a merchant, Mapan could reduce the weight of traded goods, and increase the moving speed of vehicles. However, even with these buffs, journeys were long and boring. Mapan and Hwaryeong generally talked to pass the time. This time, they began to talk about Weed.

Hwaryeong eyes sparkled. She loved fairy tales and legends, and all of the stories about Weed completely delighted her. She was really impressed when she heard that Weed and Alveron. Alveron - a Pope Candidate of the Order of Freya - set out to save the cursed paladins! When they arrived in the ruins of the abandoned village, Weed and Alveron were weakened by the bitter cold and surrounded by monsters of overwhelming strength. Still, they persevered and gradually built up their strength. While the quest was still in progress, Weed sculpted a gigantic ice dragon. When all of the cursed paladins outside of the castle were freed, Weed and his force stormed the Black Castle. There they defeated hordes of vampires, freed the innocent villagers and defeated the final boss Tori. Inside Hwaryeong’s head, all of these events played out as one epic movie. She saw earnest heroes in pain, struggling against the cold, fighting monsters and even the forces of nature itself. Hwaryeong's impression of the recount of Weed's quest was that it was an incredible and dangerous adventure. Mapan shrugged his shoulder.

As they shared small talk they neared the city gates, but then they encountered something odd. They found a large crowd watching something. It was unusual for so many people to be gathered on the plains because the city gates were still a couple of hours away. Mapan and Hwaryeong looked at each other. After a long and tedious journey, they were very interested to know what was happening there. Mapan stopped his cart, and they joined the crowd. Then they saw something that shocked them to the core. Running across the field was a fox. Its lush, long tail swaying gently in deft movements. But they were not shocked by the tail. An unknown player was following the fox on all fours. When the fox jumped, so did the player. When the fox tumbled, so did the player. Sometimes there was a difference in movement that was so small, if it wasn’t for the player, they wouldn’t have noticed.

They were not close enough to see the face of the player from where they were standing. A little girl standing nearby started giggling. And at that moment, the fox turned back. As he looked back Mapan and Hwaryeong saw the player’s face. Weed was imitating a fox. Mapan and Hwaryeong gave each other a look, while everyone else watched excitedly, and pondered the situation. Both of their faith in Weed was boundless, but sometimes he did some embarrassing things. Without saying a word, they turned back toward the vehicle. Completely ignoring Weed. {Vol 4 Ch 5}

CTS Media Edit

It's time for the latest news on the continent of Versailles. And they have a guest in the studio. It's Joo-wan. Joo-wan and Shin Hye-min. Although they quarrel and say random things at times, they are a pair of young reporters of news for the gaming channel, KMC Media. Lee Hyun slowly ate as he watched the news program. Often they are blunt, but it's better than CTS Media. Yes, the eternal problem of time management: seriously making profit, it's hard to stay up to date with all of the events in the game. CTS Media invited to broadcast the most beautiful and famous actors, but they did not have the most important thing, innovation. In each episode, the actors focused on their image and boasted about their characters, which greatly annoyed the audience.

Sometimes the show went so far off-field that it was unclear what they were talking about. Compared to them, the news on KMC Media was much more convenient to watch. The excellently organized collection of information allows them to be surprisingly quick to recognize, and summarize main events in their news programs. The huge size of the Versailles continent gathered the vast number of players who to some extent, wanted to be up to date on the game. The next piece of news was from the Kingdom of Haven where the player Bad Ray received level 370, which was called the 'impenetrable wall.

Bad Ray is one of the leaders ranking among the highest-level players, and known of his nickname 'The Black Knight.' Inside the tower, the soldier finally reached level 370. The highest level in the game! Warriors of the tower. A gathering place for the strongest warriors of Royal Road to compete. A knight in black armor wielding a black sword was fighting against a fierce barbarian. The barbarian, screaming in a fit of rage, inflicted a terrible blow with his two-handed sword. However, using foot techniques, the black knight easily avoided and deflected the enemy attacks. The speed of high-level players defies description. Blades flashed with unimaginable speed. And when you take into account their equipment, you would have thought that it was a battle between a red and a black dragon. Still, the winner was immediately clear: the black knight was playing with his opponent! In the end, the dark player won the battle.

The player Bad Ray won the fight and become the highest-level player in the game. Thanks to the victory over the warriors who guarded the tower, he reached level 370. He also used a technique that has never been seen or used before. Joo-wan was waving his arms and cried about. Bad Ray must have been pushed, to have revealed such skills and technique before so why now? Bad Ray is from the guild, Hermes. Hermes recently took on the previous ruler of the kingdom of Haven, Iluina, and announced that they have chosen the path of a military dictatorship. This means that Haven has declared war on all of the United Kingdoms. Apparently their recruitment of more forces boosted their confidence. Moreover, they have Bad Ray. Although the leader of the guild is a different player, Bad Ray is in fact the face of Hermes. Thus, from the showing of his increase in level from the tower's warriors, Bad Ray announced to the world the supremacy of his guild.

Later on, the news turned to other matters. They mentioned that somewhere far off, some guilds started a war against a powerful wizard in a newly discovered cave. On the mainland of Versailles, something was becoming commonplace: someone lost their items due to the outbreak of tornadoes and earthquakes. Level 370, that numbers refused to leave Lee Hyun's mind. In the Continent of Magic, he was the best player! However, even then, Lee Hyun did not realize the true value of that nickname. He only played for fun, slowly beating monsters and almost never talked to other players. When he gathered an especially numerous amount of items, he would visit a town and then sell them. Hence, the nickname of the 'Best' had a hollow ring to him. It was only when he decided to sell his character that he came to the realization of such a title! He wounded if  Bad Ray sold his account, how huge an amount of money will he make!? This was especially so, as the number of players in the Continent of Magic is not comparable to Royal Road. Over one hundred million people play Royal Road! Office workers, freelancers and many others used the game as a vacation spot. It is so popular! While he improved his fishing skills, Weed saw many people like this. They came to the river Bensa to relax, away from family or work. Having picnics or sunbathing under the hot sun. Even if only level 50, their mood did not spoil.

The players do not hunt monsters for loot; instead, they just bought it all at once in the shops with real money. Often, they did so just to show off in front of their friends, as if they had come on vacation to a resort. In general, that was not far from the truth. With Royal Road, you did not have to take a leave of work for a week, or miss a weekend, as long as you have a capsule in your home. Lee Hyun did not blame these players. On the contrary, he considered them as a different form of clientele. While there are such people in the game, anyone can make a little more. Lee Hyun's thoughts all came back to Bad Ray. Everyone, from junior office workers and ending with company presidents played in Royal Road, so the cost of the highest-level character would be astronomical! However, in the case of Bad Ray, if he is not a fool, it is unlikely he would sell his account. Royal Road has only recently begun its triumphant run throughout the Earth, and according to experts, its popularity will last for at least another 10 years. So selling a character, the value of which will still grow further, would not just set you back in the game, it would also be a great folly.

The next piece on the news was that, a player has reached the intermediate level of Tailoring, Cooking, and Blacksmithing. Lee Hyun bowed in astonishment. Lee Hyun went down that road, so he knew how hard it was to develop these skills to intermediate. So when he heard the news about another player doing this, he could not believe his ears. Well for cooking, it is just a long and tedious process. With tailoring and blacksmithing, if you use good materials you can quickly raise their level. Though, thanks to trade, He was raising the level of skills twice as fast. Lee Hyun found it hard to believe that someone else had mastered all three of these skills to the intermediate level.

Shin Hye-min made a pretty expression and wanted to know if there was an interview. After all, if you find a player who has mastered those three skills to the intermediate level, he would definitely have a lot to say. Unfortunately, they found out about it too late so On Joo-wan couldn't get an interview. He rushed to interview him but, he was too late. The unknown player finally made clothes from prismatic fabric and he disappeared into an unknown direction. The clothes he sold at the auction gained a lot of attention and was made into a video. Now it's displayed here on the screen. The video screen of the studio was replaced with a major medieval city. Buildings made in the style of the Renaissance. Majestic temples and high towers, lots of two and three-story buildings buried in the midst of green gardens. Far ahead you could see the Colosseum, and many players wandering the streets as well as horses pulling carts. In a shop you can see a player arguing with the owner, and in the middle of the spacious square, the auction was taking place.

A merchant wearing a suit offered for sale clothes that add seven different attributes. A lot of players gathered around the dealer in hope of buying something good. The price grew rapidly. Lee Hyun knew the merchant auctioneer. It was Mapan. So the player that raised all three skills to intermediate, it was him. On Joo-wan was speaking about Lee Hyun. Interestingly, would he have fainted if only he know that Lee Hyun's fishing and sculptural skill was intermediate as well? He thought that the recording of the auction they showed on TV was excellent. Players were excited, crying out and colliding with each other for the desired items. With it, Shin Hye-min and On Joo-wan spurred the interest by adding sharp comments. After the completion of the video, the images of the items sold by Mapan appeared, including the price it was sold for, as well as the item description.

On Joo-wan enviously pointed at the monitor behind him. Rare Tunic made from prismatic cloth Thanks the development of skills through trade, the item has incredibly high durability. The defense is also far superior to any other items made of good fabric. In addition, it has seven additional effects! With simple items, there may be two or three randomized effects, but often they are useless. But with this, when it is seven, and all of them are beneficial! For unique items, Lee Hyun could only get a single unit. As with beautiful sculptures in the line of work of a sculptor, things do not always turn out that good as often with tailors. After the auction, the player did not return. Lee Hyun glared at this narcissistic twit. When you become famous, you have to be prepared for the appearance of both pros and cons in your life. For example, if you sell stuff, it's a plus. More people become interested in you and thus buy items; however, due to the fact that players start to follow you, they naturally appear and interfere with hunting and quests. That is why Lee Hyun had asked Mapan to hold the auction for him.

Next story was the siege of Fort Odhein. The Guild Prosperity defended the fort from the attempted invasion of the Guild Balkan, gaining another victory. As of this moment, there is no force in the region that could fight on equal terms with the Guild Prosperity. It can be assumed that for some time, it is only natural that the fortress will be at peace. The prices will increase by 70% due to the costs of the military operations and the repairs from the defense. The screen changed once again. The shot gave a bird's-eye view of the fierce battle between the guilds for Odhein fortress. Apparently, a magician tried to make a recording as he flew across the sky, in an attempt to capture the entire scale of the battle. And it was a success.

A grand battle unfolded before the audience. Wave after wave of attacks hit the walls of the fortress, and the defenders slowly had to recede. It slightly seemed that the resistance was going to break. But no such luck. The result of the battle was that the defenders won, the Guild Prosperity. It was all thanks to the fact that inside the fortress, they divided their forces and were successfully able to defend themselves throughout the day, until the siege couldn't last. "In the battle involved...." Lee Hyun, who had been watching the battle on the screen with interest, had turned off the TV. He took a shower and went to lie back in the capsule. {Vol 4 Ch 7}

Real Life Edit

Lee Hyun Edit

After getting out of his capsule, Lee Hyun logged onto an item auction site. He checked whenever he logged on, and today as well an e-mail from the Dark Gamer Union had arrived. Lee Hyun ignored the e-mail and began to write an auction post. Among the items he acquired, those items that can be sold for cash, needed to be sold immediately. Because as time passes the market prices of Royal Road would slightly decrease. It was an inevitable consequence of the increasing supply as the number of experienced users increased. However, as demand was similarly increasing, it wasn’t a large problem to worry about. The equipment of the vampires who had conquered the Morata area those were still before the auction deadline. By now, their prices had reached from around a 100.000 to 400,000 Won.

Lee Hyun entered an open auction and then registered the items to be sold. The priorities were two of the items that he had received from the High Priest of Freya. Agatha’s sword or the High Priest’s ring. There are market prices for common items. However, for items such as these that are difficult to obtain, the prices vary widely depending on the people who want to buy it. If you met a person who really needed it, it could be sold for an expensive price, but if you didn’t meet that sort of person, you might not receive a reasonable price. Lee Hyun uploaded the auction post onto the site and went to sleep. Overnight, a large fuss was raised on the auction site.

When his account from the Continent of Magic was sold, Weed had already become a celebrity. Through Weed’s account, CTS Media had done several broadcasts on the Continent of Magic. Now even among those not interested in games, there was no one who didn’t know of Weed. Lee Hyun’s ID from the item trading site. That was something that the users definitely remembered. Until now, Weed had sold one or two items, but among those no really good items had been been sold. Death Knights’ equipment weren’t very popular at times, and there weren’t many people who needed vampire capes, boots, and gloves. So it hadn’t received any attention. But the equipment used by the Church of Freya’s paladins did. The gloves that had been engraved with roses were only of the level of an uncommon item, so the market price wasn’t high. However Agatha’s sword that was used by paladins of the Church of Freya was one of the most popular items. The equip level limit was low and the attack was high. You could even use a sacred blessing five times a day with it, so it was a popular item preferred anyone with a class that wielded swords. Someone had looked at list of the items Lee Hyun had uploaded, and after some research, had written this post. This post quickly spread throughout the internet. Weed from Continent of Magic is playing Royal Road! Weed has put on an auction site Freya’s paladins equipment!

At once, many people wrote posts on the auction.The commenters on the auction posts were talking amongst themselves. Joy and surprise could be seen in them at the fact that Weed was playing Royal Road. Those from the Continent of Magic, and those who had heard stories of the chaotic Weed on the internet had gathered together. However several people revealed frank disappointment. The commenters laid out their contentious opinions. For the one known as Weed, the figure who had become the symbol of gaming, the people were divided between those who congratulated Weed for becoming a paladin of the church of Freya, and those who were disappointed that though he was a bit strong he wasn’t at his former absolute strength. Naturally, while this was going on, attention was drawn away from the auction post. Beneath their attention, the price of the goods that Lee Hyun had put up for the auction climbed up very slowly.

In the meantime someone appeared. He urgently posted a single line of writing. That he was logged in to Royal Road. Then the person who had first uploaded the post wrote a more detailed post and posted again. ”In Versailles Continent time, about 5 hours ago, in concert the NPCs of Royal Road began telling stories relating to Weed. NPCs across the continent are shouting out the tale of his adventure in defeating the True-blood Vampire clan, who played an important role in the Magician of Darkness Barkhan Demoph’s Immortal Legions, and returning the Church of Freya’s sacred relic. I was also a user in the Continent of Magic. I heard talk that Mr. Weed had set paladin’s equipment for sale and I came here wanting to confirm this. So this was truly something done by Mr. Weed. I’m filled with admiration.

The people were distrustful and tried to ignore the post. It was a self evident truth that the difficulty of a quest to return the Church of Freya’s sacred relic and eradicate the True-blood Vampire clan would be high. To say that one person had solved this quest couldn’t be accepted. However the evidence was too obvious. The equipment used by the paladins of the Church of Freya and the High Priest’s ring! Especially the High Priest’s ring, as from what had been said about it, it was known that only someone who had provided a very large service for the church would have been given it. Even if you had become a paladin, it wasn’t an item that you would just receive. In addition, there was another piece of evidence that could not be denied. The vampires’ items that had been put up for sale by Lee Hyun last time. The vampire’s mantle and boots that were still up for auction did not leave any more room for doubt.

Lee Hyun slept for 4 hours and opened his eyes before the sun had even risen. He quickly wore his clothes and headed to the morning market. It was in order to buy the side-dishes for breakfast and for his younger sister’s lunchbox. Of course the school provided food, but nowadays there weren’t many people that ate that. The nutrition was poor and the origins of the ingredients could not be trusted. Even if food poisoning occurred only rarely, wouldn’t it still be a big problem if it was caught. He had to prepare good food for the sake of his little sister who was working hard on her exam studies. Even if this wasn’t the case, to prevent his sister from feeling any more sorrow from the loss of their parents, he wanted her to eat food filled with love.

While Lee Hyun roved the producer’s market he bought fresh vegetables and meat. He didn’t forget to properly cut down the prices. Even in shops that didn’t give a good discount on their prices during the day, by greeting them early in the morning and making his face familiar, it was possible to purchase goods pretty cheaply. As he had originally taken all responsibility for the household chores on himself, he had a certain confidence in his cooking. However the reason that his cooking skill had now rapidly advanced was because of Royal Road. Now he held confidence that in cooking at least he wouldn’t come second to anyone. It was of a level that he could find a job in a restaurant’s kitchen.

When he returned from looking around the market, his sister emerged from her room rubbing her eyes. Lee Hyun had made a promise with his grandmother. The promise was that he would pass his GED, as he had not been able to graduate from high school normally. However he still hadn’t even taken a look at his books. If there was time to study geography, he would take another look at the map of the Versailles continent. Instead of studying Korean history, he had to read the history books of the Versailles continent. Because if you wanted to be a great adventurer you had to know background history. However he didn’t have the heart say something like that.

As his sister washed, Lee Hyun prepared the breakfast. As it was becoming winter and the weather was turning chilly, he prepared a refreshing natural soup, red bean rice, and plain side-dishes. After he sent his little sister to school, a few minutes of free time became available. Lee Hyun connected to the item auction site. However the number of bidders on the auction post was no fewer than 140,000 people. It was obvious 140,000 people had placed a bid, but the highest price for the items didn’t even reach 230,000 Won. Even if Agatha’s Holy Sword was sold for next to nothing, it was still an item that would go for at least 2,000,000 Won. Lee Hyun didn’t have a clue so he clicked on the auction post.

The person who had wrote this was the first to bid 500 Won on the auction. Many people who wanted to participate in an auction would start bidding from 10 Won, so the amount was meaningless. The second person to upload a post, raised the auction to 501 Won. After that it became a spectacle. It was these people’s own way of showing their affection through fun. It was an expression of their friendliness as they slowly raised the auction price. Thanks to the participation of many bidders in the auction, it was quickly brought to the attention of other people. Rumors spread over the internet so that people who hadn’t even heard of Weed went looking for it.  {Vol 4 Ch 1}

Joining the Dark Union Edit

==== Lee Hyun closed his math textbook. A few years ago he had to drop out of middle school, and since then he never once thought he'd open a textbook again. However, to pass the exam in order to get high school diploma he just had to get back to studying. Ever since Hyun left school, he was spending all of his time on earning money by manual labor, so his brain got pretty rusty. Lee Hyun was muttering to himself nonstop. It was very hard to study math all by himself, but going to cram school would mean additional expenses. ==== After a long speculation Hyun and his sister decided that she'll help him with studies for an hour every couple of days. But even with his sister's help, learning math was very hard. And when the student has no interest in the subject, teacher has to put dozen times more effort. However Hayan had planned everything ahead. Knowing her brother well, she took an unusual approach to education. She told him to look at the numbers as his saving.

When Hayan was asking questions like that, she was always getting a correct answer in a blink of an eye. Hyun got always get the answer if it was to do with money. Hayan smiled happily. After a long break from studying, Hyun's head was barely working; but gradually he started to notice that solving problems became easier and easier. Hyun have read all the textbooks and solved half the problems from them. He even borrowed all the textbooks his sister had. All in 4 days before the exam! That's because when you still have a lot of time you just can't make yourself study. But once exams are already at hand, you just have no choice but to get yourself together and learn all you can in the remaining time.

And so came the day of the exam. Hyun left his home early, to be able to walk to the school in the centre of the town, where his exam was held. On the way there he visited his grandmother in the hospital. She was getting better, she wasn't as pale, and according to her doctor, she was able to go for walks all by herself. Lee Hyun tightly gripped her hand. His grandmother's hands were all wrinkled from the hard manual labor that she had to do in her late years to raise Hyun and Hayan after their parents died. Hyun will be grateful to her for the rest of his life. If not for their grandmother, they'd be sent to orphanage and most likely get separated, as it is rare for two children to be adopted by the same family. After a whil  Hyun said goodbye to his grandmother and went to the school. Exam was held at a public high school ‘Korea’. It was part of educational complex ‘Korea’ and was located near a college and a university.

Though the university didn't get into top ten most prestigious universities of the country, it had good teaching staff and well-designed infrastructure. A lot of talented young people, including students from abroad, were studying here in an independent and creative environment. The main quality of a prestigious university isn't its rating inside the country, but its reputation abroad. 'Korea' university was well-known in other countries, so it had more students from abroad than any other Korean university. Lee Hyun appreciated the majesty of the main building of the university. After receiving his question list, Lee Hyun noted with a surprise that he knew most of it. His intense and rushed studying method had a great result. Though he shouldn't ignore the fact that this exam was meant for adult and elderly people, who for some reason, were not able to get a proper education. So it was a bit easier than the usual exam. I know almost all of them. If only I had a chance to continue getting education, I'm sure I would have achieved a great result. - thought Hyun, slowly looking through the questions.

Hyun regretted a lot that he wasn't able to continue going to school. In his opinion, the faults in Korean educational system gave rise to another unfortunate genius! But he didn't have time for idle thoughts, so he took his pen and started writing down answers to the questions, contemplating deep in thoughts over some problem from time to time. One of the subjects Hyun was allowed to choose for his exam was ethics. Actually, he could pick a foreign language or some other subject, but he picked ethics as he decided that he doesn't need to study it, you just have to know basic principles. Lee Hyun scratched his head. Even his decision to leave school wasn't as hard to make. He thought ethics was an easy subject, but it proved to have such complicated questions.

Ethics was last subject, so with it he finished his exam. In the hallways, people who just finished their exam, were standing in small groups. And almost all of them were talking about Royal Road. Lee Hyun picked up his bag and started walking towards the exit. He wasn't in a hurry so he decided to walk behind that gossiping group of guys. He wanted to hear the rest of their conversation. One of the guys looked to be around 30 years old; the other two were a bit younger. One of the guy called, Joong Hoon was a Dark Gamers Union member. Dark Gamer was a name for players who were making money through games. But Hyun was most surprised by the reaction of two other guys: they knew who that man was and they were jealous. Lee Hyun thought that there's nothing to be proud about if you earn money by playing games. Because you're not making anything useful, not bringing anything new into the world, you just make money out of thin air. And were games to disappear, you'd be one of the most useless people in the world.

To get home he had to take a bus. However Joong Hoon and two guys stopped on the parking lot near a foreign car. He offered show the others what being a dark gamer is. They got in a car and Hyun didn't have a choice but to be on his way to bus stop, when Joong Hoon called out to Hyun if he wanted to come. Hyun started to consider if he should accept the invitation, but the man continued that he noticed him listening to their conversation. They were headed to the regular meeting of dark gamers. If he wanted join them. What did he have to lose, He got into the car.

Dark gamers were gathering at an abandoned warehouse. Inside a huge building there were a couple of capsules, a long table, and multiple chairs. Choi Joong Hoon started talking about the dark union. He told them that no more than a hundred thousand player make money by selling items from Royal Road. Most of them are from India, China and some other countries of East Asia. International borders meant nothing for Royal Road. Any person from any country was able to enjoy the game using capsule. Even the language barrier was removed, thanks to the automatic speech translation software, provided by Unicon Corporation.

There's a trading company in Korea that works only with Royal Road. They sell items and in-game money obtained by their employees. They made their own decision. But they made theirs, and do not want publicity. A lot of theirs members are unsociable by nature and prefer to be alone. Players like that wouldn't be able to show their potential in a big company. That is why the Dark Gamers Union was created. Choi Joong Hoon's words slightly confused recruits. Choi Joong Hoon told him the main reason for Union is information exchange. Their union accumulates information gathered by members. It allows them to learn about hunting grounds, good dungeons, profitable trading routes and rare monsters.

You can't get all the information immediately. Member's access level is determined by his rank within the Union. It was a security measure. It didn't happen before, but some member might leak our information outside, and Union is all about information. Also players of level 100 have no use for information about dungeons of level 200 and higher. Therefore they assign ranks to their members according to the value of information they provide. And that rank determines how much access they have to their data. That's how it all works. Of course every new member gets access to the basic information.

Also if you actively participate in the Union's activities, your rank rises. Same thing if you sell items through their auction website often enough. But there's a certain limit to that kind of advance in rank. They sign up by filling out sheets. They needed to stated their character names, levels and other related information. Depending on this data the initial rank was assigned. Lee Hyun though it over 2nd time and after counting all the pros and cons shook his head. But in the end he did not want to join.

But Choi Joong Hoon did not stop trying. He told Hyan that he was different and if he join he get access to some special information. It looked like Choi Joong Hoon saw a lot of players like Hyun and so was pretty accurate with his assumptions. He told Hyun that if he was serious Royal Road player he was better off joining their Union. Lee Hyun, who was silent up till this moment, quietly replied: "I don't have time to raise my rank and I don't want to give away any information."

If Lee Hyun was to reveal his name - Weed - he'd most likely have some problems. He recalled how On Joo-wan threatened to interview him. But even the 2nd rejection didn't upset Joong Hoon. On the contrary, it seemed he liked Hyun's response. He told Hyun to go to their wedsite and use these login details. It was a special account for people who join their website for the first time. It gives him access to a decent amount of valuable data and he could change the password once he login if he was worried someone else might get access to his information. Finally he told Hyun that the Dark gamers have three rules. First rule of dark gamers is ‘Don't trust anyone'. Second rule: 'Give as much as you take'. Third rule: 'Only trust in money'. And so Lee Hyun decided to join the Dark Gamers Union. { Vol 4 Ch 9}

Quests: Edit

The exiles living in the Plains of Despair: Accepted

Understanding a Sculpture: Accepted and Completed

Darone’s orders: Accepted and Completed

Item Obtained: Edit

Deykram’s red Wyvern leather belt

States And Skills Obtained: Edit

Blacksmith Skill

Fishing Skill

Tailoring Skill

Sword Grind Skill

Armor Polish Skill

Quadruple run skill

Sculpture Transformation

Sculptor: Edit

Sea Nymph

Five figurines of animals

Titles Obtained Edit


Trivia Edit


Chapter Involved: Edit

Chapter 1 : Plains of Despair

Chapter 2 : Jack of All Trades

Chapter 3 : Prismatic Clothing Auctions

Chapter 4 : Engraving Master Darone

Chapter 5 : Shapeshifter sculpture

Chapter 6 : Ohdein Castle Siege

Chapter 7 : Dungeon Hunt

Chapter 8 : Weed's Hunt

Chapter 9 : The Dark Gamers Union

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