Kallamore Kingdom


Kallamorian city

A Kallamorian knight Order

Once a great Empire of the Central Continent, now integrated by the Haven Empire. The birth place of Van Hawk, former vice captain of the Kallamorian Imperial Knights division [1]. First mentioned in vampire kingdom Todeum[2].


A proud country with a noble and rough tradition; and a fierce knights order.


A great mountain range at their border. This mountain range is filled with monsters and the country suffers of regular skirmish and invasions from monsters.


In the past, the strongest country of Central Continent. More to come

Famous placesEdit

Evaluk Castle, with Dain the new Lord of Evaluk [1], trying to implement a similar policy to Morata favoring culture and the people.

Reinstadem, where Van Hawk appeared, after the Nodule and Hildegard quest [3]

Main featuresEdit

Monster floodEdit

More to come

Kallamore knighthoodEdit

More to come (v?c?)


Recent EventsEdit

  • Helped to defend Morata to repay a debt contracted in the Vampire land(v?c?).
  • Was defeated by the Haven Kingdom, their nemesis.
  • Brutally invaded and destroyed, after their leader refused to submit (v?c?),
  • Awakening of the undead Kallamorian Imperial Knights division

Related NPC Edit

  • xxx, King of Kallamore, killed during the Haven kingdom invasion.
  • Kolderim, former Knight Hero, freed by Weed, killed in duel by Bard Ray (v26c5)
  • Van Hawk, former Vice Captain knight of of the Kallamorian Imperial Knights division. 

Related Players Edit

  • Bard Ray, killer of Kolderim, the kallamorian hero, after he refused to submit to him.
  • Dain, new Lord of Evaluk Castle [4]
  • Weed, who freed the soul of 2 great knights, Kolderim and Van Hawk.


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