Many kingdom existed in the past but where lost in history. Their legacy are slowly being rediscovered by the users. Either through quest with actual video that can be seen or item that can be found, or even experienced through actual gameplay through a special event...

Geography of the PastEdit

Depending on the time line, the geography of the past will change. In any case, it is not possible to rely on the actual geography of the Central Continent. For example : the desert of tranquility was transformed, after Weed cloud sculpture [1] was no longer the same.

Time lineEdit

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Time travelEdit

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Item related to timeEdit

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Skill related to timeEdit

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List of Ancient KingdomsEdit

An incomplete list, including :

  • Aberdeen Kingdom, in war with the Masen Kingdom about a Blood-absorbing Jewel that was used by Weed to make a ring to boost Tori's power [2]

(not confirmed yet as a kingdom of the past)

  • Arpenian Empire/Ahreupen Empire/Arpen Empire(Fist Empire to rule over the entire continent; Currently, Weed created his own Kingdom after his Name in the North and honored the memory of its founder by creating a sculpture after him) [3]
  • Bansen Kingdom[4], a kingdom of the past producing swords
  • Beiner Kingdom, great nation from ancient times [5], was on the frontline during the war against the Embinyu Church. During the battle, it's capital area got hit by a 4 large meteor [6].
  • Bromba Kingdom[7] (브롬바 왕국) A kingdom existing 102 years ago. The location of the kingdom was on the Jackson Plains, and after it's demise, its territories were torn apart and became the Bremen Kingdom[8].
  • Bruban Kingdom, also translated Bruback[9], whose King was the Elemental Sculptor Belsos, whose tomb was successfully opened by Weed, after the Crimson Wing's failed attempt[10]. It was visited again by Weed during his Nodule and Hilderun quest, after he involontary started transformed the desert of tranquility [11]. It was before the time of king sculptor Belsos. There were 15 tribes at that time, and the most famous oasis was already Laos (a rare and beautiful desert lake).
  • Dagan Kingdom, Kingdom that has developed into a kingdom of extravagence and hedonism as a result of the Embinyu Churches influence. [12]
  • Droma Kingdom, Destroyed by weed and lead to the creation of a new undisclosed dynasty [13]
  • Eluna Kingdom, ancient kingdom that used to own the Heltun Castle now controlled by the Haven Empire [14]
  • Kaldeath Kingdom,[15], (칼데스 왕국) an ancient kingdom of the North, previous to Niflheim Empire.
  • Kelton or Keltun Kingdom, [16] at war against Mapon Kingdom, ancient Kingdom from the Central Continent. Bard Ray time travelled there for his master quest. Later on, it was overrun with Embinyu fanatics [17]
  • Isran Kingdom[18] (이스란) a small ancient frontier kingdom. Princess Remi was the first princess there.
  • Jepen Kingdom, Nation who fall to the influence of the Embinyu church, located in the central continent. [19]. Was seized by Nodule/Weed armies [20]
  • Mapon Kingdom[21] (마폰 왕국) Ancient kingdom, its army was destroyed with the help of Bard Ray. It's an enemy of the Beiner Kingdom. But they were forced by Weed ally to fend off the Embinyu army [22]
  • Nehallem Kingdom, ruled by the lord Balkad, was attacked and taken over by the living sculpture Iron-1 because the population was mistreated [23].
  • Niflheim Empire (니플하임 제국) (The second Empire, which took over the Continent for the second time, after the fall of the Arpenian Empire; Capital was of the North, it was destroyed 150 years ago. Weed helped to clean the reputation of its last Emperor, by lifting the seal over the circumstances of his death[24].
  • Portu Kingdom [25], ruled by the Warlock King ??? and destroyed by the Raum Kingdom, with the help of the sculptors Weed and Zahab [26]
  • Straud Kingdom, rediscovered by the living sculpture Iron-5 which developed friendship with his king and became famous as a spearman[27]

List of Ancient CitesEdit

  • Antarosa, former capital of the first Arpen Empire, now on britten alliance territory, now a haven for roaming monsters and adventurers [28]
  • Antika, an old City that was rediscovered by Weed[29]
  • Buhares desert City[30]
  • Laos desert City[31], a rare place in the desert, build next to a desert lake, also a beginner hunting place with scorpion, snakes and crocodiles.
  • Metapeia desert City [32]
  • Nukud desert City [33]
  • Ocharem desert City[34]
  • Probullen desert City [35]
  • Ratzenburg, the first City ever to be created [36].
  • King Belsos Tomb, also translated King Versos’s Ruins is in the south of the actual Norton Kingdom. It is also called The Scorpion King Tomb.


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