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Many korean dishes are listed in the Novel. And some other dishes too. And Weed is a big fan of developping his cooking skill (almot raised it up to advance level).

He use it to support the moral of his allies and troops[1]

He is also using Bingryong as a living walking freezer[2].

Therefore, along the description of his cooking skill, we are starting a list of his most famous dishes. It is also a good opportunity to discover Korean great cooking skill.

For lazy people, a short introduction on Korean Food can be found here.

Weed's favorite dishesEdit

it is said that Weed really likes to eat those 2 dishes [3]

Both dishes are regularly made from the chickens (pets )  that he raises in his backyard.

Korean foodEdit

Some of the food that Weed prepares online for his team players, with his cooking skills:

  • Jajangmyun, especially with radish, one of the most popular restaurant dish in Korea and Weed loves it [4]. It's a Korean Chinese noodle dish with a black bean sauce, and also Geomchi 3 favorite dishes[5].  
  • Boshintang or Gaejangguk, an old traditional Korean Soup, and a local curiosity, made with dog meat  
  • Hoe or Sashimi, Korean / Japanese fish delicacy, made with various fish. For example, with Sea bass, Flounder, Salmon, Flatfish, Sea Bream and Tuna[6].
  • Jokbal, korean Ham Hock[7].
  • Oden[8], Korean / Japanese fishsoup.
  • Pajeon[9], korean type of pancake.
  • Snacks, various[10]. It exist a large variety of Korean snacks recipe More or less traditional traditional
  • Tempura  Japanese / Korean various fried fish or vegetable (blowfish, Bok-eo or Fugu Tempura[11])  
  • Tteokbokki  [12], Korean rice cake.
  • Bingsu
  • Shaved Ice, an ice dish popular with children.

Non typical Korean foodEdit

  • Bread, Barley ; the Geomchi favorite food. An old bread recipe that goes back to the iron age. Korea has it's own version of it, called Chalboribbang
  • Bread, freshly backed [13]
  • Clams [14], the Korean culture has various recipe, including Clams as a main ingredient.
  • Oyster [15], the Korean culture has various recipe, including Oyster as a main ingredient. 


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