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Many Korean dishes are listed in the Novel, and some other dishes too. And Weed is a big fan of developing his cooking skill (almost raised it up to advanced level).

He use it to raise the moral of his allies and troops[1].

He is also using Bingryong as a living walking freezer[2].

Therefore, along the description of his cooking skill, we are starting a list of his most famous dishes. It is also a good opportunity to discover Korean great cooking skill.

For lazy people, a short introduction on Korean Food can be found here.

Weed's favorite dishesEdit

it is said that Weed really likes to eat these 2 dishes [3]

Both dishes are regularly made from the chickens (pets )  that he raises in his backyard. Although it is true that these two dishes have Chinese and Japanese origins, the dishes were changed greatly to fit the taste of Koreans.

Korean foodEdit

Some of the food that Weed prepares online for his team players, with his cooking skills:

  • Jajangmyun, especially with radish, one of the most popular restaurant dish in Korea, and Weed loves it [4]. It's a Korean Chinese noodle dish with a black bean sauce, and also Geomchi 3's favorite dish[5].  
  • Boshintang or Gaejangguk, an old traditional Korean Soup, and a local curiosity, made with dog meat.  
  • Hoe or Sashimi, Korean Japanese fish delicacy, made with various fish. For example, with Sea bass, Flounder, Salmon, Flatfish, Sea Bream and Tuna[6].
  • Jokbal, Korean Ham Hock[7]. It's the foot of the pig. It is considered an anju, which means that it's often served with soju, a type of Korean alcohol.
  • Oden[8], Korean Japanese fish cake and soup.
  • Pajeon[9], Korean type of pancake. Usually contains a variety of seafood and vegetables.
  • Snacks, various[10]. It exist a large variety of Korean snacks recipe More or less traditional traditional
  • Tempura  Japanese Korean various fried fish or vegetable (blowfish, Bok-eo or Fugu Tempura[11])  
  • Tteokbokki  [12], Korean spicy rice cake.
  • Bingsu, Korean shaved ice topped with red beans, chopped fruits, fruit syrup, condensed milk. Sometimes, rice cakes, jellies, or ice cream can be added in. There are many varieties of this dish, and is very popular in many other countries as well.
  • Shaved Ice, an ice dish popular with children. You can find them in many other countries too.

Non typical Korean foodEdit

  • Bread, Barley ; the Geomchi favorite food. An old bread recipe that goes back to the iron age. Korea has its own version of it, called Chalboribbang
  • Bread, freshly baked [13]
  • Clams [14], the Korean culture has various recipe, including Clams as a main ingredient.
  • Oyster [15], the Korean culture has various recipe, including Oyster as a main ingredient. 


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