Also translated Raphael in some volumes.


Lafaye is at the core of the Haven Empire. With Bard Ray, he is Hermes Guild other key top figure. He is the one who is in charge of planning, development as well as the logistic of the Haven Empire. Lafaye was originally the head of the Hermes guild [1].

Position within Haven EmpireEdit

  • The Hermes Guild had grown thanks to Lafaye [2] and thanks to the intelligence staff behind him. He is Hermes real strategist. Thanks to Lafaye and his advisor staff, Hermes leadership decisions were always optimized and the benefits maximized [3].

Relation with Bard RayEdit

  • Bard Ray exercise substantial control over the Hermes Guild but that is with Lafaye agreement[4].

Their complex relationship can be described as complementary and mutually beneficial on the long term. The right word to describe it would be a business partnership.

Position within HermesEdit

  • The important goals and detailed plans for the guild are determined by Lafaye and his advisors. Things like the development of the Empire, measuring personnel, military education and diplomatic negotiations are done by Lafaye (and his team of advisors)" [5]. For example, we see him defining the mainframe for the Arpen invasion [6].


More to come


More to come


More to come

  • First appearance : [7]


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