Lamia white

Lamia, Boss class, white

Lamia sleping

Sleeping lamia in the forest

Lamia anatomy

Lamia's unusual anatomy


Lamia uper body is that of a beautiful naked woman. With bright attractive smile, and slender fingers. They can be very tempting for men, as if any man’s desire would come true.

But if the eye drifts down to lower half, you will be shocked. Lamia’s lower half is that of a snake, a gradually thickening snake’s body with a long tail!. (v9c3) 


A highly resistant to cold subspecies is known to exist in the death valley. Level 320+

The Sendheim Valley, also called valley of death (v9c3), before Weed's quest and the fall of the 12th Church of the Embinyu Cult

Combat FeaturesEdit

"They have a fighting ability similar to Ice Troll and high intelligence as well. They are highly difficult monster to handle". v9c3

Special Attack Edit

  • Poison Magic (stinger), called Venom of Eucla (v9c9)
  • Charm 
  • The physical strength in their tail, that can strangle and crush


  • To flying opponents

Other features

Snake are normally cold blooded. Therefore they will avoid great cold. On the opposite, Lamias in Sendheim Valley are said to be have a similar fighting ability to Ice Troll. Question: is it a translation issue (similar in terms of level only) or does that ability include a strong affinity with cold ? Would suggest a rare subspecies adapted to great cold. And a new name also, Ice or Snow lamia.

  • Lamia 3 red.jpg Three Lamia, with fire element
  • Lamia, with water/ice element
  • Lamia, with poison element
  • Lamia beauty
  • Lamia warrior, ice element
  • Lamia, furious
  • Lamia, in the forest
  • Lamia's den
  • Lamia girl
  • Lamia warrior
  • Lamia's Boss class magic user with staff
  • Lamia sisters
  • Lamia aggressive
  • Lamia sleeping on a tree
  • Lamia, indian, strong
  • Lamia, white