Lamia white

Lamia, Boss class, white


Sendheim Valley

Lamia sleping

Sleeping lamia in the forest

Lamia anatomy

Lamia's unusual anatomy


The Lamias are considered rare[1] monsters that can be found inhabiting the Sendheim Valley in the Northern Continent[2].


Lamia is an humanoid monster, upper body resembles that of a beautiful naked woman and lower takes the form of snake's tail. It has an attractive smile and slender fingers, it can be very tempting for men[3]. It has needles in its body[4].

Monster InformationEdit

  • It has strong resistance to cold[5].
  • Its level is around 320[6].
  • Its fighting ability similar to Ice Troll and high intelligence as well. They are highly difficult monster to handle[7].
  • Lamias defense is weak if compared to Ice Trolls[8].
  • Lamias can use spells[9]:
    • Eye of Temptation: it is a kind of curse, regardless race, it will weaken male's strength and can't be dispelled with holy magic. The Wyverns and Gold Man can't be tempted[10].
    • Poison of Eucla: the lamias release deadly blue poison in the air using their body stingers[11].


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