Lavia, the flying city 




The flying City is the home of the Avian Race, Weed found it in the Rosenheim Kingdom[1]. The Sky City became part of Arpen Kingdom and Avians can even contribute to the defense of the Country [2].

Description Edit

The flying City is called City of Heaven. It was first discovered by Hermes founding team. Then by Weed through a book(it was given by Volk as a payment from making him a wooden flower bouquet. Volk gave the book to Weed because he sincerely wanted to reward Weed for helping him with his marriage demand) called Forgotten City - 4 [3].

From the book description, it was mentioned that you need a Mysterious Seed to climb up to the City of Heaven[4]..

Origin of the flying CityEdit

  • The Origin of the City is mysterious.

We only know that Bar Khan did hide there [5]. The dungeon also are infested with undead. Not much is known about that history, mysteriously hidden.

  • The avians are the descendant of golden bird.

Same as for Bar Khan, we don't know when they found the City.

Related NPC Edit

Discovery of the flying CityEdit

The discovery was first made by the Hermes founding members.

Related NPC Edit

  • Ancient of the ??? village

Related PCEdit

  • Hermes founding members, including Dain.
  • The paladin Volk
  • Weed , and his first team 

More users came up later on.

Related race Edit


Famous Avian NPC Edit

  • Golden bird, father and ruler of the avians.
  • Seagull, avian herbalist

Related place Edit

  • Shops
  • Beginner Training center

Beginner T.C.

More to come

Related itemEdit

More to come

Related story arcEdit

City of Heaven


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