They are a trio of Hye, Fractal, and Board Mir. First appearance when Weed needed a ship and tricked them with Bellot's help to sign a contract to navigate to the Jigolath[1].

Profile and dataEdit

  • Name/Known as: The 3 mad sharks of Becky Nin
  • Species: Humans
  • Class/Profession: Sailor[2].
  • Status: Alive & kicking.
  • Level: ??? [3]
  • Affiliation : none, then Arpen Kingdom [4]
  • First appearance: encounter with Weed's team [5]

Stats and SkillsEdit

Their profession is Sailor,



  • They have Sea related skills[7].




  • Their headquarter is in Becky Nin[10].
  • They have notorious reputations as pirates. They are acting friendly to get hired as navigators, but then they incite chaos and mutiny among the ship's crew. In rare cases, even steal ships if they can [11].
  • Weed hired them to navigate his ship to Jigolaths, also known as Las Phalanx, one of the Forbidden Zones.

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