One of the Grand Buildings that Weed builted in the North to help Morata grow.

Location Edit

It was designated to be built on a vacant lot in the outskirts of Morata.

Builting Cost Edit

Research Tower!
This tower is where the mages stay to study about the truth of the world.
It would allow to study the four different branches of magic.
Developed magic could be taught to qualified mages and in exchange, the mage will give research or jewelry.
It will create a rapid growth in training among mages and will be able to teach unique experiences.
The research capacity of the Research Tower will vary depending on the abilities and number of the staying Archmages.
A lot of money is going to be spent to support the mages with their grants and remunerations.
Construction Cost: At least 1.8 million gold.
Construction period of at least seven months.
The construction period may increase depending if there’s any accidents with the personnel involved.
Experienced Architects are required.
The Architects who participated in this work will be able to get a unique experience.
Multiple sculptors, painters and mages have to be mobilized. The artists who participated in this work will be able to have additional opportunities with their name

Stats Edit

Ref Edit

Volume 27 Chapter 6

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