Introduction Edit

Kang Jin-Cheol[1] is a friend of Weed. In Royal Road he plays as Mapan, a merchant specializing in trading items.[2] When he initially chose to be a merchant, He was filled with hopes and dreams. The merchant class really struck Mapan's fancy because of Money. For Mapan Money is power, money is fame. Mapan met Weed in Baran Village, when Weed returned from Lavias with bags of loot. He eagerly bought all the loot he could from Weed, making much profit and raising his level. He decided to follow Weed in order to make the most profit.

Mapan developed a great admiration for Weed's business skills, and the two often worked together in business dealings. He admired Weed and at the same time hated him for being a Jack of all trades. This man is even more commercial-minded than me. Confucius had once said: "When there are three people walking, a teacher is bound to be among them." Even from a jack of trades, I can learn something from him.These were Mapan's words before starting an adventure with Weed.

Over time he learns many things from Weed and quickly seems to adjust his trading style to increase his wealth.

Between Mapan and Gamong they seem to be the largest traders and merchants in the north[3].

Personal Life Edit

is having relationship with Gamong[4]
  • The birth of the dark merchant

Abilities Edit

  • Discount
  • Overcharge

Mapan's Trading Company Edit

  • Mapan - Company Head
  • Black Money - The Central Continent branch director[5].

Trivia Edit

  • It's mentioned later that he has a rolling bellyt[6], and then a triple neck folds[3]. Unknown if it's developed over time or an original trait.
  • It's mentioned that Mapan's conscious has slowly degraded since meeting Weed[5].

References Edit

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