it is a religion which followed the God Matallost, who guides the dead. The Priests of the Matallost Church had strong holy power and can guide the dead. (V15 C8) They had a temple on the River of Lamentation from which it's priests lead the souls of the dead to next life.

Some of known hierarchy is High Priest and Guardian Knight.


The church which was once powerful and virtuous. But later the Matallost Church lost its influence to the other churches. Then, it is tricked by Embinyu Church and forming an alliance with the Embinyu Church while dreaming of revenge.

As Embinyu Church is a cult that worshipped demons knowing nothing but hatred, Metallost church were corrupted, neglected their duty to guide the dead and became the eleventh sect of the Embinyu Church. They had a temple on the River of Lamentation from which it's priests lead the souls of the dead to afterlife. But instead they lead the spirit of the dead straight to hell which gave more power to Embinyu. Later, when the Priest of Matallost realize their mistake, they were imprisoned by Embinyu Church.

Sacred Relic

Matallost Church have 5 Sacred Relic.

Resurrection Church arc

During the Resurrection Church arc Weed began to fight against the Matallost Church which already corrupted (Embinyu Church's 11th sect). Known relics of the Matallost Church include the Copper Plate of Rest, the Cane of Promise and the Token of Alliance. As with all Church's, the Matallost Church has a Pope and God. Their symbol is known as the Statue of Death After 11th Sect of Embinyu is destroyed, imprisoned Priest of Matallost is released and they back to practice their true religion of Matallost God. (vol 16).

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