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Maylon real name is Shin Hye Min. 


As a popular host and reporter for KMC Media [1]. As a reporter, Maylon has a naturally inquisitive personality and somewhat upbeat manner[2]. When in the presence of her boyfriend, Pale, both becomes intensely sweet[3].

She also has a very active imagination, which often leads to a cycle of generating dreams and fantasies, and then getting those fantasies squashed [4]. This can be seen when theorizing about Weed's adventures, and becomes flabbergasted, disappointed, and/or shocked when Weed reveals the truth behind them. Despite this, Maylon is a reliable supporter, and can usually be seen fighting alongside Pale during battles.


Friends, Associates, and AcquaintancesEdit

Like any other friendships, there are always ups and downs but overall they are still friends and she gets along with them pretty well.


Shin Hye Min gets along with her co-workers pretty well.

Guests & Non-AcquaintancesEdit

There are times when at work, when they will bring in guests or experts to discuss about the current hot issues or events in Royal Road and Shin Hye Min usually keeps her cool like a professional person should do even if sometimes it angers her inside when she sometimes disagrees with them.

Oh Dongman/PaleEdit

Her boyfriend; sometimes they go into lovey-dovey moments which occasionally freak out their friends and they trust each other profoundly. They met in Rosenheim Kingdom , while helping Weed with the Tomb of King Theodarren sculpture [5]

Fighting Style (Game World)Edit

Maylon fights often at distance and uses mostly bow and arrows during combat [6].


These are a few titles Maylon earned in "Royal Road" that are known

Lich Dungeon Hunter[7]Edit

  • You have hunted all the monsters in the Rotten Lich Dungeon.
  • Title of Lich Dungeon Hunter has been given.

It took Weed and his party 7 (game) days to kill all the monsters in that dungeon.

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