Weed created this masterpiece, while aiming at achieving his master class quest. It became the new symbol of the Kairaka mining village. Of course, King Weed was also aiming at developing mining the Arpen Kingdom, and especially boosting mining in this area.

Background Edit

This sculpture is the new symbol of the Kairaka village, a mining village close to Mordred. This village, close to the mines, was originaly a dwarves village belonging to the Niflheim Empire.

Description Edit

A sculpture of real sized miners made by melting copper. Of course, Weed combined his intermediate blacksmith skill with sculpting to create a breathtaking piece. Also, very realistic details where added : drooping eyes and a strawberry nose. The belly fat and pickaxe placed on the shoulder giving the impression of a confident miner.

Info Edit

  • Masterpiece!

A majestic sculpture made by the sculptor Weed who is the king of the Arpen Kingdom and who wandered around the continent learning the power of nature and time.

  • Artistic Value: 3,749.
  • Current number of Masterpieces created: 27

Special optionsEdit

  • Sculpture will increase vitality recovery rate by 24% for a day.
  • Mining skill +2.
  • Luck will rise by 68.
  • Perseverance will rise by 43.
  • Likelihood of finding rare minerals will increase.

Stats increase Edit

  • Skill proficiency of Sculpting has improved.
  • Skill proficiency of Blacksmithing has improved.
  • Skill proficiency of Handicraft has improved.
  • Fame has increased by 121.
  • Perseverance has increased by 2.
  • Strength has increased by 1.
  • Insight has increased by 1.
  • The skill proficiency of Time Sculpting has improved.
  • All stats will gain an additional 3 points for making a Masterpiece sculpture.

Contribution to Karaika village Edit

  • Loyalty of the residents of Kairaka mining village will increase.
  • Residents feel gratitude for the King making the sculpture and will hold a festival.
  • A temporary increase in birth rate after the festival.
  • Crime will be strongly suppressed.
  • Intimacy will dwarves in this area will increase.

Trivia Edit

  • Weed ended this sculpture in front of Seoyoon and the living sculpture golman and Yellowy
  • He also felt awkward and ashame when they looked at his bizarre behavior and laughing
  • Seoyoon noticed that this laughter was ok for a sculptor, but not for a warlock or a necromancer, because it would be too bizarre to laugh about a skeleton or a chimera...
  • Weed kissed her

Reference Edit

Vol 42 Ch 7 

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