Pensive minotaur

Minotaur, after the battle

Description Edit

Minotaurs are Huge humanoid monster with the head of a bull. they use "dual wielded blood-red axes and had more HP, Strength and Dexterity, compared to other monsters of the same level". v5c8 

Special Skill Edit

Huge size, dexterity and strengh.

Expert user of giant axes, can be ambidextrous.

Charge skill : "Minotaur started to gain speed. He charged, swinging two huge axes". v5c8

Boss Class Monster Edit

Minotaur Lord. "They encountered the Minotaur Lord ! Huge, horned monster with an axe". v5c7

Other InformationEdit

The director of KMC Media desesperately trying to reach Weed bought a Minotaur claw he sold online for 30 millions wons (= 26 595,90USD).  v7c4   

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