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This section need your help. At the moment, we stand at the Valley of death (Bone dragon), volume 9 And are just adding up some of the latest monsters.  

Phil1403 (talk) 11:48, January 31, 2016 (UTC)

Content of the section 

The concept of "monster" describe any not player species that can interact with users. Most of the time, they are unfriendly to PC, if not aggressive. Their level, skills, stat, appearance varies in an unlimited numbers of ways. They have their own eco system, social origanization and history. Every high level monster, called Boss monster will have iis own name, skill and personality.   


New section, focusing on the most fearsome monsters of RR


Place, where monsters often live and breeds.

Sculptural lifeform

Permanently tamed monsters, crafted by Geihar von Arpen or Weed .


New section, dedicated to monster family that was most extensively described in Novel.

Other monsters

All monsters, with the exception of the aformentionned. First section to move into category mode. 

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