Devil's Helmet

Montus Devil’s HelmetEdit


Montus devil's helmet, taken by Weed after he killed him[1].


When wearing Montus devil's helmet, the title ‘Thirteenth Subordinate of the Devil[2]’ will be applied.

Combat boostEdit

  • All combat skills have increased by 12%.
  • Defense has increased by 161.

The devil doesn’t collapse easily. The endless defense will trigger depending on how the attacks are endured.

  • Your body will become stronger when injured.

This state of defense won’t collapse and will sometimes make the enemy’s attacks obsolete.

  • Your cruel mind will cause fear.

Dark magic boostEdit

  • Intermediate black magic will consume a minimum amount of mana.
  • Black magic that isn’t as strong as yours will have little effect.
  • The casting time of demonic magic will decrease.

Stat boostEdit

  • Knowledge has increased by 115.
  • Wisdom has increased by 98.
  • Faith will be reduced by 3.

Other boostEdit

  • It will increase combat fame by 8,000.
  • This helmet can never be lost.
  • When wearing the helmet, the title ‘Thirteenth Subordinate of the Devil’ will be applied.


  • Weed was wearing the helmet in Atarog's lair[3]


  1. Reference missing
  2. We should assume Montus was one former devil's key subordinate on the hell plan.
  3. Volume 43 Chapter 6

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