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The titular ability of the Moonlight Sculptor, despite the name Moonlight Sculpting grants Weed the ability to manipulate all light, including it's intensity and hue. Moonlight sculpting can be used to enhance ordinary sculptors such as the Tower of Light or can be used on it's own to form sculptors of pure light.

Story: Edit

Weed went to Rhodium to find out more about moonlight sculpturing. After he was offer the role of lord of Rhodium by the middle age man he asked where could he find out more about it. The middle man told him only a handful of skilful artisans have manged to learn this technique. Weed was told to go around all the guilds in Rhodium and ask about moonlight sculpting.

The Secret to Moonlight Sculpting Sculpting for distinguished sculptors! At the present, many do not know about the existence of moonlight sculptors and even the few that do know only know a little. Ask around the guilds of Rhodium about Moonlight Sculpting. Then go to the Sculpting Guild to learn more about moonlight sculpting. Difficulty: Occupation related quest. Restrictions: Limited to Sculptors. Can be acquired regardless of the number of quests currently being performed. Advanced sculpting required to learn. Stats and fame need to be above a certain level. Unable to do the quest if the art stat is very low or if the user is infamous.

Weed went to all of the top artists guilds in town. The Bard’s Guild was filled with musicians and performers. Unlike other guilds, the bard’s guild was decorated like a bar. Young bards dreamed of traveling and singing in the middle of adventures. Weed left the first floor and headed to the second floor. On the Second Floor he meets the bard instructor, Serena, who was a beautiful woman. She had a slender figure and a thin jaw line. He waited until it was his turn, and then he asked the instructor. “I would like to know about moonlight sculpting.”

Serena smiled softly. “Moonlight Sculpting? I haven’t heard that for a very long time. But there is no obligation for the Bard’s Guild to answer you.”

Weed tried to flatter her but did not have an enough stats in attractiveness to make it a success.

Weeds flatter her till she help him and she sang him a song. After she was done she told weed that she would tell him info if he was will to buy the harp as a souvenir of the song for 1500 gold. Serena told him about her experience with moonlight sculptures.  

“I haven’t seen many moonlight sculptures. But every time that I see it, the feeling that it gives off is different. The light that the finished sculpture gives off is different.”

Weed left the Bard’s Guild and went to the Hairdresser’s Guild which is a rare class that didn’t have many guilds in the Versailles Continent. He had to paid of a haircut so he could talk to the instructor and he told Weed:

“I’ve never directly seen Moonlight Sculpting. But it’s not that I’ve never heard of it. Do you know the history of sculpting? Sculpting has historically been striving to develop. As I said, it’s related to history”

He visited the dancer’s guild and paid for a class so he could dance with the instructor.

“I’ve once danced underneath some moonlight sculptures. My body felt very light. For some reason, I could dance better after I saw the sculpture. Maybe I am mistaken”

After this Weed went to the perfume guild and had to buy three of the best cheapest perfume from the perfume instructor. In return he got to hear a story from the instructor.

“The angle at which you view the sculpture changes the feeling it gives. Those feeling arouse different types of emotions. But even if someone saw the same sculpture in the same direction but at a different time of day then it was different. Would you like to know why?”

Weed visited the Calligraphy Guild, the Antiques Appraiser Guild, and the Crafts Guild. Calligraphers wanted him to buy wooden plaques with letters on them while appraisers wanted him to buy pots with unknown origins. The Crafts Guild made him guy glass accessories. Weed could not bear to go see the Architect Guild. Only think they would make him buy a house. So he went to the Painters guild. The painting instructor was amazed when he saw Weed due to weed high art stats. Weed asks did he know about moonlight sculpting and he told weed about a competition between the painters and sculptor. The competition was to see how could best express the lions strength and majesty equally. Weed was hoping that the sculptor but the instructor told him no one won because there are fundamental differences and could not be compared. After the story Weed had to buy a very large watercolour painting for 1500 gold. After everything he bought he swears that he never coming back to Rhodium as it was too expensive.  

After thinking about what he had heard from the guilds weed start to think about moonlight sculpture. After a while he came to the conclusion that these sculptures can radiate light. This sculpting gives the user the ability to freely control light. That is moonlight sculpting. After this Weed was told he collected all the information and to head back to the sculptor’s guild. It was crowed in there because of Weed action in Rosenheim, more people began to choose sculptors. Weed walked up to the second floor, the second floor instructor gave special quests and skills information. He ask the  receptionist on the second floor and was told that they did not know much but to ask the Rhodium best sculptor as he is more knowledgeable about this. The receptionist told Weed the he need a decent level of sculpting before this guy would even talk to him. Weed found this sculptor and tried to flatter him first and failed. Weed looked at the shape of the wood in his hands and told him it was “Elven elk wood” after this the sculptor started talking to weed. The elven elk wood was rounded by the sculptor to make a bowl. Weed and sculptor talk about does this bowl count as art. Weed give an answer and the sculptor willing gave up the seat next to him. People with high pride are often not given enough recognition in the art world. Art from the beginning did not start as art. Painting, music, and sculpting began depending on need and then sublimated into art. At the heart of it was its application. Weed knew what to say and that created the right level of intimacy with the sculptor. Weed saved quite a bit of money by carving his own cooking tools. Stone table, wooden spatula, and frying pan! He even sculpting a barrel for seasonings. Weed beckoned the sculptor to take a short break.

“It seems that you and I can have a conversation. Since we are colleagues walking down the same road after all.” “Thank you. I wish to ask you a question about sculpting.” Weed politely asked the sculptor who readily answered. Weed ask him about Moonlight sculpting. The sculptor told Weed only those that reach the pinnacle of earthly sculpting can learn light sculpting and that people tend not to believe. It is an impractical story. To learn moonlight sculpting you need to know the origins of it. Afterwards the sculptor reached into his bag and pulled out an ore and gave it to Weed.

“It’s hard to cut precious ore to make sculptures. It is not easy to shape ore. There is a large risk and it dulls hundreds of carving knives. However, if you wish to learn about moonlight sculpting then you need to make light on your own.”

Find the Lost Light. Light sculpting. Cut down ore to make a sculpture. The lost art of Moonlight sculpting can be learned. Difficulty: Profession related quest. Restriction: Sculptor only. Quest can be accepted regardless of the number of quests in progress. Advanced sculpting required. Fame and stats must be above a certain level. Quest can not be done if art is low or if the player is infamous.

He needed to learn how to perform Moonlight Sculpting on his own. That was the last trial to learn moonlight sculpting by carving this ore. [Vol 8 Ch 4] 

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Tower of Light