Weed made this sculptures after Da'in left him alone.

Background Edit

Made an x-amount of sculptures in memory of his time with Dain; he made them to show that at least he will remember her even if she doesn't return from her surgery back to the game.

Appearance Edit

Unknown number of Sculptures based  himself & Dain and their time together.    

Info Edit

Mysterious sculptures have appeared all over Lavias!

These sculptures of treasured memories will become sanctuaries and guides in these dangerous dungeons. The mysterious statues were made by an anonymous sculptor.

Artistic value: 300

Special Effects:

+25% Increased health and mana regeneration.

+10% Increased movement speed.

-5% Penalty to Monsters’ Attacks.

These effects do not stack with other statues.

Number of Fine pieces created: 2

Stats Edit

Level Up: Sculpting Skill (Intermediate  Lv: 2 | 0%):

Your sculptures will become more detailed and delicate.

Fame has risen by 20 points (+20 FAME)

Art has risen by 20 points (+20 ART)

Perseverance has risen by 20 points (+20 PER)

Vitality has risen by 10 points (+10 VIT)

Location Edit

Lavias's Dungeons

Ref Edit

Vol 2 Ch 7