The Necromancer profession was unlocked in the Valley of Death Arc and made available to users after Weed led the Orc's and Dark Elves to defeat the Lich Shire.

Profession information.

The first mention of a way to change to Necromancer was by class advancement from a Magician at level 200. In order to do one must meet an existing Necromancer (located in a part of Morata) or rely on a Necromancer's tome.

The Necromancer profession is unable to exert its full power due to Goddess Freya's curse. It was stated when Weed went back in time to Slay the Gluttony Demon. Freya was ready to release some of those restriction to assist Weed. However it is not know if the effects still persist, and applies to other Necromancers


  • Summoning a large amount of Undead allows for faster hunting. (weed is said to have been able to hunt '4' times faster)
  • The experience, fame and loot gained from the monster killed by the undead directly goes to the necromancer, so basically they gain exp and loot in faster rate.
  • Skeletons who fall in battle can be resummoned for a lower Mana cost by Undead Rise spell
  • The necromancer gains Health and Mana from killed monsters


  • Corpses are need and the quality of corpse determines the type and strength of undead.
  • Controlling large number of undead especially Dark Knights and stronger undead requires high Leadership stat and Honor.
  • Mana is consumed is needed to maintain the undead. The Mana cost rises with stronger undead.
  • Vulnerable to Holy attacks, Paladins, Priests.

Undead summoning.

Low tier(Dead Rise)

Chanting: "Rise sleepless spirits living here undetected by eyes. Take revenge on those that killed you! Dead Rise!"

Undead summoned:

  • Zombies -Cheesy kind that walked slowly, but they had acidic venom and high defense.turned out like the cheesy kind that walked slowly, but they had acidic venom and high defense.[Vol19 Ch8]
  • Skeleton Warrior
  • Ghouls

If low tier undead died in battle, the mana cost to re-summon them is halved.

Middle Tier(Undead Rise)

Chanting: "May you live and come back to this land. Come back to this place, a dark and corrupt land. Do not disappear. In the law of darkness engraved to you. Undead Rise!"

Undead Summoned:

  • Dullahan
  • Skeleton Mage
  • Can be use to resurrect high level monster that retain only half max health , 1/3 damage and 1/3 defence.

Small chance to also summon Boss Class Dullahan and Boss Skeleton Mage.

High Tier

Unlike Low Tier and Middle Tier Undead summoning, high level corpse is needed, around level 300. But they are possible to be summoned from normal corpse if the necromancer use Copper Plate of Eternal Rest. 

Chanting: “Rise again. I will save you from the tortures at the bottom of the hell. I will give you power, enough to rule the world. Summon Death Knight!”

Undead Summoned:

  • Death Knight
  • Spectre
  • Wight
  • Banshee

Special Undead Summoning.

Differ from Undead summoning, Special Undead Summoning need specific corpse to summon specific undead. And the necromancer possibly need knowledge and spell from Necromancer Tome. Such as:


  • Normally, the undead cannot level up.Since they don't eat, they can't be strengthen by food. Sculpture and blessing also don't give any benefit to undead. One of the way to strengthen is equipped them with better armor and weapon. But this can be overcome by Bone Armor, given that there is enough skeleton for it.
  • Even the person is not a necromancer, he can use necromancer skill as long as he/she wield Necromancer Tome.

Bar Khan's status & magic

Bar Khan, when he was alive, can be considered as a master in necromancer magic. His magic tome is to be considered as his legacy, the exact equivalent of the special skill of a master swordman or master sculptor.

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