Orc Loaded Steel Helmet

Durability: 24/60                                 Defense: 129

The Legendary Orc Farah/Parachwi took the gift from the Dwarfs who had created this helmet. The first four races lived in the great city of Ratzeburg where this was produced. Dwarf craftsman made the heavy helmet with the most solid pitching.

-          Despite the age, the steel helmet still has life preserved by the Orcs.

Restrictions: Orc Race only.

Level: 570

Strength: 2,300

Special Options:

-          Complete immunity to magic.

-          Rules over all the Orcs

-          Orc Birthrate increased by 50%

-          Resistance to Magic

-          If targeting a stronger monster, can deal 40% increased damage.

-          All combat skills increased by 35%

-          Impossible to Repair

+ 25 all stats related to combat.

Due to the historic feel of the goods Blacksmith skill proficiency increases.

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