The Versailles Continent, is also written as Versian Continent or Bersa Continent

Since the game “Royal Road” recently launched (15 month ago), there are many places yet to be discover by players. About 70% of the continent are still uncharted as well as many dungeons unexplored [1]. The many places and location that been either mentioned or visited by player in the Novel (translated so far).

Actual Kingdoms Edit

There are a great number of Kingdoms on the Central Continent.

The Central Continent is very different from the north, which was an abandoned/forgotten zone in the game until recently.

Here is a list of the Kingdoms on the Central Continent. For a better perception, you may also want to check the map of Versailles Continent while reading this list. 

  • Aidern Kingdom (Located to South-West of Britten Alliance)
  • Arpen Kingdom [2], named by Weed after Geihar von Arpen. Capital: Morata. 
  • Brent Kingdom (A kingdom that bordered north of Rosenheim Kingdom.)
  • Britten Alliance: North-West of Roseinheim Kingdom. Also translated British Confederacy or Britten Confederacy.
  • Croin kingdom [3] Another kingdom, who fell to the ambitious Haven Empire.
  • Dor Kingdom [4]
  • Gradian Kingdom, located in the western part of the continent, with a lot of steep terrain and not many users. The country was engulfed in civil war, after the black sword mercenary guild invasion. [5]
  • Haven Kingdom , leading kingdom in the Central Continent, after the demise of Kallamore kingdom.
  • Keurion Kingdom (Ally to the Britten Confederacy)[6]
  • Kallamore Kingdom , second largest Kingdom in the Central Continent. It was the leading power for a very long time. Fell under the attack of Haven Kingdom, when the king was killed [7].
  • Lasalle Kingdom, Hermes Guild invaded it in one month, before invading the Britten Alliance and the cloud guild [8]. But they had a strong fighting spirit and a rebellion was started, right after the fall of the Haven imperial palace[9]. It is said that their fighting spirit is related to the proximity of the Averian forest, one of the 10 forbidden zones.
  • Ledern Kingdom (bordered next to Britten Alliance)
  • Nest Kingdom [10]
  • Norton Kingdom, near Thor Kingdom[11] (also translated as Looton Kingdom)
  • Prain Kingdom [12]
  • Rosenheim Kingdom
  • Thor Kingdom (v13c8), consists of three mountain ranges, a Dwarf's kingdom[13], and is in the North close to Arpen Kingdom [14]
  • Tullen Kingdom (v27c4), taken over by the Beden guild[15] after it was taken from the Black Lion Guild [16], with the support of the Hermes guild.  
  • Sunbain Kingdom [17]
  • Uto Kingdom [18]
  • Meda Kingdom [19]
  • Ritten Kingdom [20]
  • Isoru Kingdom [21]

More to come...

Living placesEdit

There are a great number of Village, Town and Cities all over the Continent, mostly humans. We have less information on the other races. Here, an incomplete list of places that can be visited on Versailles Continent.

During the Haven Empire period, they were many mention of rebels at major cities and castles v43c5

Capitals Edit

  • Iron Hammer, capital of Thor Kingdom (v27c8)
  • Morata, new capital of the Arpen Kingdom (v27c7)
  • Serabourgcapital of Rosenheim Kingdom (v1c2)
  • Regus, capital of Keurion Kingdom(v3c4), part of the Britten Alliance 

Castle/Fort/Fortress Edit

Those are special/key military place which did not developp into a larger town. Those place are generaly frontier place or close to a place with many monsters. Or missing a larger river.

  • Aren Castle, build in the capital of Haven Kingdom (v29c3). It is like light and darkness, with the slums on one side and bright commercial buildings on the other.The Hermes Guild threw an astronomical amount of money towards  raising the knights and soldiers's loyalty and the construction of the Royal Palace. But the knights and soldiers were forced into labour like slaves(v29c3). Lafaye decided that the Aren Castle should become the centre of a transportation network and carry out intensive industrial and urban development, as the new Center of an unified Continent (v44c2).
  • Banran Castle, in the Tullen kingdom (v43c5). An rebellious area at the time of the Haven Empire.
  • Bursilia Orc Fortress (v27c3; located near the Elnase Mountain range)
  • Evaluk Castle, in the Kallamore kingdom, one of the largest living area, new lord Dain (v30c7). Population is satisfied with her management, which is respectful of local traditions.
  • Formos Castle, in the Tullen kingdom (v43c5). A grade 1 area crowded with dungeon, and a blessed area for hunting. A famous Dungeon nearby called the gold mine, because it was rated as one of the top 5 gold mine of the Continent. There are 20.000 elite troops and 10.000 elite crossbow troops there during Haven Empire time (v44c1). Haven Empire experienced a major and public debacle under Weed undead army.
  • Hilswade Castle, in the Aidern Kingdom (v27c5)
  • Las Boa Castle (v27c4)
  • Lyps Castle (v27c6, bad reputation from beginners, public safety is not good)
  • Kraton Castle (v27c9, Bard ray has to defend this castle against 10 times more soldiers)
  • Kurun Castle, (v28c1) belong to Black Lion Guild, under attack of Beden Guild, to distract from Bard Ray.
  • Node Krape,(v44c3) includung a griffon nest
  • Palemo Castle (v27c5; no information on location)
  • Pormo Castle (v27c4; located in Tullen Kingdom) or Poros Castle, v43c5. Haven Empire had a military force of 30.000 stationned there.
  • Odin Fort (v2c9; located between the British Confederacy and Ledern Kingdom)
  • Rabenta Castle (v44c1, including a famous underground dungeon)
  • Treipeak Fort (belong to the black Lion guild, with 60000 infantry, 20000 archers and 3000 knights. Was secretly assaulted by Bard Ray to achieve his master quest v28c1)
  • Vargo Fortress, in the North
  • Vent Castle, of the former Nifleheim Empire, close to the Sendheim valley v9c3  
  • Wancheonhan Fortress, of the Tullen kingdom (v43c7), near the poros castle, a half finished castle, one of the best hunting grounds of the continent.

Other large Cities Edit

  • Demeron (v2c3; A city near Baran Village)
  • Heaven City, on Lavias (v2c4; A Sky Island)
  • Buhares desert City[22]
  • Laos desert City[23], a rich industrial city of the South; raised through the achievement of Weed, Emperor of the Desert
  • Metapeia desert City [24], a rich City of the Southern Kingdom,
  • Nukud desert City [25]
  • Ocharem desert City[26]
  • Probullen desert City [27], a rich City of the Southern Kingdom, raised through the achievement of Weed, Emperor of the Desert
  • Rhodium (v8c1: City of Artist,) In Ritten Kingdom
  • Sergy City (v29c10: City attacked by the evil Embinyu Cult )
  • Somren Liberty City / Liberty City of Somren (v3c4; The Order of Freya main church is located here), on the Britten Alliance territory

Small towns and Villages Edit

In the Northern territory, a village includes around 4000-5000+ NPC and basic monthly Tax revenues varies between 4000-8000 Golds.

Small village are not ruled by a Lord. But they can be ruled by a guild (v29c8).

Here a list of villages and other small towns. 

  • Armang Village (v29c8); it became part of Arpen kingdom, on his own. Pop: 4,329. Monthly Tax Rev: 7,989 gold.
  • Baran Village (v1c9; Southern province of Rosenheim Kingdom)
  • Dolne Village (v15c3) 
  • Edereun village, a barbarian village in the North, which disappeared. It was part of Kaldeath Kingdom (v7c9)
  • Ekwinok Village(v29c8); it became part of Arpen kingdom, on his own. Pop: 5,828 - Monthly Tax Rev: 4,124 gold.
  • Evoque Town (v27c3), small moutain village that does not belong to any kingdom. Saved by Bard ray, on his black Knight Master Quest from incoming monsters.
  • Falcon Village (v3c1)
  • Hwisurun village (v29c10), a village decimated by monsters because of the guild civil war. User less than lvl320 should not visit it. 
  • Iron Hand, a dwarfen village, in thor kingdom (v14c1)  
  • Reuwan Village (v7c5)
  • Salt Well Village (v44c1, a small village close to Formos Castle, in the Tullen kingdom; rebelled against Haven; all rebels where massacred by Lord Deckard troops)
  • Seirun Village (v11c2; a Vampire Village in Todeum in the Kingdom of Vampire)
  • Tomlin Town (v3c4; Somewhere East of the British Confederacy)
  • Ulkyn Village (v4c4)
  • Yoanna Village (v29c8); also became part of Arpen kingdom, on his own.
  • Yusellin Village (v29c8); also became part of Arpen kingdom, on his own.

Other species living placesEdit

Some place are out of chart, for one reason or another 

  • Avian's Lavias, the unique flying Island of the Bird race
  • Barbarian tribes villages
  • Dwarf villages 
  • Elves villages
  • Forest of Massacre, in the North, with monsters over lvl400 v9c3
  • Orcs villages in the plain of despair
  • The training Hall system
  • Sanctuary of the 4 races, which lead to the Seal of Vulcan v27c3

More to come...

Geographical area and locationsEdit

There is a great variety of beautiful places on the Versailles Continent. 

Lake and River Edit


There are many rivers over the continent. For example, there are already 24 great rivers flowing just in the Ritten Kingdom and the Free Cities of the Britten Union (v26c8). Other examples :

  • Bensa River, next to the british confederation, where Weed met Zephyr for the first time v4c5
  • Lamentation River (at the entrance of the underworld)
  • Pahel River (near the Sendhein Valley on the Northern Continent), where Weed fished on thick ice
  • Somren River, close to Somren Liberty City, capital of the order of Freya v3c5,
  • Tinius River, close to Serabourg, where the origin of the 4 race is.


There are various lakes over the continent.

Here is a list of some of them :

  • Lake of Souls, v5c6
  • Grey lakes, close to the Elnase Mountain Range. v27c3
  • Morata's Lake, v27c7
  • Navier Lake, where a lost treasure is waiting to be found, and where you can meet Percia, one of the 9 sword master v23c1 

Mountain, Mine and Valley Edit


There are many mountains range on the continent.

Here is a list of some of them :

  • Baruk / Barogue Mountain Range v2 (between Rosenheim and Britten)
  • Elnath Mountains v29c3 ( also translated Elnase Mountain Range v27c3).A region full of orcs...
  • Grave Mountains (near Rosenheim Kingdom)
  • Haineph Mountains (part of Tullen Kingdom, v27c9, Weed's Ellyons quest; Formos castle surprise attack; gold mine dungeon & Atarog's lair v44c1)
  • Harsel Mountains range (home of the Sulleion, with at least 15 mountains) v29c10
  • Horom Mountain (one of tallest Mountain in the Yuroki Mountains range)
  • Norn Mountains (one of the 3 great mountains of the Thor Kingdom) v27c8
  • Saigorn Mountains, one of the 3 great mountains of the Thor Kingdom) v27c8
  • Senbain Mountains (Surrounding Kallamore Kingdom; a permanent challenge for the kingdom v12c8 & v27c2)
  • Stellese Hill (v29c4), northern continent, in the barbarian territory v29c4 
  • Tupkal moutain (one of the highest mountain in the Harsel Moutain Range, home of the Sulleion), v29c10
  • Ulta Mountains (one of the 3 great mountains of the Thor Kingdom) v27c8
  • Yuroki / Yurokina Mountains range, where Weed defeated the lich Shire and his undead army, with the help of an alliance between elves and orcs.


There are many mountains valley on the continent.

Here is a short list of some of them :

  • Musos Valley (v29c6), where the King Belsos Tomb is, also called Scorpion King Tomb.
  • Sendheim Valley, where the last Emperor of the Niflheim Empire died (v8c9). After his death, it was called the Valley of Death. The evil Embinyu Cult was also hidden there. After the destruction of the temple, it became a florishing place again. The valley is a kilometer long. It look like a pair of long stretched snakes. The end of the valley is where both snakes’ heads meets. (v9c6) A new life and church may be found there.
  • Valley of the huntress v5c3 (a dangerous outdoor dungeon)
  • Valley of Wind (v44c1) Haven Empire’s tax transportation route near the Chekram Dungeon.
  • Yunopu pass/canyon in the Yuroki Mountains (Plains of Despair)


There are many mines on the continent. Here is a short list of some of them :

  • Gold Mine of Formos Castle v43c5. One of the top 5 gold Mine of the Continent. Weed went there, despite or because of the issue with the Haven Empire. It was a major financial income for the Tullen Royal Family.
  • Melbourne Mine
  • Syaspen Mine with good quality rubies. It's also a dungeon (v28c10).

Mines, of course, are of strategic value for the local lords and kings. Many old mines can also change and transform into dungeons.

Sea and Island Edit


There are various larger Seas around the continent. Here is a short list of some of them :

  • Neria Sea

More to come


There are also many islands all over the Continent. Here is a short list of some of them:

  • Bellona Island
  • Borota Island, where Weed started his Nodule and Hilderun quest 
  • Ipia / Liffia : Located at Neria Sea
  • Laviathe unique flying Island of the Bird race.
  • Jigolaths, the first forbidden zone to be explored.

Places in separate dimensionsEdit

Some places or even Kingdoms exist in a different dimension. Most of the time, they are hidden and not easy to access for gamers. Also, they are often to be considered as place for high level gamers.

  • Kingdom Todeum Kingdom : the City and villages of Vampires  (v13c4; Uncharted location not on the continent)
  • The fairy world : A unique fairy kingdom (v43c4); forbidden to humans, except for some exceptional individual, like the painter petrov or the sculptor Weed

Outer SpaceEdit

Not much is known but aliens, but they are told to be existing in the world of versailles continent [28]. They are said to coming from "Somewhere unknown in the spacious universe."

Places of the PastEdit

The Continent of the Past is like a parallel world, it awaits high level users for unique quest, related to the master class status. Go to Kingdom of the Past


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