Ghost horse by devilchery

Ghost horse

Skeleton on phantom horse

Skeleton knights on Phantom Horses


The Phantom horse (also translated as Ghost Horse) is a wild undead beast used as mount by some of the Undead Knight classes[1].


Mount Phantom Horse can mounted by various undead, including Skeleton Knight, Death knight, Doom Knight, and Abyss Knight. Stronger knight receiving obviously stronger horses; for example, a knight warhorse. Information about Horse specification are missing. An undead knight can summon his ghost horse at will

Ghost Horse InformationEdit

Ghost horse weakness includes silver, holy water and divine magic.

  • Special attack
    • Its special attack includes charge, kicking and trampling.
    • It has unlimited stamina & a great travelling speed.
    • Rider and Phantom Horse can turn into mists and pass through a steel gate, but at a large expense in health and mana (2000 point each)[2].
    • Knight will receive fighting spirit, charisma and agility bonus next to its horse[3].


  • Three skeleton knights riding Phantom Knights at the entrance to the Rotten Lich’s Dungeon[4].
  • Weed able to mount a phantom horse after promoted into Ghost Skeleton Warrior from Skeleton Soldier at Kapua [5].
  • Weed and its Phantom Horse turned into mists as they go through steel gate at Kapua Castle. As impact, his health and mana decreased by 2000 each[6].