Weed first skeleton in Valley of Death

Original lich illustration

As the name state, this advanced skill is a life insurance. If not countered[1], it activates automatically when the gamer's avatar should have died.


The skill ‘The Power to Reject Death’ is a 3rd tier skill related to the Blood Necromancers sub-class. Blood Necromancer is an advanced profession of Necromancer. Under special circumstances, It can be gifted to a third party[2].

Basic Information Edit


  • It automatically triggers and activates when health reaches zero. At the crossroads of life and death, avoid being put to rest by thy foes, and seek revenge.

When triggered:

  • The gamer is immediately revived as an undead, ready to rage across the battlefield.
  • The Undead type depends of the skill level.

If not killed, after a day, the gamer will return to being human. If the undead avatar is killed, the gamer experience the death penalty.

Advanced Information Edit

While in the undead state, the gamer stats are boosted. For example:

  • All stats will increase
  • The gamer gains two times the amount of life and mana.

The gamer benefits from the Undead status. For example:

  • The gamer becomes completely immune to black magic curses.
  • Etc

The gamer suffers the limitation of the undead status. For example :

  • Support through healing from a priest becomes unavailable.
  • The gamer becomes vulnerable to Holy Magic.
  • Etc.

Trivia Edit

  • Weed first experience this skill in the death valley, after he dies from the breath of the bone dragon[3].
  • He experiences it the second time in the depth of Jigolath, the forbidden zone[4]
  • In the Melbourne mine, Bard Ray knew how to counter this power[5]

References Edit