== Proposal to become the Ruler of Rhodium. ==

After Weed had made Geumini, went out to sell all the amour and swords he made to help prepair him to make geumini. When all the items he made were sold out a middle aged man grabbed Weed’s hands. This middle ages man told he has been waiting for this time and ask weed if he know the state of affairs in Rhodium. Weed had a bad feeling about what was going to happen next, The middle aged man smiled widely and said rather forcefully.“This is because the city doesn’t have a ruler! A city ruled by a great artisan can grow infinitely. As a talented artist, please become the ruler of Rhodium and guide us!”

Proposal to become the Ruler of Rhodium, the city of artists.

Rhodium currently does not have a ruler. This position can be received by an artist that creates an overly superior work in the city of Rhodium. Do you wish to become the ruler of Rhodium? You will be given ownership of soldiers and public facilities as well as capable of setting laws and policies. Taxes on harvest, technology and commercial goods can be collected monthly and military power can be strengthened. A higher position and other rewards can be provided if you successfully conquer another territory or castle of a certain size. Do you accept?

Weed almost accepted the Title cause owning a city or castle is a very attractive proposition nowadays. Then he started to think why nobody had become the ruler of Rhodium. After asking the middle age man about monthly deficit, number of soldiers and the city’s current technological development and specialty goods. Which the middle aged man answered none of them. This leaded to the conclusion that Rhodium had a rather large deficit and no income coming in. After this Weed decision was to refuse become the ruler of Rhodium   

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