Introduction Edit

Queen Evane is the late queen of Rosenheim Kingdom.

Prior to the storyline, the Queen died from unknown cause [1], but highly possible that Embinyu Church have something to do with it.

She was able to meet again with Zahab, for one day, after Weed used his skill Sculpture Resurrection.[2]

Relationship Edit

King Theodarren Edit

He is Evane's son.[3]

Old Handmaiden Edit

She was a personal servant of Queen Evane.[4]

Zahab Edit

Evane and Zahab grew up together in a small village. When they were young, he made a sculpture[5] for her and promised to her that he would one day carve the most beautiful statue under heaven. He was not able to fulfill the promise to Evane before she became the Queen.

After some years, she saw Zahab carrying a sword and thought that Zahab had forgotten the promise. However, one day assassins from Brent came and was about to kill her when Zahab appeared and carved a statue out of moonlight. The mere sight awed and confounded the assassins and they ran away. Thus he fulfilled his promise to her. [4]

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