Zahab's Radiant Sword skill


It's master sword skill, crafted by Zahab, one of the 5 master sculptor  (v23c2)

Also translated as radiant sword


A sword skill that is used by gathering an shaping Mana into a Moonlight bird.

The type of bird and the number of birds is linked to your skill level. Growing range and destructive power is also linked to it. At advance level 2, for example, you can call 10 Thick Eagle at once or even a Thunderbird v31c11.

Mana consumptionEdit

The mana consumption of Radiant Sword is low compared to its increase in damage. v31c10

For example, the thunderbird consumed15,000 mana for a ranged attack. It flies through a crowd of monsters while striking them with thunderbolts. 


It enable powerful long range attack and, depending of your level, it can pinpoint various ennemies at once or makes multiple attacks at once.  It is very convenient for this range and his destructive power. v31c10

Bonus Edit

It’s especially effective against monsters of a dark nature. Monsters captured by the light, may fall under an illusion and can't move. Also, it has more power at night or underground. 

Extra bonus for moonlight skill user Edit

Moonlight sculpting skill increases even more radiant sword power. It's a very convenient sword skill and Weed uses it a lot. v28c7


During the skill use, the user halts (v28c7). Bard Ray used that feature against Weed in Belkain's lair.

If the user moves or the sword skill is halted, the effect will disappears. At some point, mana consumption can also become a limitation (v28c7)


Find and unlock the skillEdit

Weed received this quest to find Zahab at the very beginning of the game. 

  1. find Zahab in the Grapass region, one of the 10 forbidden zones
  2. complete Zahab's given sculptor quest to unlock skill access (lock 1)
  3. unlock the skill hidden within a sculture  (lock 2)

Implicit requirement : user need to be an accomplish sculptor or have a special skill, like Seoyoon. 

Weed found it but Seoyoon was the first to unlock the skill. 

Raise the skillEdit

Weed received in Rhodium part of the sculptor master quest (v31c9)to raise this skill at Sea up to advance level 2 in less than 110 days. He succeeded in 107 days v31c10