Background Edit

An item Weed got after handing back the Fargo's Crown to the Freya Church.[1] It was an an item which was in the church’s treasure vault. As there was no one who could use it, it had only been gathering dust. 

Info Edit

This is the stat of the item when Weed identified it.

Red Wyvern Leather Belt
Durability: 60/60 Defense: 20
Born from the free sky, this belt is made of Wyvern’s leather. Red Wyverns are creatures so extremely rare that their very existence is doubted. Wearing a belt made of red wyvern’s leather will make you the subject of adventurers’ attentions.

It’s stretchy, so it doesn’t tear easily and fits well. Though its heavy, it can be threaded through trousers and worn tightly around the waist, and it seems able to hold sculpting tools. The sculpting master Daycram has carved directly into the central section of the belt an engraving of a Wyvern head.


Level 150
Sculptors only


Charm +15
Strength +10
Agility +30
Sculpting Skill + 7%
Making sculptures while wearing the belt allows you to acquire an additional 5 fame.

References Edit

  1. Volume 4 Chapter 1

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