There are many ways to gain reputation both in good way and bad way. Fame also helps with the reputation but unlike Fame, reputation is more relationship base than anything else.

Reputation Area of InfluencesEdit

There seem to be two type of reputation, one is local reputation which that player or players reputation is well known (good or bad) within a small region such as town or city. The other type of reputation is regional reputation which is like the local reputation but only more area where the player is well known by people (NPC).


Fame is Fame, Fame is type of reputation in which it influences the player interaction with any NPC (depend) and how helpful they become to the player. Higher Fame increase more helpfulness from NPC.

How to Gain Reputation & FameEdit

Quote from the Novel: “Fame, even if you work hard, there’s no telling if you will obtain it.” (v5c9)
Note: High Fame or achievement can get a player (by chance) to speak with a high ranking NPC such as a Lord, but it’s up to the player to see if he or she can befriend that person (NPC) if they got that chance.

  • Talk to the local (with good alignment) and befriend them (+ reputation)
  • Talk to the local (with bad/evil alignment) and befriend them (get good rep with the (bad/evil) local but will get a -rep [officially] with the rest of the world; chance of getting Murder Mark)
  • Do public service related quests (+ reputation if success, +Fame [depend], - reputation if Failed)
  • Do Quests (in general) (+ reputation if success [depend], +Fame [depend], - reputation if Failed [depend])
  • Kill another player (- reputation, get mark as a Murder and Wanted player)
  • Kill a Player Killer or a Wanted player (+ reputation if success [depend], +Fame [depend])
  • Mass killing of non-monster type and/or civilized NPC (- reputation, get mark as a Murder and Wanted player)
  • Kill lot Monsters (+ reputation [depend], +Fame [depend])
  • Fight in a War or Siege (player are allowed to kill each other for this type) (+ reputation if your side won [depend], +Fame [depend], - reputation [depend])

Infamy Stat & Murder MarkEdit

Both Infamy Stat & Murder Mark is (-) reputation and they go hand in hand (sometime).

If a player has a Murder Mark on them, their user name will be exposes in red above their head to every other player around them.

Quote about Infamy Stat: "Infamy sometimes helps with quests that required them, but the consequence was too great. Villagers take one look at those with infamy points and would run away, or even chase them out!" (v12c7)

Quote about Murder Mark: "There are tremendous penalties being the recipient of the mark. While being vulnerable to the attacks of other users, the drop rate for items would be higher than most at death. Obtaining quests are more difficult, making it harder to be release from the mark." (v12c7)

How to get rid of Infamy Stat & Murder MarkEdit

  • Donate to the church or finish some quests


There are two types of achievement title in the game, whether it’s a good reputation titles or negative reputation titles. The first types of title is "generic titles" which are titles that any players can get whether it’s good reputation titles or negative reputation titles but as long as they meet the requirement for it. The other type of titles is "first come first bases titles", which is a type of title that only one player in the entire game can get it as long as they meet the requirement to reach that achievement first before any other players.

Another type of title a player can get is status title which can only be earn if he or she own or control a pieces of land in the game.

It could be expected a person who for instance from no fault or failure of their own, could for instance get a title for having died every single day they login, being forced to be locked out. So actions not just quests could or will reflected how one goes about getting a title. It should also be noted, some titles may have positive effects when equipped or negative but they could also have passive effects on top of that. For instance if your the first person to create a Grandmaster or Masterpiece in not one but many crafting skills. Even without being a Grandmaster, since we learn that with some luck and focus on details one can very well create crafts from natural skill or focus without being a master or grandmaster in a skill. In the instance of the Life to Death Statue Weed makes, it is a grandmaster level quality of both Tailoring and Sculptor, but if he crafted food out of cloth or leather. As well as the other bits and bobs he made, if he used any metal at all it would included Blacksmith skill as well. So its of note to suggested, a Master or Grandmaster level crafted should wield a title, as should creating a masterpiece of magnitude that everyone would or might see it. But then not signing or claiming it. Might also yield or should yield a title, like Nitpicker or Perfectionist, or a long list of other titles or words that could be used to describe the action, Humble if you had in fact did not sign the work because you are humble. It could or should be noted that the AI mostly knows your feelings and intent because of the way the game projects into the mind, to expose people to the senses and feelings their characters experience.

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