A very useful item for Paladins of Freya's Church


One of a few items rewarded to Weed for returning the Helain’s Grail.

Rarity: Rare

Item Information

                      Ring of the High Priest:
Durability: 100/100
A small diamond was embedded in the center of the ring. A course design but it is not
available on the market.

Cannot be equip by Warlock, Assassin or Rogue classes.

Cannot be equip when in murderer state.

The High Priest’s Blessing can be used once a day.

+150 Fame

+200 Faith


  • Weed sold this item in the auction site, and invited commotion between the users. The users thought Weed is one Freya's Paladin[1].


  1. Volume 4 Chapter 1

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