Yeon Hee Park is a friend of Lee Hyun. In Royal Road she plays as Romuna, a mage who specializes in fire magic. Her title : Magician who can cause a river of fire [1] She is Surka's older sister. She was the love interest of Pale before he met Maylon.


As a mage, she is specialized in fire magic. Like all mages her vitality and strength are low [2]. Her wisdom is decent for her class, as is her maximum mana. [3]

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First MeetingEdit

She and the rest of her group met Weed as they were hunting rabbits in the forest.[4] At the time, Romuna was level 6. Though they were doubtful of Weed's abilities, they still took him in. They soon discovered Weed's true worth...

Shared adventuresEdit

She was part of many of Weed adventures, including :

  • Adventure 1 [5]
  • Adventure 2 [6]
  • Adventure 3 [7]

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Other adventuresEdit

She also had many adventures without Weed being present

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List of SpellEdit

Here is a list of Spell Romuna is using:

More to come


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