Romuna, or Yeon Hee Park, is a friend of Lee Hyun. In Royal Road, she plays a mage specializing in fire magic. She is in Weed's inner circle.

Profile and DataEdit

Stats and SkillsEdit

As a mage is a ranged attack class[5] and has some support skills like sensing enemies nearby, protection spells and enhancing companions stats[6], but consumes a lot of mana[7]. Romuna is specialized in fire magic. Like all mages her vitality and strength are low [8]. Her wisdom and maximum mana are decent for her class. [9]



  • Spell list
    • Fireball: A ranged attack skill learned at the beginner level. [10].
    • Fire Strike: An AoE attack that summons a pillar of flame that splits into four fireballs and hits several enemies. A bonus effect of the spell is to push the enemies back[11]. Increasing the proficiency of this skill, will increase the number of fireballs[12].
    • Meditation: Exclusive skill of the Mage and Priest classes. It recovers mana at twice the rate of normal recovery[13].
    • Fire Field: An AoE attack that spreads fire over a large area dealing heavy damage to multiple enemies. [14].
    • Fire Mastery: Improves the power and effects of the caster's fire skills.[15].
    • Alarm Spell: A mage skill that helps casters detect when enemies get close.[16].
    • Fire Tornado: An AoE skill that creates a large whirlwind of fire.[17].
    • Lightning Storm: An AoE skill that calls down several lightning strikes in an area. When hitting bodies of water or wet areas, any enemy in the water will be affected.[18].
    • Barrier Spell: A mage protection skill that creates a barrier over an area to protect the caster and his companions.[19].
    • Teleport: A mage skill that teleports the caster to another location. Distance depends on the skill proficiency of the caster.[20].
    • View Life Force: A mage skill that allows the user to check the target's mana and health.[21].
    • Flame River: A powerful advanced mage skill that creates a river of fire wiping out any enemy in the river's wide area of effect. It can be used from a long distance and cannot be used in dungeons. It is learned as a reward from King Belsos.[22].
    • Water Clay: A water attribute skill that soaks a targeted area to slow down enemies.[23]:




  • She is the older sister of Surka.
  • Pale had a crush on her before he met Maylon.
  • She and the rest of her group met Weed as they were hunting rabbits in the forest near Serabourg City[27].
  • She reached level 440 when looking for the Pallos Empire treasures[28]

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