Yeon Hee Park is a friend of Lee Hyun. In Royal Road she plays as Romuna, a mage who specializes in fire magic. Her title : Magician who can cause a river of fire [1] She is Surka's older sister. Pale had a crush on her before he met Maylon.

Profile and DataEdit

Stats and SkillsEdit

As a mage is a ranged attack class[7] and has some support skills like sensing enemies nearby, protection spells and enhancing companions stats[8], but consumes a lot of mana[9]. Romuna is specialized in fire magic. Like all mages her vitality and strength are low [10]. Her wisdom is decent for her class, as is her maximum mana. [11]


Here is a list of Spell Romuna is using:

  • Fireball:skill learned in the beginner level, it is a ranged attack[12].
  • Fire Strike: a fire skill, a pillar of flame split into four fireball and hit several enemies, it is an AoE attack, a side effect of the spell is to push the enemy back[13]. Increasing the proficiency of this skill, will increase the amount number of fire balls[14].
  • Meditation: exclusive skill of Mage and Priest classes, it recovers mana twice the common recovery speed[15].
  • Fire Field: powerful fire skill, it spreads an area with flames, dealing heavy dame to a large number of enemies, it is an AoE attack[16].
  • Fire Mastery: It is a very effective fire skill, which improves the power of fire skills and its effects[17].
  • Alarm Spell: a mage skill which detect enemies getting closer[18].
  • Fire Tornado: A skill that creates a whirlwind of fire, it is a AoE skill with vast range[19].
  • Lightning Storm: An AoE skill, it attacks with several lightning strikes over an area, if it shot to a water mass or wet zone it will affect enemies located there even if they are not directly attacked[20].
  • Barrier Spell: a mage protection skill, can protect oneself and companions over an area[21].

She acquired a secondary skill mastery[22]:

  • Water Clay: a water attribute skill with crowd-control effect over an area. It wets the area selected and can be used to slow down the enemies.
“Water, moisten the earth wet and drag on the enemy’s feet. Water Clay!”


More to come



She and the rest of her group met Weed as they were hunting rabbits in the forest near Serabourg City[23]. At the time, Romuna was level 6, while Weed was level 3. Though they were doubtful of Weed's abilities, they still took him in. They soon discovered Weed's capabilities.

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