Rosenheim is a kingdom on the southern side of the continent. It borders the Britten Alliance to the west, The Desert of Tranquility to the southwest, The Plain of despair to the east and the Brent Kingdom to the north and has had many skirmishes with it in the past years. Royal Road has been opened for 15 months (real time). 70% of the continent was still uncharted. When Weed just started, Rosenheim Kingdom had only been discovered 6 months ago so it was a relatively a new kingdom.[1]

It is on the outskirts of the developed continent, so it bears the brunt of many monster attacks. There are more dungeons here than other kingdoms, and the southern province especially suffers attacks from marauding monsters.

Where Weed startedEdit

Weed's choice of starting place since it's far away from the center of the continent and being new found kingdom, there were a lot of unearthed dungeons and territories.

Kings Request Edit

King Theodarren requested Weed to make a tomb for him[2]. Weed, with the help of many users, makes a pyramid and sculpts a large sphinx with the face of the king.

Fall of RosenheimEdit

Rosenheim Kingdom is fallen under the influence of the evil Embinyu Cult. The capital of Serabourg was destroyed in the process. Weed helped most of the citizen to flee... (v?c?)

More to come

Famous place of RosenheimEdit

Places found in the kingdom of Rosenheim are

  • Serabourg Castle
  • Village of Baran
  • Highland Fortress / Fort Highland
  • Lavias forgotten City, the City in the Sky
  • Arud River
  • Ulken Mountain
  • Parvan
  • Baruk Mountain / Barogue Mountain
  • Lair of Litvart


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