Background Edit

Skill created by the NPC, Geihar Von Arpen, a unique case in history of master sculptor, sword master and Emperor. This is a Sculpting Master skill obtained by Weed from the sculpture Rodriguez gave him after returning from Lair of Litvart.[1]

"It is the legacy of Geihar von Arpen the Magnificent. My family used to serve the Imperial Family of the Arpenian Empire. The blood, and the obligation accompanying it, has flowed in my family. I am the one to take the task for this generation. Now that I hand it to you, I am finally liberated from the reins." [2]

Skill Information Edit

Sculptural Life Bestowal

The skill that Emperor Geihar left behind for his successor, a sculptor’s skill that is unknown to others.

Restriction: Can only be used with Advanced Sculpture Mastery.

Skill Requirements:
5000 Mana.
Art Stat 10 (permanent consumption).
Level decreased by 2 (permanent consumption).

CAUTION: Sculptures have strong sense of individuality and pride. When they see another sculpture identical to them, they will fight that sculpture with hostility.

Weakness Edit

Similarly to this skill, summoners and elementalists were able to summon beings and lead them to battle. For those classes, any amount of items or experience gained by the summoned creatures would be transferred to the summoner. However, when it came to sculptures they kept the experience and level individually. A sculpture’s initial strength depended on the art stat, but if led well by a sculptor, it would grow stronger and more powerful. Animated sculptures were typically a little stronger than elementals and other similar summons.

Additionally there was no limit to the number of sculptures that could be active at the same time. There was however a crucial difference between summons and animated sculptures when they are killed. When a summoned being is killed, the summoner can just use an ability to resummon it. It is very common for an elemental to be killed in battle. However, the only thing required to resummon it is a little mana, so it is only a tiny loss.

But it’s different for animated sculptures. If a living sculpture suffers a fatal blow, the life given will leave it, and if it’s completely destroyed and the parts dispersed, it cannot be repaired.[3]

List of Life Sculptures Edit

See: Living sculpture

References Edit

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  2. Sage Rodriguez describing the wooden statue of an imperial knight
  3. Volume 7 Chapter 1

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