Shapeshift is a special skill to some Sculptors can learn, it is similar to some transformations some monsters can do, like for example the doppelganger[1] or dragons[2] or like some magic spells[3], but is not the same. This skill uses the art stat when it is activated [4].

Description Edit

Appearance: A skill Weed used after meeting Darone[5] Also named scultpure transformation skill Skill created by master Darone, one of the very few master sculptor skill It is a special sculpting skill created by the Master sculptor Darone.  Was taught by Master Darone to Weed First used: in the Plains of Despair [6]

Skill InformationEdit

In order to obtain this skill on must completed the chain link quest giving by Darone. Darone’s orders is a quest where Weed for a whole week, must follow Darone’s orders. Darone handed Weed a sheet with a list of orders of 300 sculptures. Some among them some were difficult, the ones that required deep thought. After a week, Weed obtained a passive skill Sculptural Comprehension and the active skill Sculptural Shapeshifting .

Sculptural Shapeshifting: A technique created by Engraving Master Darone, which is known to very few people. When you create sculptures you can change your body into the form of the sculpture.

Requirements: Technique can only be used only after mastering the skill of Sculptural Comprehension. 2000 mana and 500 or more in Art

WARNING! During the transformation into another person or creature you change only the appearance and physique, 
your stats and level remain the same. If selected for the conversion of a huge creature, you will need a certain 
amount of strength and health

Also, your smell stays the same, which is a means to discover the shapeshift. [7]

List of Sculpture transformation Edit

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