Background Edit

This is the skill Weed created as part of the Master Quest. He sculpted the image of Magician Roderick on the wooden block given to him by the Freya Church.


Weed was making a sculpture of an old grandfather. There was great wisdom in the deep eyes and a large amount of wrinkles. He wore magician’s robes and a wide brimmed hat.

‘The magic staff…there wasn’t a cloak.’
Right now he was sculpting a figure of Magician Roderick. He was sculpting the Roderick that he saw in the video fighting against Montus. The advantage of a sculptor was that he could reproduce the exact target that he saw.
Weed spent 7 hours making the sculpture.

Skill Creation Edit

In this land, there lived as many heroes as stars in the night sky. Emperor Geihar Von Arpen, Kolderim, the Great Magician Roderick and wise King Theodarren of the Rosenheim Kingdom.

It is a skill that can resurrect dead historical people.

Wooden Statue: Durability 1/1

A wooden statue that contains Weed’s skills.

Allows you to acquire the skill to raise a dead historical person. However, 
Advanced Sculpting needs to be reached first.

Skill Information Edit

Sculpture Resurrection  
It is possible to make a sculpture that will raise a great person not currently 
Restriction: Advanced Sculpting Mastery

However, Art stat will decrease by 45 every time it is used. Faith is decreased 
by 10. 3 levels will fall.

The sculpture must accurately look like the target when they were alive and the 
length of resurrection depends on the skill level.

Presently 21 hours.

The current skill level can only raise 1 person at a time.

Only humans and similar races will respond to the call. Monsters are not possible.

The resurrected person shall possess their memories and abilities from when they 
were alive. They won’t follow your commands and will act according to their own 
will. Sometimes they won’t help and there is a possibility they will only do harm.

Goddess Freya won’t agree to raising the same person twice.

The skill can be reused after 1 month.

List of People Resurrected Edit

References Edit

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