Sculptural Skill Edit

This is the primany Skill of the Sculpture Class.

Vol 1 Ch 1 First mention

Description Edit

Sculpture Mastery: Enables you to carve or engrave various types of materials. Artworks of a high artistic value are worth a fortune. Easier to win a girl’s heart.

Therefore, sculpture, as an engraving technique, can work for/with other craftmanship,as a support skill.Sculpting can be applied to other skill too (v4c3). At the same time, the skill can also be applied to sculpture (example: ceramic skill).

Levels Edit

Beginner Levels Edit

Intermediate Edit

Intermediate level sculpting was also designed to improve the performance of objects. (v4c3)

Level 8.

This allows you to create more detailed and delicate work.

Advanced Edit

Mastery: Edit

-The Sculpting skill has reached its peak proficiency.You have mastered Sculpting. After understanding the texture of rocks and trees, you have fully understood how to express it in sculpting.

You have reached the peak of sculpting with no other place to advance.

The artistic value of your sculptures will increase by 200%.

The mana used by skills associated with sculpting will reduce and the effectiveness will also increase.

The effects received from sculptures will increase by 200%.

All stats increased by 40.

Art quests can be received without any limitation.

Thanks to your excellent insight, all skill proficiencies will develop 6% faster.

Other production and art skills will develop 10% faster.

You will be able to bring out a further 15% of the original abilities of an item.

Completed sculptures will have a special influence in that region.

The strength and vitality of sculptural lifeforms will increase by 30%.

The title ‘Master of Sculpting’ has been acquired.

You can meet with any kings, regardless of fame or a previous relationship.

Artists, scholars and merchants will respect you.

The effects of conversation, charisma, and dignity will increase.

Certain NPCs will appear and pledge absolute loyalty to you.

Sub Skills Edit

Engraving skill Edit

Applied sculpture to support another craftmanship.

Example : applying the engraving skill on another item (v4c3) first mention: v1c4 Needed: Engraving knife

List of special skill Edit

The special skill of the sculpture class, requested to attempt the master quest

- Sculptural Destruction

Sculptural Shapeshifting by Darone

Sculptural Comprehension by Darone

- Sculptural Life Bestowal by Geihar Von Arpen

- Nature Sculpting by Daycram

- Disaster Sculpting by Daycram

- Sculpture Formation by Weed himself

- Sculpture Resurrection

- Elemental Sculpting by Belsos

- Time Sculpting

Related combat skillEdit

- Moonlight Sculptural Blade by Zahab

- Radiant sword skill

Special item Edit

Item that are linked to this skill

Zahab's engraving knife helps to power up the skill.

- Daycram Red Wyvern