Spirit of water

Spirit of the Sea


At that time, Weed was trying to improve his fishing skill at the Bensa River. to improve his skill, he decided to sculpt[1]

Description Edit

The sculptor settled on making the little mermaid. The Sculpture turned into a beautiful but sad girl with a baby face, as in the legend the little mermaid. It represented a Water nymph or mermaid "the daughter of the Sea god, with a nice fish tail."

Sculpture Informations Edit

The Sea Nymph Sculpture The outstanding work of a master sculptor Artistic value: 450. Effects: The power of a water spirit will prevent the river from flooding for 10 years. This effect cannot be added to other sculptures effects.

Trivia Edit

  • Her face was inspired by Seoyoon face[2], but he changed her after a well know actress. Still, it turned out as a beautiful but sad girl.
  • The sculpture triggered the local fishermen's anger, who liked the flooding and the drowning of innocent bystanders[3].
  • The sculpture did not help Weed raising his skill, so he used his skill Sculptural Destruction[4] on it.


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