While on The Bensa River when Weed was trying to improve his fishing skill but was finding it very hard to find fishes so he wanted to make a sculptor to improve his chances.  

Background Edit

Weed want to make something to do with the sea. In the end he settled on making the little mermaid. Her face was very like Seoyoon and change her face to a well know actress. It turned out as a beautiful but sad girl with a baby face.

It turn out to be a Water nymph "the daughter of the sea god, with a nice fish tail." Apparently a nymph and a mermaid was something similar. Since it stop the river of flooding Weed became the enemy of most anglers because they liked to watch the river as it carried couples away when the river flooded. And now there was a sculpture that would prevent floods for the next 10 years.

So in the end weed used Sculpture destruction Skill on it, and it was destroy.

Description Edit

It turned out as a beautiful but sad girl with a baby face. Weed made sure to make the sculpture young because, as in the legend the little mermaid was not a grown woman.

Info Edit

You have finished the Sea Nymph Sculpture

The outstanding work of a master engraver

Artistic value: 450.


The power of a water spirit will prevent the river from flooding for 10 years.

This effect cannot be combined with other sculptures.

States Increased Edit


Location Edit

The Bensa River

Ref Edit

Vol 4 Ch 4

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