She has a cool beauty about her. (real world)

In the game world, she has the appearance of a fat and ugly female orc. Personality

Cha Eunhee is a confident, cool and very feminine psychiatrist, who is distrustful of many due to her experiences with shallow suitors. Due to these experiences, she expresses a sincere wish to not be judged by her exterior, and a secret desire that she could abandon the high maintenance that comes with being thin and beautiful. It is one of the main reasons why she joins Royal Road as an Orc, once Weed unlocks the race option after the Lich Shire quest, so that she wouldn't be judged by her appearance. Ironically enough, even though she relishes the freedom of having to be beautiful 24/7, she does lament the prejudice that comes with being an Orc.

One of Eunhee's greatest abilities is her psychiatrist knowledge, which helps her assess the people around her. But, on rare occasions, she can become confused or at a loss for words when she comes upon someone unexpected (i.e. Weed and Geomchi6). She has full confidence in her abilities, and usually sticks by her assessments through thick and thin. She is also tenacious and dogged, and pursues her notions or hunches steadfastly (such as Seoyoon's recovery through Weed's companionship).


Jeong SeoyoonEdit

See Seoyoon as a little sister or as family members since they known each other since Seoyoon was little.

Geomichi 2Edit

After being protected continuously by Geomichi2, Seechwi became interested in him and eventually formed a dating relationship with him in and outside of Royal Road.

Other peopleEdit

Since Dr. Cha Eunhee is a Psychiatrist, it’s her job to understand about people; however there are certain group of people she met that she will never seem to be able to categorize i.e. Weed and his group of friends.

Fighting Style (Game World)Edit

She isn’t shown to be fighting much, unlike what she wish for since she low level and the facts that she does has a day job to do so she usually doesn’t have time to play but occasionally she does has time to watch, from Seoyoon's game recording.


These are titles Cha Eunhee/Seechwi earned in "Royal Road" that is known

Lich Dungeon HunterEdit

  • You have hunted all the monsters in the Rotten Lich Dungeon.
  • Title of Lich Dungeon Hunter has been given.

[v8c6] It took Weed and his party 7 (game) days to kill all the monsters in that dungeon.

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