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Seoyoon is the main female character of the series. Her birthday is April 22.She is described as an amazingly beautiful woman, that was left mute and emotionless as a child due to trauma. Her presence in Royal Road began for purposes of trauma therapy where she plays a silent berserker. Later, she became friends with Weed [1].

Profile and DataEdit

  • Lee Hyun sees Seoyoon for first time
  • When Weed thought about a suitable face for glacier
  • When Weed saw her in-game
  • Seoyoon and Bingryong
  • Seoyoon while Hunting
  • Weed's recollection of Seoyoon (season 2)

Stats & SkillsEdit

Godly Charm StatsEdit

An almost Godly Charm stat. Dr. Cha Eunhee/Seechwi describes her as a beauty that can overshadow any supermodel. [7] Her skin was smooth and clear like that of a child, and her eyes were fine like those of a deer. The human eyes could not be that pretty. Her well groomed eyebrows harmonized with her forehead. Her nose was also wonderful. If one was to stare at her face for just a while, they wouldn’t be escape from the gripping radiance. Even her hands, feet, and body exuded beauty[8]."

  • With NPC

In Royal Road, her natural beauty is to an extent that she easily gains immediate benefits when making a request with an NPC, for example during a bargain with a merchant [9]. This is done without any previous fame or related skill. And it is to the extent that she's even approached by Nobility [10] or Kings for proposals [11]. That is probably how she got invited by Docke Lancer or rallied the avians (NPC) to attack the Hermes guild[12].

  • With gamers

In Royal Road, with players, it is even worse. Therefore, she decided to wear a mask, not to be burdened all the time by other people's response[13]. She is recognized as the ultimate goddess of the grass porridge cult[14], after she finally decides to reveal her face[15].

Berserker SkillsEdit

  • Class evolution
    • She played for an undetermined amount of time as a solo Warrior, largely due to her inability to communicate with other players.
    • During this time she found a superficial peace in throwing herself against overwhelming odds and never backing down from a fight, leading to her being offered the hidden class: Berserker.
  • Advanced swordsman skill
    • She learned how to fight through a basic trial and error game system, with lessons learned from dying at an early stage.

She only attacks if she is attacked, or after Weed began to cook for her, she would attack monsters for ingredients for Weed to cook. [16].

  • If she is attacked, she'll fight to the death.

She dodges a monster’s attack with refined, elegant, dancing-like movement. Then when she sees an opening, she will aim at a vital spot.

  • The longer the fight, the more dangerous her class makes her.
  • The fight will go until one dies.

The method is efficient and cruel, but fair. Both have their life on the line. It way less cruel, for example, than Weed [17]

  • Berserker class (hidden)

The Berserker class gives access to various combat skill.

  • Battling Fury . It is a special status, related to the berserk subclass. Its downside is the fatigue afterward.
  • Raging sword. Special skill linked to her temporary battling fury.
  • Killing spirit . Special health/mana recovery skill linked to her killing enemies.
  • Dance of the Insane Warrior [18]
  • Berserker's Swordsmanship [19]
  • Death Executor's Swordsmanship [20]
  • Endurance of Battle [21]

Other SkillsEdit

  • Cooking: Allows production of various types of cuisine.
  • Pottery: this production skill create ceramic and porcelain items[22]>
  • Soul Conversation[23]: Can converse with animals, monsters, spirits and legendary beings.

Skill not only affected by skill level but also affected greatly by closeness, Charisma, and Charm.
Can send simple greetings, but cannot converse with monsters that have been hunted.


These are some of the titles Jeong Seoyoon/Seoyoon earned in "Royal Road".

  • Lich Dungeon Hunter
    • You have hunted all the monsters in the Rotten Lich Dungeon.
    • Title of Lich Dungeon Hunter has been given.[24].

It took Weed and their party 7 game days to clean the dungeon out of monsters.


  • In battle, she always wears a mask to conceal her face. And three layers of armor (Leather, Chain and Plate Armor). 
  • In Las Phalax, she and Weed inherited the Wedding Rings of Seulreo and Letia Evelyn



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