Seoyoon is one of the main heroines in Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. She is described as a beautiful female. She was left emotionless and mute due to a past trauma. Her birthday is April 22. She became friends with Weed [1], and later Lee Hyun. Her presence in Royal Road began for purposes of trauma therapy.

Appearances & Charm StatEdit

  • Lee Hyun sees Seoyoon for first time
  • When Weed thought about a suitable face for glacier
  • When Weed saw her in-game
  • Seoyoon and Bingryong

Almost Godly Charm statEdit

Dr. Cha Eunhee/Seechwi describes her as a beauty that can overshadow any supermodel. [2]

With NPCEdit

In Royal Road, her natural beauty is to an extent that she easily gains immediate benefits when making a request with an NPC, for example during a bargain with a merchant [3]. This is done without any previous fame or related skill. And it is to the extent that she's even approached by Nobility [4] or Kings for proposals [5]. Once rallied the avian NPCs to attack the Hermes guild[6].

With PCEdit

In Royal Road, with players, it is even worse. Therefore, she decided to wear a mask, not to be burdened all the time by other people's response[7]. She is recognized as the ultimate goddess of the grass porridge cult[8], after she finally decides to reveal her face[9].

Weed responseEdit

Her beauty took Lee Hyun's breath away the moment they first met (in game). [10]

When Lee Hyun/Weed first saw her in the real world, he stated that the game did not do her justice. This is how he described her:

"Her skin was smooth and clear like that of a child, and her eyes were fine like those of a deer. The human eyes could not be that pretty. Her well groomed eyebrows harmonized with her forehead. Her nose was also wonderful. If one was to stare at her face for just a while, they wouldn’t be escape from the gripping radiance. Even her hands, feet, and body exuded beauty[11]."

Personality evolutionEdit

Her personality shows a strong evolution through her relationship with Weed, both in game and in real life. From the Ice Beauty, she evolves to a very strong, self sufficient and organized young woman, capable of managing her life, on her own.

First stageEdit

Because of a childhood trauma, she became a mute[12]. At first, it was to the point where she refused almost all contact with the real world and with her own emotions. She plays as a berserker who hacks at and kills everything that attacks her, and travels randomly within the game.[13] There is almost no interaction with users, only rarely with some NPC.[14]

Second stageEdit

She is perceived by others as very shy and innocent person due to her lack of contact with other people[15]. Also, it means that she takes some situations to mean more than they actually do; all her emotions are shut down inside but she starts to get in touch with others. And Weed is the channel to this opening [16] She is pushed on a mission with Weed and Alveron, by her doctor and friend [17], and helps Weed to defeat the Embinyu Church. She helps Weed liberate the region of Morata. In the process, she opens up to Weed to the point where she speaks her first word to him.

Third stageEdit

She decided that Half-sauce, Half-fried, a chicken she got from Lee Hyun/Weed during their MT, needed a friend. Thus, she approached Lee Hyun/Weed to get another chicken. During her visit to Lee Hyun/Weed's house to obtain the chicken, Lee Hyun/Weed gave her additional 2 chickens, 1 chick and a dog [18]. Hence, she took in more and more pets from Weed at the hospital, till the place was full. Also, having spoken her first word to him in Royal Road, she also considers him her friend in real life, although Lee Hyun does not clearly reciprocate at the time. Her game pattern integrates hunting with others, even without Weed [19]. She also travels in/out of the forbidden zones in Royal Road just to meet and protect Weed [20].

Fourth stageEdit

She learns to form closer and stronger bonds of friendship with the few people she lets in. Weed of course receives special treatment. Also, she learned to make her own money and her own food. Her stage lasted until she left the hospital to moves her place next to Weed's house and all his mammals starts to move over to her place. She installs her house in Morata close to Weed castle [21] and keeps living with a mask. However, during the fight at Rupoin plain, her mask fell off and she is recognized by the Grass Porridge Cult. She is willing to drop everything, even her life to protect Weed [22]. Talking became usual again, especially with Weed, and even at Sea, in the mist of a storm [23].

Fifth stageEdit

She lives next to Lee Hyun, takes care of his pets and mammals, and has an overall OK to good relationship with his inner circle [24]. She also disregarded all of Lee Hyun's competitors that her father chose for her, when not actively killing them in game[25] . She starts to smile every time she spends time with Weed and sees every new experience as an opportunity to gather good memories for the future [26]. Indeed, a very healthy expectation. She still releases her stress through lonely and intense combat sessions, which she describes as relaxation [27]

Six stage Edit

Weed made his move, with the invisible support of Yoo Byung-Jin and his faithful AI[28]. Both are now a couple. They hunt together. This event can be seen as the follow-up of the Nodule and Brunhill quest[29] in the warring age, where both characters spend a lot of time together. Seoyoon acts now in the open as Weed's support character, while he is intensively hunting and sculpting[30].

Interactions and RelationshipsEdit

Jeong Deuk Soo/Bart Edit

Nothing much is known about Seoyoon's father except that he is a successful and sometimes cold and ruthless businessman. He cares deeply for his daughter and will do everything to cure her. He recently was forced to step down from his position in the company due to massive losses within the company, but is still rich.

In Royal Road:

In game, Seoyoon and Bart haven't met yet. Due to his schedule as a businessman in real life, Bart doesn't have much time to log into Royal Road. Therefore he is a low level merchant who runs upon the sight of a low level rabbit.

Close friendsEdit

Cha Eunhee/SeechwiEdit

She has a close relationship with Dr. Cha Eunhee/Seechwi due to the amount of time they spent together.

Lee Hyun/WeedEdit

He was the very first person she opened up to since her accident. She grew extremely fond of Lee Hyun. Through their interaction, she opened up and started to build intimacy with Weed. Now, they have a strong bond together. The loving attachment is mainly on her side, due to Weed's complex and twisted personality and her father's request. 

Arpen KingdomEdit

After traveling a number of times with Weed, Seoyoon first settled in Morata, eventually purchasing a simple grass hut and later joins a fraction of Grass Porridge Cult.

Seoyoon was eventually recognized as "Substitute Queen"[31] by the nobility of Arpen Kingdom, which was an unofficial status while Weed explores the desert of tranquility.

List of their meeting



  • They were introduced to each other by an NPC character.
  • Having received the same quest, the sculpture of Freya, they briefly met again. Weed started his first sculpture of her, as the goddess of Freya.
  • They spend a few days together, in silence, in the plain of despair, near the Yunopu pass in the Yuroki Mountains. Weed was orc Karichwi.[32] She cried for the first time when she saw his second sculpture of her, smiling.
  • Their third meeting was in the Lich Shire Dungeon [33], near the forest of Karaka, with Seechwi, Weed and his friends.
  • Their fourth time together, they went with Alveron, solving the Valley of death quest. She was pushed by Seechwi to volunteer. Weed treated her similar to the Geomchis [34]. She saved his life and spoke her first word: "friend". Weed sculpted warm lovers displaying a couple kissing.
  • Their fifth meeting is in Las Phalax [35]. They shared a special in-game event through the Seulroeo's Pair of Wedding Rings [36]. Weed acted as a predator (as usual), Seoyoon on the contrary was deeply touched.


  • Shared a coffee date with Lee Hyun [37]. Lee Hyun initially thought that she wanted to get coffee so they proceeded to the vending machine. However, she hinted that she wants to go to the coffee shop instead. Lee Hyun agreed only after Seoyoon offered to pay.
  • Went for a winter trip with Lee Hyun. As they would have lesser chances of meeting during the winter vacation, Seoyoon suggested to go on a trip and offered to pay for the trip [38]. However, Lee Hyun rejected her and told her not to carelessly spend money since it was not money that she earned on her own. After some thoughts, Seoyoon asked if Lee Hyun would go on a trip with her if she earned the money herself. Lee Hyun agreed. In hopes of avoiding the trip, Lee Hyun quoted a nonsensical amount as the necessary expenses for the trip. Lee Hyun thought that she would not be able to earn that amount over the winter vacation. After working at a restaurant and selling her packed lunch, Seoyoon successfully earns 6 million won (around 5300 US dollars) [39]. Touched by her hard work (after seeing her scars from getting cut and burning herself while cooking), Lee Hyun agreed to go with her [40].
  • After successfully defeating the [Khan Lich Bar Khan], Lee Hyun decided to buy winter clothes for his sister and grandmother. Being unable to grasp women's fashion he decided to gain help from his friends and colleagues unfortunately they had other plans. Lastly he asked Seo Yoon a favour to help him pick clothes, out of returning the favour he gave her a real life sculpture. Lee Hyun invited Seo Yoon for dinner at his house and together with Lee Hye-yeon(Yurin) they played Go-Stop [41].


Mammals and Other Non-Human SpeciesEdit

She's very fond of baby mammals and is very capable of dealing with animals whether in real life or in the game. Even if it’s a monster, as long as it doesn’t attack her, she does not attack. This was seen when Lee Hyun travelled with her despite being an orc. She develops "Soul Conversation", an ability to converse with animals, monsters, spirits and legendary beings [42]. At the Valley of Death, Tori offered her to become a vampire, but she refused. Upon meeting Weed at Las Phalax, she traded Tori back to Weed in exchange for one of his rabbits that he tames at his house [43].

NPC Edit

NPC at training hall in Rosenheim and his wife Village Elder Alveron, grand Priest of Freya and Pope candidate Tori, the Vampire

Other PeopleEdit

She is uncomfortable with strangers or being in crowded places, and shy toward men staring at her. She communicates often with written messages and does not respond and ignore them when other people try to interact with her. That's what Lee Hyun calls her "ignoring-by-doing-other-stuff skill" [44]

Class Edit

She played for an undetermined amount of time as a solo warrior, largely due to her inability to communicate with other players. During this time she found peace in pitting herself against overwhelming odds and never backing down from a fight, leading to her being offered the hidden class: Berserker.

Advanced swordsman skill Edit

Her advanced swordsman skill is level 9 [45]

Berserker Edit

As Weed gained a number of stat boosts from Sculptor related quests and activities, Seoyoon has also gained significant combat stat increases from fighting.

The longer she keeps fighting, the more dangerous her class makes her:

  • Battling Fury . It is a special status, related to the berserk subclass. Its downside is the fatigue afterward.
  • Raging sword. Special skill linked to her temporary battling fury.
  • Killing spirit . Special health/mana recovery skill linked to her killing enemies.
  • Dance of the Insane Warrior [46]
  • Berserker's Swordsmanship [47]
  • Death Executor's Swordsmanship [48]
  • Endurance of Battle [49]

Combat StyleEdit

Learned by doingEdit

She learned how to fight in "Royal Road" through a basic trial and error system, with lessons learned from dying at her early days as a beginner transitioning into skilled fighting later in the game. She only attacks if she is attacked, or if Weed will cook for her [50].

Efficient and deadlyEdit

If she is attacked, she'll fight to the death. Her combat style is efficient: simple attacks aiming to kill. She dodges a monster’s attack with refined, elegant, dancing-like movement. Then when she sees an opening, she cuts the opponent right away, aiming at a vital spot. If it doesn’t die, she hits again at another vital spot. It is a cruel method, but in truth, it is much more gentle compared to Weed (v9c4)


When she engages in combat, she wears three layers of armor (Leather, Chain and Plate Armor).  She and Weed inherits the Wedding Rings of Seulreo and Letia Evelynn, a pair of items that Weed found in Las Phalax. She always wears a mask in battle to conceal her face.


These are titles Jeong Seoyoon/Seoyoon earned in "Royal Road".

Lich Dungeon HunterEdit

  • You have hunted all the monsters in the Rotten Lich Dungeon.
  • Title of Lich Dungeon Hunter has been given.

[v8c6] It took Weed and his party 7 (game) days to kill all the monsters in that dungeon.

Pets and followersEdit

Real LifeEdit

  • Half Sauce Half Fried (Chicken, Pet; Alive)
  • DogMeat (Dog, Pet; Alive), also named 'Mohm Boshin'
  • Rabbit
  • Ducks
  • Dog Meat's Puppies

In GameEdit

  • Weed as little Karichwi (orc servant, in the Yuroku Moutains)
  • Tori the Vampire  (Boss Monster, In-Game Companion; Temporary, given back to weed in exchange for a rabbit)
  • Grass Porridge Cult
  • Select nobility of Arpen Kingdom have unofficially recognized her as '"Substitute-Queen"'[51]>


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