Serabourg City

The Citadel of Serbourg is a city in Rosenheim Kingdom. It is a standard town, and is open to new users. 

Buildings in the city include various blacksmiths and armories, sculpting shops and a Training Hall. There is also a large manor where Rodriguez the Sage lives. There is a fountain in the center of the city and it is always crowded and filled with people looking for quests or users for various reasons.

Here Weed made the sculptures Tomb of King Theodarren and Lion Monster[1].

Volume 1Edit

Chapter 2Edit

Weed arrived in Serabourg, and went straight to the training hall to improve his stats.

Chapter 3Edit

After some weeks, the Training Instructor gave Weed a quest to investigate the rumors of a moonlight sculptor. HE first went to a sculpting shop to confirm the rumors of the moonlight sculptor, then tracked down the Queen's maid to learn of the exact relationship between the Moonlight Sculptor and the Queen. After confirming the rumors were true, Weed returned to the Training Hall and kept on training for four weeks. 

Chapter 4Edit

After training for four weeks, Weed went to Rodriguez the Sage to find a class. However, the guards refused to let him see Rodriguez, so Weed sat out there for 5 days waiting for Rodriguez. That night, Weed went into the forest on the outskirts to hunt animals. After levelling up multiple times, he went back to Rodriguez's manor 

References Edit

  1. Volume 5 Chapter 2

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