It is an item related to the bard class. After acquiring it in a dugeon, Weed sold harp to the bard instructor in Rhodium for the sake of his Moonlight Sculpting skill quest.

Serena’s Harp Edit

Durability: 50/50

  • It produces a clear sound when played.
  • It is suitable to sing while playing the harp.
  • Beginners and non-bards can play it

Limitations: For non bard, there are limitations:

  • Attractiveness 100
  • Level 60

Stat bonus Elegance +20 Attractiveness +30 Fame+20 Playing skills +2 level

Quest bonus A bard related quest can be performed[1]

Trivia Edit

  • A harp owned by the instructor of the Bard’s Guild.
  • A dwarf had made it for her.


  1. Volume 8 Chapter 4

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